Dental horrors!!!

Ok so like I just reached home…

Watched Marley & Me. So sad at the end!!! I cried. Damn, why do I always cry at like EVERY movie? James never cries!

And I love Jennifer she’s such a joy to watch~ And I want a doggy soooo badly… and not just cuz of this show!

Ok and before I watched the movie I went to…

You’ll never guess where..








I dunno about you but when I was in school, going to the dental clinic was much worse than going to the principal’s office!

I hate the smell of the friggin rubbery gloves,

I hate it when the doctor forces my mouth so damn wide open for so long that I choke on my own saliva,

and I hate those dangerous-looking tools he uses to clean my mouth.

I have an infection in my mouth… and it was SO DAMN BLOODY!!!!

I could have just died there, almost cried cause of the pain too.

It’s pretty late now, super tired… James already snoring away on my bed. Omg pig! I must spend 20 mins trying to wake him up to get him to shower later -_-

Watch this space for my dental horrors!

Warning : cringe-worthy post coming up


Alrighty… You have been warned.

And I’m back to blog the rest of it.

It’s like 2am now but still blogging cause I’m tired but can’t sleep.. same thing happened yesterday.

Ok so it all started like a few days ago….

I felt a certain nagging pain at the right side of my mouth but I didn’t think much of it. It didn’t go away but it wasn’t painful either.

Yesterday, during dinner time, it was more painful than usual so I decided to open my mouth really wide and take a look in the mirror.

I couldn’t see what the problem was as it was around the wisdom tooth area, right at the back and at the side….

Since it was swelling up, I decided to press on it.

Felt something ooze out and.. sweet jesus…

Guess what juicy goodness came flowing out of my gums?







Yeah you didn’t mis-read it.




a yellow-white, more or less viscid substance produced by suppuration and found in abscesses, sores, etc., consisting of a liquid plasma in which white blood cells are suspended.




Pus oozing out of any part of your body is disgusting,

but it’s just 20483084 times more disgusting when it oozes out of your gums, cuz well, your gums are in your MOUTH!!!

I was utterly disgusted by the thick yellow-ish substance on my hand.

My mother asked me what was wrong when she saw my mortified expression, but I just told her it was nothing much and that I had lost my appetite so I left the dining table.

Didn’t want the other diners to lose their appetites as well.

Went back to my room and kept pressing on my gums, hoping to “drain” as much pus from my gums as I could…

Ok before I go on to what I did next – I bet you’re all dying to knowwhat the fuck does pus tastes like?


Let me take a second to get over this.

I am telling the world what pus tastes like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111@@@

Whichever guy that left a message on my tagboard yesterday saying, “you sure are sexy lady!” well you’re allowed to take that back now!

….The texture and taste of pus is actually like pleghm. phlegm


I said it.

Only thing is, it smells really bad!

Ok I know disgusting.

Back to what happened..

So like, I rushed back to my lappy, absolutely bewildered and started googling all sorts of related medical information.

Like, wtf did I eat?! Why got fucking pus in my gums?!?!?!

And after 15mins of googling, I have come to these conclusions:

1) My gums are infected

2) Pus in your gums is known as gum abscess

3) In some severe cases, people have died from this condition.


What if one day, I haven’t updated for about a week and the next thing you know, you see “17 year old blogger died because… she didn’t brush her teeth properly” on the headlines.

Wouldn’t that be damn sad?! Tskkkk.

I kinda went hysterical for a little while, still uber mega shocked that I have pus in my gums.

Never. In. My. Life. I’d. Imagine. Pus. In. My. Gums.

Do view this video for a good understanding of what gum abscess is!

You’d never know if it may happen to you…. certainly didn’t expect it to happen to me.

Ok….so I read up a little more about the symptoms and consequences of gum abscess. I kinda know what it’s like, but I dunno what it really LOOKS like.

So I decided to YouTube it and oh my god….why did I even….?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you how gross this is gonna be!!!



That is more disturbing than watching a monkey having sex with my boyfriend!

…Hm ok maybe not.


Just to clarify, mine isn’t even half as disgusting as hers. My pus is located around the wisdom tooth area and it certainly wasn’t flowing out like a damn pus fountain like hers was!

But then I got terrified by the idea that my so-called abscess was at an area where I couldn’t see it properly, so then again, mine could be more nasty than hers and I wouldn’t know!

What if I end up like her?

I wanted to rush out of my house to see a dentist immediately but it was 10pm so yea. Too bad for me.

My mind was swarming with horrible pus-filled thoughts and I was so damn disturbed, I decided to go to sleep.

Stupid plan cos, I couldn’t even sleep properly the whole night.


Woke up the next day, then went to the dentist near my place…

I really didn’t know what to expect!

I went into the clinic and told the doctor that I think I have gum abscess.

He told me he was gonna have to examine me, so I didn’t think much of it…

But my eyes widened as I saw the doctor holding a very dangerous-looking needle-like tool on his hand, approaching my mouth with it.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Omg are you gonna poke me with that?”

And he was all nonchalant about it and went like, “Yea, I’m gonna have to check the condition of your gums”

Since he said that in such a casual tone, I didn’t think I’d feel a thing butttttttttttt….

Watch this video to see what I’d gone through

Yeahhhhh cringe all you want! Let those gasps out, feel my pain!!

He did exactly that… and trust me, it was as painful as it looks =’((((

Started poking my gum pockets one by one with the freakin needle.

I am not a fan of needles.
And I don’t like it when anything sharp comes near me, especially my mouth.

That’s not my teeth of course.. my teeth ain’t darlie white but it certainly isn’t so filthy either.

So he made me rinse my mouth and yes, FYI, my mouth was filled with blood.

So he told me my other tooths are fine, I just have this small infected area at the back where it’s harder to brush.

Then said I needed an X-ray to check the condition of the infected area.

After the X-ray, he said I’d need some cleaning.

And then the video of the girl popping the abscess in her mouth came to mind…

Omg don’t tell me I’m gonna have to do that too?

As if poking your pockets one by one with a needle isn’t enough, the dentist kinda made like a hole in it to remove all the nasty stuff inside.

I kept gasping and making weird grunting noises of discomfort with my mouth wide open, on the verge of crying:

1) Fucking painful

2) Bloody mouth

3) Choking on my own saliva/blood as he works on my gums

4) Needles and dental clinics just don’t go so well for me.




After doing that, despite me already being like half-dead, he proceeded to clean out all the tartar stuck on my teeth.. aka Scaling.

Wtf, more sharp-needle-tools poking and scraping away at my teeth!


Why all so painful one…. *whimpers*

Although it’s scaling away at your tooth and not your gums, my tartar was mostly found very near the gum area, the part you can’t reach when you brush your teeth so the needle kept poking my gums and it bled a lot!

Felt like he was gonna dig my teeth out.


After scaling, he used the normal polisher which wasn’t all that painful, but it was (again) reaaaalllyyyy painful when he tried to clean my infected area!

I lost count of the number of times he kept telling me to rinse my mouth halfway through cos there was so much blood.

I feel sick just recounting the experience.

I don’t rememer what he did next, but basically I left the dental clinic with much cleaner teeth! I had a lot of tartar stuck inbetween my teeth, the places you can only reach with flossing, and I don’t floss.


I’ve always thought people who floss / rinse their mouth after every meal are super hygiene freaks, but I am so going to start taking good care of my teeth now!!!

He said the reason for the infection was because some food got stuck in my pockets… and just kept accumulating, so yea he cleaned my pocket out and gave me this mouth wash to rinse my mouth with after every meal.


I hate the minty taste…. gross. I’d never ever ever eat a plan mentos icy cool mint or something cos that shit tastes like toothpaste. And toothpastes aways have that gross mint taste.

I need a chocolate tasting toothpaste. LOL.

Maybe after I brush, become brown.


I spent a total of 100+ yesterday at the clinic… boooo.. And went through alot of painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Hope this serves as a good lesson to everyone reading this,

pls start taking good care of your teeth!

(if you’re a lazy bum like me)

You don’t wanna end up like me do youuuuuuuuuu?

9 out of 10 of the people I know don’t floss their teeth, but if you don’t floss, you’re gonna have needles poking them out (scaling) worse right?

And go for dental check ups regularly (at least twice a year) no matter how “clean” your teeth look from the outside, there’s a lot of funky stuff happening inside where you can’t see!

I haven’t been to a dentist in YEARS so yea…. luckily he said my teeth are generally healthy besides the usual tartar and that small infection.

Anyway your teeth tells a lot about what kind of person you are.

Makes a huge impact on your appearance too.

Even if you have a super pretty face, as long as you don’t have nice straight, even and healthy-looking teeth, you’d still look unpresentable.

I think I have nice, straight teeth which make up a great smile, but it’s just stained slightly yellow-ish since young cos I was so lazy! What a pity eh. :(

Thank goodness for teeth whitening treatments..

Haven’t decided on which dental clinic for permanent teeth whitening yet… dunno which to trust. Don’t wanna spend more than 1k and end up having bad results!!




Anyway, looks aside, I’m gonna concentrate on oral hygiene first…

Once my infection clears and with me flossing everyday, I’ll have healthy teeth! Hurray.

And I’m gonna refrain from eating anything after brushing my teeth at night…

Ya la I become super scared already!

In fact, I bet many of you would want to brush your teeth straight away after those gross videos and my gross recount of the experience! Ahahaha.





Not motivated to brush your teeth yet?

One more gross video for the record should do the trick:

Hahahahaha the background music damn funny…





I may have become less exciting… but my camwhoring habits still remain!

Had plenty of time before I had to leave the house yesterday, so~~

Taken with my Canon E1

And the rest below were taken with my noob Casio… lousy for quality shots but great for camwhoring because the shutter speed is so much faster!

Ok, I’m gonna ramble on & on about make up / camwhoring / whatever, so if you’re disinterested in that don’t bother reading!

Notice how I look kinda different from the pic taken by canon and the one by casio?

I used flash with casio and without for canon… without flash for casio = hopeless.

Canon cameras are always so much sharper and the colours are more vibrant!

I love my make up and outfit for yesterday! K so this look is slightly different from my everyday-look, since I had a lot of time I decided to put in a little more effort in my make up.

Like I’ve said before, stupid itchyhand me ruined my lash extensions so my eyes look ridiculous now.

What I did was wear TWO falsies on the eye without the lash extensions (left) and one falsie on the eye with lash extensions (right)

And the funny thing is that all 3 lashes I wore on my eyes were 3 completely DIFFERENT falsies…

Hahahaha. They don’t even match.

I make such a mess of myself but I’m proud of cleaning up so well!

You can kinda tell the difference between the two eyes, but it’s not that obvious

And instead of anyhow-ing my make up like I usually do, I lined the inner corner of my lower lid with gold crayon eyeliner and the outer corner with black liquid liner first, then brown crayon slightly below it.

I lost my white mac crayon liner so I tried to make-do with my silkygirl gold crayon which I actually like much better!

And finally I applied shimmer to highlight my brow area then used mascara for my bottom lashes.

“anyhow casual day look”

“when you need to impress”


“feeling blue?”

I don’t even know why I decided to post all this blabber about make up! Perhaps I just needed a reason to post my self-absorbed pictures ;)




And the camwhoring continues…

I haven’t done this tongue-stick-out-thing in soooo long! I feel so friendster-ish again. I used to take all sorts of crazy photos just to put on my friendster -_____-””””

Squinty eyessss…. I have really small eyes without make up!

Good make up day = Happy Jessica.

And the last picture for this post..

Every girl can be bhb and act cute/chio/sexy once in awhile… but I’m not quite sure if they’d try doing it all at once.


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If I were Miss Universe…

HAHAHAAH I saw this vid long time ago but didn’t postg it, just told Fidel about it so decided to share it with you guys

Chris crocker always cracks me up!!!!!

“Because if you don’t think I’m pretty, you’re obviously not seeing in 20/20 baby”

Best. Line. Ever

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