Very (trigger)-happy

I was feeling rather trigger-happy…

so I made my boy pose for photos!

I adore how he complies to my crazy requests, requests he would never agree to if they came from anyone else other than me!


HAHAHA I had so much fun dressing him up! He thinks he looks gay. But I think he looks like some hilarious matrix figure. Pretty cool though. Belt and jacket belongs to me btw! I am more edgy than you think kkk!

He usually has that sexy V shape thing above his crotch but I wonder where that’s gone to in this picture.. boo


I know he’s kinda skinny!

Just like skinny girls aren’t so attractive, guys who are too skinny look like wimps!

I stuff him with food like crazy, but no matter how much he eats, he never gets fat. HMPH! I should have his genes. Like his crazily long beautiful eyelashes, his mesmerizing big eyes, deep set double eyelids, etc..

Next few shots are of him smoking…

I don’t approve of smoking but I won’t try to change his life decisions. Just like I don’t expect him to tell me I can’t model or blog just cuz he doesn’t like it.

Damn pic is pixelated.

His arms are the only part of him that isnt skinny, so I like to cling onto them n____n

At least the grainy effect works for this picture.

I think he looks like a little monk ever since he went botak for NS! wtflolol.

And lastly….

He loves me, he loves me not?









I brought him for a full body massage (not dirty one mind you) yesterday..

And I rewarded myself with a massage and facial as well. Haven’t had any in ages.

Been taking more care of myself lately…

I realize my entire body is super dry.

I have chapped lips, dry hair, super dry skin, dry eyes whenever I wear contacts… dry everything!!!!

So I’ve finally started applying moisturizer on my body (Victoria Secrets! Yum. Dad bought it for me) and chapstick (lipstick on chapped lips look awful) plus conditioner to keep my hair healthy and pretty.

Oh yea, and I think I’m addicted to masks lately!

I love what they do for my skin. Dewy goodness!


daaaaaaamn retarded.

xoxo, Jess



Yesterday, me and James met the loveliest little girl at the swimming pool while we were hanging out there…

After we finished swimming, we sat by the pool and started talking and blowing bubbles.

We raided Daiso recently – and silly me insisted on buying a whole lot of slightly unnecessary stuff like a bottle of bubbly goodness, a bright pink beach ball, a fake mouse to scare people with, etc.

I love bubbles!

Who doesn’t?

I get fascinated by them like a kid would. Bubbles make me very very happy. There’s just something about seeing so many rainbow-coloured bubbles floating about randomly in the air, flying up up up and away!

I like to chase after them and pop them too!

And this little darling we met at the pool was exactly like me.

The bubbles we were blowing attracted a lot of attention, mostly kids’.. they were gathering around the place we sat at, each of them trying their best to pop as many bubbles as possible.

About half an hour passed and most of the kids have cleared, but this little girl, as young as 3 years old, suddenly appeared next to us and started to pop bubbles one by one!

Most of the kids gathered around, but they kept their distance… This girl, however, finally decided to come nearer to us and I’m glad she did because I swear I’ve never met a lovelier kid.

She made the most adorable squealing noises whenever she popped a bubble, and although I was tired from blowing so many bubbles for almost more than an hour, I was more than happy to blow more for her.

Something so simple as a bubble could make this young girl happy as a little bumble bee, jumping around with the brightest and most sincere smile on her face.

We warmed up to each other, and soon we were in the pool splashing about and playing together.

Honestly, I’m not that good with kids, but she was too easy to handle.

She was extremely well-behaved. She didn’t make a mess like other kids do. She had the brains to wash her soapy hands before touching her eyes or mouth!

She had a brother who was playing with us at well. He was more shy though, probably because he was slightly older.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this girl was Singaporean or not. Me and James thought she might be Korean because she had that sweet korean look plus the manners of a korean girl.

The moment she called her brother, “Oppa!”

I knew I was right.

I asked her what her name was, and she said something like…. “Sayang miwah”? Or it could be “Sarang Minah”?

I don’t know. She had too much of that baby accent for me to make out proper words =P

Remember the bright pink ball I said I bought from Daiso?

Well, little Sayang Miwah (or something!) caught sight of it and exclaimed


…….and chased after it. Then she clinged onto it and floated away to the other side of the pool.

Cutest sight ever (“v”)

When her mum walked over and told her it was time to go home, she didn’t make a fuss or throw a tantrum like kids would normally when they’re having too much fun to leave.

Instead, she immediately politely returned me “pinky” and my bottle of bubbles, gave me her cheekiest smile ever and said, “Bai bai!”

And she left.

And I was sad to see her go.




You know how you love some kids so much, you wouldn’t mind if they were yours to take care of?!

There’s just something about their naiveness and sincerity that is so ultimately endearing.

It was a real shame I didn’t bring my camera or handphone down with me, for I would love to have a picture with her.




….It’s been awhile since I’ve loved a stranger.

I do hope I’d have the chance to see your sweet smile again.




My mum was driving us home after shopping and this Mercedez suddenly cut into her lane rather rudely, and she was like, “OI!!! Who is this idiot!!”

Then she proceeded to scold and curse him and drove up next to him to DIAO him.

We both turned to see who the “idiot” was,

and Lo and Behold, we realized the “idiot” actually was…





Tay Ping Hui. Giving a very very buay song expression.

I was like o______o;;”




Hahahaha…. K like so anywaysssss.

I’m in a super good mood because my hair is looking F.I.N.E!!!!

I haven’t felt my hair this soft in sooooooooooo long…. thank god I went to get my hair fixed today!

I was having this really REALLY bad tangle problem.

I had chunks of tangled hair EVERYWHERE, it was absolutely mortifying and stuck out weirdly and it looked as though I didn’t wash and comb my hair for years. LOL.

Everybody was telling me how ugly it looked! But I kinda ignored it and was lazy to get it fixed… it’s so bad that it can’t be solved by me or my mum or my maid, we had to get it fixed by a professional hairstylist!

It’s a miracle I survived about a MONTH with that hair! I even went to formal events with it lolol.

Fidel: “Walao your hair damn ugly! Wtf wtf!”

Girl with ugly hair: “Hehehe!”

She also buay tahan and attempted to fix it but within a few minutes it looked like shit again. LOL see her “wtf” expression!

Yay so happy, going to work with her tomorrow at Sentosa! Gotta reach at 8am or something. WHAT THE FUCK. Thank goodness it’s only for 1 day.

Ok anyways I’ve also been needing a haircut since foreverrrr anddddddd do you wanna see the pictures?!!

There’s not major changes to my fringe or length, but now my hair looks


Goodbye damn curlssss. Goodbye hair that looks and feels like grass! Gotten quite sick of them.

This was before I headed out this morning.

Check out the frizzzzzz!





AND THIS IS AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much better!

Omg, silky smooth! HAPPY HAIR, HAPPY JESSICA!

I can finally run my fingers through hair that feels like silk. I PROMISE I’LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU FROM NOW ON!!!

I used to have SUPERB hair condition, super shiny, healthy and straight that everyone was complimenting it and asking whether I’ve rebonded my hair..

But after perming my hair twice in a week, it all kinda went downhill from there.

I don’t even use conditioner to wash my hair!

And when I went to Vegas, LAGI WORSE. It was the worst condition I’ve ever seen my hair in.

But, a new year is meant for new beginnings…

And my hair deserves to be pretty and healthy again!

No split ends, no tangles, no dryness or frizyness, just plain awesome!

Yipeee :)

Never underestimate the power of having hair that looks healthy ok!

When I walked around FEP today I noticed that 95% of girls have hair that look like crap.

Either the hairstyle is crap of the texture is crap! How come I never noticed this before?!?!

This is the closest I’ve had to straight hair in a long time! I didn’t want it to be completely straight so my stylist made the ends curl in.

I like it! No doubt it’s so much flatter because it’s straight, but I just like it so much laaaa.

GONE were the days I longed for thick BUSHES. Unkempth bush for curly. Pontianak lookalike for ah-lian-ish super long and rebonded hair.

…Wait a minute, I used to have hair like that too!


Waist length hair = gross, like mops.

Don’t you think the ends of the hair look like they’re gonna fly out of your screen and strangle you?!??

I used to think long hair = pretty hair but… aiyah I learned the hard way, ok?!?!

In fact, I believe I’ve had my fair share of REALLY BAD HAIR.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

The most horrifying of all hairstyles I’ve had before is no doubt the thin ah lian hairstyle.

Hold your gasps!!!!







Wtf was I thinking?!?! I look like a boy!

The “pong pong” top and the super layered fringe and the thin thiiiiiin layer of shoulder length hair.





And months and months later..

Thank goodness I realized thin hair wasn’t so attractive, so tried to let it grow thick and long, but it grew THIN and long!

I was soooo sad :(

..Some progress from what we saw earlier, looking more like a girl now…

Oh yea, check out the eyeliner! LOL!!

You think THAT’S dramatic?




Wait till you see this:



Now everybody’s gonna start talking about how ugly I used to look.

I used to be fucking obsessed with glitter and falsies and eyeliner in the past. Thank god I always grow out of bad habits!

Well, at least I had GOOD skin and HEALTHY hair! Hmph.





And a few months passed again….

My hair FINALLLYYY grew a lil thicker, and I was so bored of thin and straight ugly hair so I decided to perm it!

Ta-dah! I know, I look so much better with light make up.

Anyways, as you can tell my hair was still miserably thin and my curls looked kinda weird… I did Japanese Perm btw, it didn’t last my super straight hair for more then TWO freakin days.

The next day, I took desperate measures and tried to save it by using hair curlers (the kind you kiap on and go to sleep with)

And wtf mama mia, look like my ah ma.

HAHAHA! I remember James kept comforting me and trying to tell me it didn’t look that bad and Jasmine was telling me it looked really bad.

Had to go back to the salon the NEXT DAY to get it RE-PERMED….

The hairstylists were all shocked that my straight hair was so stubborn, so they told me they’d give me the CURLIEST PERM they had and this was what I ended up with:


….I hope you’re amused.

Cuz I definitely wasn’t when I looked into the mirror when they were done with it.

A hairy horror indeed.





Lucky for me, the curls loosened up quick and in a matter of weeks or so, it became like this:

Looking better eh! This was my first shoot in my life, btw :)

Eyebrows looking absolutely terrible though.

I’ve ALWAYS had problems with my brows, even now, cuz their natural shape’s very very bad.

It took YEARS of constant shaping, and plucking to get today’s normal shape. Still wished I was born with better brows :(

My brows used to be “droopy”, if you know what I mean.





I started doing more and more shoots…

Doing this period of time, I became very very self-conscious because my image was very important. So I was constantly looking for ways to improve my appearance,

By the end of 2007, around Christmas time, my hair was looking pretty good!

It was dry, but not terrible :)





And a few months later, in the early months of 2008, I followed a friend to City Plaza cuz she was interested in getting hair extensions done…

At the end of the day, she didn’t get any and I ended up with a whole head full of fake, long hair!!!!

Always like that one la. Accompany friends go shopping, in the end I’m the one buying everything! I was really tempted to try since hair extensions were so hot then.




I LOVED it at first.

Until I realized they were a NIGHTMARE to manage.

Pimples started growing at the back of my head, it was really hot and itchy, my hair was all over the place, etc…

They were pretty nice for awhile, like this




But after some time they just became kinda blah and too hard to manage, like this:


…What. The. Fuck.

Why do bad hair days always happen to good people?





And then I dunno what hit me but I decided to change my hairstyle completely.

…I removed my extensions, and I bravely went for BANGS!

Bangbang, you’re dead!

And I think this was one of my best choices! (James begs to differ though, he thinks it makes me look retarded)

Up till today, I like this hairstyle quite a lot. I was really tempted to get bangs just now!!! But my stylist wouldn’t let me =’(

A leopard never changes its spots.

Pretty true.

I fell in love with clip-on-extensions after awhile!

Long hair, but minus the hassle. Couldn’t get any better.

Woohoo! Utt.

Somehow I think really long hair + bangs made me look REALLY cheena.




I grew out of it after some time… Sg’s weather is just too hot to have hair that long.

Back to my real hair and side parting cuz the bangs got annoying:




I used the clip-on-extensions on and off, with my hair’s condition deteoriating everyday until I finally dyed my hair for the first time in my life!

I remember swearing I’d stick to black for the rest of my life some time ago, cos I believed black hair suited me so well..

But I’m glad I dyed it brown! I love my hair colour.

I’m going to get a different dye job when my roots get too obvious :)

My hair the first night I dyed it. Not too obvious..

This wasn’t too long ago, some of you should remember I was still quite horrified by it right. Saying it was orangey etc… the colours faded to nicer tones now!!! So yay.

But when I’m in bright light, the highlights look beautiful!

Still sporting many many small curls..





And finally, in January 2009, a change in hairstyle again:

I’m SO tempted to cut short fringe but my stylist didn’t let me and he kept reassuring me I’d look hideous.


I can’t get it out of my head though, I really want to
. But I don’t want to regret it cos I’ve been letting my fringe grow for many many months.

What do you think?!?!

xoxo, Jess

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