Take a break?…… NOT!

I threw a tantrum.

Had a bitch fit.

Threatened you.

Shouted at you.

And finally I said, “Let’s just take a break from this relationship.”

And all that you replied was, “Ok.”

….And that was that. We hung up.

I sent quite nasty SMS-es to spite you. I cried, took a shower to cool myself down. Things have not been great recently.

As I was showering, I kept wondering how long this “Cold War” would last. And what I could do to end it. Seems like my actions always backfire….

I wondered when would be the next time I would be able to talk to you again, even though we just hung up a few minutes ago. I felt a tinge of regret for asking to take a break.

I was convinced you were back to your old self again.

Selfish, nonchalant, inconsiderate, foolish, and all that I don’t wish to remember…

But everything changed when I went back into my room after a nice long shower.







Because I opened my room door, and I saw you sitting on my bed, with the most apologetic look on your face.

Immediately I wanted to smile, shout out in excitement and jump onto you.

But I tried to remain cool… and asked you what you were doing here.

You started to explain yourself, tried to tell me how sorry you are and how you didn’t mean for things to be this way. You went on & on but after awhile I wasn’t really listening anymore.

I just felt an immense sense of relief and happiness overcoming me… and I hugged you.

And you kissed me.

And we smiled at each other as a tear rolled down my cheek.




Take a break?

Who am I kidding..

I’ll never get enough of you

I’m glad to know for sure that things really are different this time..

Different in the most amazing way.



Legend Of The Seas Part 2

The next day, we woke up damnnnnnnnn early. Like 6am?

My mum gives us a wake up call every morning! Heh. Cause she knows we’d probably kill the alarm clock to make it stop ringing but if she calls, we’d have to walk all the way to the other side of the room to pick up the phone!

We had breakfast, then gathered at the theatre hall waiting for instructions..

This was the place we enjoyed very entertaining performances every night.

Since many of you have been complimenting my mummy, here’s another pretty picture of her!

I must say that she isn’t very photogenic. Everyone in our family looks better in person than in pictures..

She’s a living example of why girls should apply sunblock religiously everyday, eat vitamin pills, blahblah… so when you’re 50+ (50-what, cannot reveal, she say one!), you’d still look as gorgeous as her!

Seriously lor. If I’m 40 and I look like her I’m very happy already.

I love having a pretty mummy cos

1) She understands when I splurge on cosmetics and clothes

2) We share cosmetics and clothes

3) GOOD GENES!!! Nuff said.

Some crew members “escorted” us off the ship… and offff we went!

Looking back~~

Walking across the superrrr long bridge…

We arrive at PORT KELANG!!!!!!

Some ulu ulu port in Malaysia.

From Port Kelang, we took a coach to Kuala Lumpur! A very bumpy trip. The entire place was freaking deserted!

There’s not much to do in KL, since we’ve been there many times, so we decided to shop….

We didn’t go to KLCC since it would be really crowded. We visited many small malls, didn’t bother to take much pictures because they were unimpressive.

I’m not too interested in shopping when I go on holidays… like what’s the point of buying something you can get back at home?! Unless the merchandise is WAY cheaper or very unique. KL doesn’t have anything that SG doesn’t.

So yea… I bought a black and gold belt for myself, a green topman shirt for James, black flipflops for myself and I forgot what else.

I still think KL looks quite undeveloped!!!!! Isn’t it supposed to be the capital of Msia?

Maybe I’m too used to living in Singapore, where everything is so damn organized, clean, well-furnished etc.

We spent quite a long time walking around in this FANTASTIC MALL!

Look at the pretty fake cherry blossoms~~~~ if only SG bothered to put up deco like that.

They had a lot of awesome shops, like marciano, coach, a super huge forever 21, etc.

The weird thing was that there was almost NOBODY in the entire mall! I don’t get it. The people too poor or what?

It’s located in central area too.. if your people got no money to shop at places like Forever 21, why even bother having Coach?!

If this mall happened to be built in SG instead, it’d be packed like mad. Like Vivo City.

All their stores are super huge too!

Let me show you~

Their empty Forever21!

It’s like THREE times the size of Vivo’s F21… no kidding! And yet there was like nobody in there shopping?!

Ta-dah. Almost empty again.

I would have bought a lot of stuff, but their stocks are the same as Singapore’s… disappointment.

The good thing was that they have SHOES FOR SALE!

I really liked their heels!! Super cheap too. I think it was on sale for only 25 bucks? But we were rushing for time so I didn’t manage to get it in the end, boo..

We rushed off for a quick meal at SPICE OF INDIA – omfg the indian food was soooooo good it was about the best I’ve had, apart from this indian restaurant in perth that I absolutely loved too.


Me and the girls from Sony Ericsson were gushing about it the other day… uhm hello, we’re supposed to meet up to go eat mutton and curry and eggplant right?! Blog about the Sony Ericsson event some other day…





I saw this funny shop while in some ulu mall -

Seems like KL’s Giordano is more high class than ours ah.

And it was time for us to go back to our ship!

Took the crazily bumpy coach back to Port Kelang and finally we’re on Legend Of The Seas again.

My memory is failing me… I should have blogged about this sooner!

We did a lot of fun things, but I can’t remember them now leh.

Some of them included eating pizza at 2am, singing karaoke, playing bingo, etc. So I’ll just summarize briefly and talk about the events that come with photos I took.

I miss looking out to the endless ocean

Surrounded by nothingness except the deep blue sea. Sometimes I stare at the waves and try to make out figures… probably have been watching too many Deep Sea Creatures documentaries o____o

Still, I think the thought of not knowing what treasures or horrors lurk beneath is very very intriguing…

We took a nap, woke up and showered.

Then we had to dress up for our formal dinner – meet and greet with the Captain!

It was really nice to see everyone dressed up so nicely on the ship. Although I chuckle to myself whenever I think about lovely evening dresses being stuffed inside overflowing luggages. Probably not as glam as it looks.

I didn’t want to overdress, so I opted for a lacey high neck black dress, which was slightly formal but not quite.

I’d much rather be underdressed than overdressed… learnt this through the hard way.

I wanted to wear lovely pearls, but in the end I threw on my favourite long gold heart necklace from YSL to chop chop make sure I’m not overdressed. LOL.

Thank god I didn’t wear pearls ah… there were so many aunties wearing pearls that night!!!!

Me and mystery man from my previous post! Hehe.

I’m 1.7m… Guess how tall my brother is?

We took different pictures @ the auditorium’s entrance reflection every day, just for the fun of it~

We had dinner @ Romeo & Juliet again

Expect a lot of pictures of me and my brother from this sentence onwards! Heh.

He was like, “you must help me photoshop away my eyebags/dark eye rings ok! i know you’re very good at it”

But I don’t have photoshop T_____T… Why does everybody think I photoshop my pictures?

Both of us have chubby faces with sharp chins!

I’d post a picture of mummy in her pretty formal wear, but again, unphotogenic picture which doesn’t do justice to her.. so forget it.


My second steak in a row. I love those big fat mushrooms!

I forgot what we had for starters/blahblah. I was obviously too distracted to take pictures. LOL.

Like always, we ate till we were almost late for our show!

We hurried into the theatre hall.. and we managed to get first-row seats again, much to my delight.

Camwhoring before the show starts! I think this is my first time I’ve ever camwhored with my brother?!

We both look damn gong dai in this pic.

Hehehe we always have the same expressions!

Jeremy: ….oh shit. I just remembered I haven’t shaved. *covers stubs with fingers*

Jessica: tooooo late! *snaps*

Jeremy: Nooo… stop taking my pictures when I haven’t shaved!

Jessica: Don’t care, hehehee.

Jeremy: …Fine. then I shall ignore you.

HAHAHA he looks so damn cute and toot here!!!

My neck looks disconnected from my body… like it’s floating. Great.

We may be born 8 years apart… but we’ll always celebrate our birthday together on the same date everyday!

Then he got bored of taking pictures so I took myself. LOL.

I asked Uncle John if he would take a family portrait for us..

!!!!! I LOVE THIS PHOTO! I love my family~ (missing dad)

I just wish they didn’t look so pale -___- they are seriously not photogenic!

Then my favourite characters / crew members FANG and DENNIS walked by us to chit-chat, and they made me take a photo with them!

All black! I love it when guys wear tuxedos, they always look so cute and smart :)

I look so awkward because I didn’t know to smile or to put my hands around them or what. LOL.

I missss them like crazy! I miss their jokes, their antics, everything… they were the life of the ship.

Fang suddenly took my camera and said, “Hey, I’ll take a group picture for you guys. Come on!”

So we agreed, and he shouted out really loud : “We’re trying to take a group picture here.. everybody at the back, please try to squeeze in!

1,2,3…. everyone WAVE!!!!!”






This must be the weirdest picture ever. Those people at the back actually look like ghosts waving to us or something~~~





I think their dancers/singers are very talented! They could perform a lot of different genres… I was thoroughly entertained :)

I particularly like this guy named Shawn… *dreamy eyes*

My casio camera takes crap pictures…. But look at this picture closely.

Then see how they transform into this:


It was 70′s Disco Night, hence the get up.

OMG check out their afro hair!!!! They’re craaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

We had the party @ The Centrum, and it was really fun! Everybody was getting into the mood, dancing away to funky 70′s music

Ok, everybody except aunties and uncles who “chopped front row seats” to stare at the people dancing like this : o____o;;

Very weird meh?! I thought your time one!

After this picture was taken, they dragged tons of people up to dance! They tried dragging me but I hid fast enough~ I can’t dance for nuts.

“The people train”, led by none other than our lovely bouncy Dennis!

It was interesting to see so many people dressed so formally dancing in a very funny manner!

I love holiday destinations, everybody’s so ready to have fun! Even if you’re not in a good mood, happiness is contagious =)

After the party, we went to have some drinks at the pub… I was very amused by this group of unattractive people making a fool of themselves on the dance floor… shaking their heads as though they were on drugs and shaking their bodies as though they had a figure to flaunt. My mum asked me to join them. Har har funny ah mother.

Very thick skin ah! Good in a way, life is too short to care about what others think of you.

After deciding that the “disco” was wayyyyy too boring, we headed to the casino… where jackpot entertained my mother, and blackjack entertained me and my brother!

I met this super hot angmoh dealer! OMG SOMEBODY SHOOT ME PLZ!

He was looking fineeeee, with his goatee and piercing blue eyes and spiky blonde hair and all and he was totally checking me out la I swear.

WTF I sound stupid. How come I only meet hot guys when I’m attached ah? WHY?!?!?!

After awhile, we left the casino and went to bed.




Erm. I mean me and my family decided to go to sleep la.

Not me and the hot dealer went to bed together. AHEM@#@!$$




Legend Of The Seas Part 1

I know this is pretty belated, but I have to blog about it!

This cruise trip was a great way to kick-start my 2009 :)

We all woke up pretty early, and headed down in a booked taxi to HarbourFront..

It was exciting going on a trip with my mum AND my bro, it’s been so long since we’ve all gone together!

Lucky me, I keep going on happy fun-filled trips. I’m going to Genting with Mum and Baby AGAIN!!!! Next next week.. Sha la la la la~

Family filling up forms~ No prizes for guessing whom the bright pink mini luggage belongs to!

So after checking in, lugging our luggages around etc etc, we finally got onto our ship!

Which was…


Big ship, not very new, but fantastic crew made every cent and minute spent on it worth it.

Once on the ship, we headed straight to the buffet area because we were all starving!

Pretty happy mummy! Good things rhyme.

The food wasn’t excellent, but it was still okay… Vegas has AWESOME BUFFET FOOD! I definitely miss their buffets.

After eating….

We were excited to check out the facilities, etc.

Hehehe, I was the only trigger-happy person there, no fun at all :(

I like going out with fellow camwhores and bloggers cos we always take loooads of piccys!

That man is Uncle John, he’s my mum’s partner =D

Our view from the 8th floor or something!

This area is known as The Centrum

There was a live band playing beautiful music… I love the ambience of the whole ship!!!!

Then we had to go separate ways cos our rooms were on different floors..

Ta-dah! I stopped my brother before he opened our room door for a picture.


And with held breath, we opened the door.






…Posh, eh? lolol.

Well, at least it was cosy, clean and the bed was very comfortable! Thank goodness we still had a window for us to look out to the beautiful sea.

It was quite an experience, lying down feeling your bed rock from side to side rather slowly but surely… then looking out to the endless ocean, knowing you’d be safe and sound just falling asleep on it.

Random – I HATED THE TOILET! It was freeeaking small, and it reminds me of the lavatory on an aeroplane For those of you who’ve been on a plane, I’m sure you must know what I mean when I say the toilet makes a RACKET whenever you flush it.

Usually scares the shit out of me. Weird sucking sound.

We went upstairs to check out mum’s room… which was TONS better!

Since they were always unwilling to pose for photos, I had no choice but to snap candids! Tsk tsk. Heheheh.

You can see the cable cars to Sentosa in the background~

WTF, their room got BALCONY and me and my brother’s doesn’t even have a window that can open. LOL.

What to do… our room on the 2nd floor and theirs is on 8th floor. 6 floors difference you know! Sink also we die first.

After resting for awhile, we decided to go chill at their bar / lounge.

On the way there, we saw a group of people huddling around a table..

Being the KPO I am, I went to check out what the buzz was about and omg!

This guy’s creating ARTWORK out of WATERMELONS!

He cut the watermelon in very quick but precise movements. Admirable and unique talent.

Check out the horse he created! It was amazingly detailed in real life.

And I actually met GRACE YIP there!!!!!! OMG! I never expected to see my school mate of 10 years there. What a coincidence.

At the bar. This cruise was the only place I could drink and do anything I want
“LEGALLY”, without anyone checking my IC or asking annoying questions! I felt freeeee.

My brother and my mother! Their resemblance is soooo obvious.

Whereas I think I don’t really look like any of my family members.

There was once something was mentioned about me being picked up from the rubbish chute. Sometimes I start to wonder if that’s true :’(

….Well then I must be the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to them!

After awhile they had free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream giveaway… which my mum forced me to go queue up with her for -____-

No doubt there was a crazy long queue already by the time we got to the booth.

I don’t get what’s the big deal with Ben & Jerry’s… their ice cream flavours are damn boring and tastes average.

And next we had a lucky draw… we all filled up 4 forms twice, so we had 8 forms in total! We had a pretty good chance of winning something, although my hopes weren’t high since I’ve NEVER won anything from a lucky draw.

But as they were calling out names….





I suddenly heard, “Miss JESSICA LOH!”

And Uncle John was right beside me and he looked at me with =D on his face and bellowed, “HURRAY! JESSICA LOH!!!!”


So I went up and collected my grand prize of…

1 hour free internet. Hmmm…

Not bad for someone like me I guess. I never got around to using it though!

So after awhile we decided to explore the ship a little more…

They had a grand total of 11 decks! I think. The 11th deck is actually the club / “disco” as they call it.

WOOT! I love this picture. My baby pink E1 takes awesome pictures. CASINO ROYALE, baby! On Deck 4.

Inside of the casino!


I was immediately reminded of Vegas… Somehow I missed passing by tons of casinos everyday. Vegas has its own unique charm.

This cruise was also the first time I could play at a casino!! Omg. I’m not a fan of gambling, but I gave it a shot just cuz I thought it’d be pretty cool to play at a casino at 16 years old. LOL.

BLACKJACK IS DAMN EXCITING BUT HARD TO PLAY!!!!! Definitely not meant for people super bad at math like me. LOL.

After awhile we had to go back to our room and get our lifejackets… for a compulsory safety drill.

I had no idea how to put on the lifejacket, it wasn’t the normal slip on kind! So I just carried the bulky ugly orange thing out of the room, and I was suddenly assisted by 2 crew men who helped me put on the lifejacket properly.

Everywhere I went I saw people hurrying about as though it was a real emergency… Sheesh. Quite dramatic actually.

Anyway it was quite funny during the drill, passing by all these people wearing ridiculously ugly and hilarious life jackets!

HAHAHAHA! I sneaked a picture of them. Don’t they look like prisoners awaiting execution, standing in a row looking so solemn?!?!?!

My bro and my mum… NOW we bear more resemblance to each other eh!

I asked my brother, “Eh… Just wondering hor. Do the people on the higher decks get more priority when it comes to safety, if the ship sinks? Since they paid more money.”

Then my brother was like -____- and said “Ya… of course la. Then since we’re on Deck 2, you know what we’re gonna escape on? Sampans.”


My mummy is damn cute!!!!!!

Me… not so cute. I look like some ugly monkey here.

Not only were the crew men ultra friendly, they were also pretty hot. Well, some of them anyway! This rather cute guy kept trying to hit on me. Too bad I’m attached!!! And I’m faithful!!!

I don’t know where he’s from though… speaks with a funny accent.

After the drill, we went back to our own rooms and rested awhile before meeting at Deck 4 again at night for dinner!

We had our meals @ Romeo & Juliet (funny name for a restaurant)... exclusive to those staying on Deck 8 I think.

Others had to squeeze with the crowd for the buffet while we were treated to rather fine dining, peace and quiet and excellent service!


Wtf, many forks and knives for many courses. Seems a tad messy to me.

Me and Jeremyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I had lobter bisque for starters.. I’m no fan of lobster bisque but Uncle John said it was lovely.

And I had STEAK for my main course!!!!

I hardly ever eat steak. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s SO hard to find QUALITY steaks!

Steaks always taste worse than shit if they’re not cooked to perfection.

I had a very very lovely steak for my main course… I forgot what sort though. Too many steaks to remember.

I had different steaks for dinner EVERY night I was there, because the quality was just superb and I know I couldn’t find much good steaks when I get back to SG.

I was too hungry, so no picture of it =P

This was my dessert! Some vanilla thingy with strawberry.

I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! Only the fruit itself, and not strawberry flavoured stuff.





After a good hearty meal, we were almost late for our show!

We had a Welcome Aboard show, featuring Charles Bach and his lovely wife.

He’s quite well-known, having performed in Vegas and all.. But very friendly! No arrogance, just like David Copperfield~




In the auditorium, we managed to snag front row seats throughout the whole cruise trip.

How come nobody likes front row seats?!

Don’t you know that for a wide stage you should get something centre and further to the back, but ALWAYS get FRONT ROW SEATS FOR MAGIC SHOWS!!!!!

Because you ALWAYS get picked for volunteering! HAHAHA. (plus, the “magic” seems so much more real cus you’re soooo close to it)

And VOLUNTEERING was exactly what I did!

Oh no, not myself though… Charles Bach went like, “I need a man with a good sense of rhythm.. A man who can DANCE”

Although I knew fully well Uncle John couldn’t dance for nuts, I shouted, “HERE!!!!”

And pointed to him excitedly. And he was like “NOOOOOOO”

But TOO LATE! Charles Bach was already walking over! HEHEHE.

So offffff Uncle John went to the stage… much to my mother’s delight.

I honestly have never heard her laugh so much or loud before. Must have been really entertaining for her =P

Charles Bach was like, “I NEED YOU TO CONCENTRATE! So I can guess the card that’s on your mind”

And Uncle John just stood there and stared at him.

And Charles was like, “CONCENTRATE HARDER!”

So Uncle John stared at him with this look on his face - O____O;


Uncle John dancing!

HAHAHAAH so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love magicians, they’re all so charming and funny :)

Charles Bach doing some crazy stunt while being suspended in mid-air.

I was sooooo close to him, so I cringed whenever he moved a bit… I was so worried that he was gonna fall and break his neck or something.

Or worse, fall on top of me and break MY neck! LOL.

After the show, I got myself an autograph from Charles! Yipeee, my 2nd illusionist’s autograph ever since I got mine from David Copperfield in Vegas.

We went back to our rooms as it was pretty late already…

Me after removing make up, while waiting for my brother to shower..

I forgot to bring my make up wipes, so every night I have to go to my mum’s room to remove my make up first then head back to my own room to shower!

After showering, I played Spider Solitaire on my laptop till I fell asleep… my only source of entertainment!

And that’s the end of Day 1!

…. ** TO BE CONTINUED ** …

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