Sony Ericsson & Stage Cosmetics Event

Some backdated events…

Worked with Fidel for Sony Ericsson @ Volvo Ocean Race @ Sentosa last week~

I had to find 8 girls, but only 3 girls were accepted by client T_T

Thank goodness the other 2 girls besides me were uber sweet – MaryAnn & Fidel!

Had to reach there at, but I only got there at like 7:30am or so and realized half the girls have not reached yet -_-

In the end, we were 1 hour late but the people in charge didn’t seem to mind very much… so yeah. Was terrible waking up at 6am to get ready, the sun wasn’t even up yet! Reminded me of my secondary school days..

The Ericsson racing team were superrrrr dao… boo!

First time that I’ve met angmohs so stuck up and unfriendly~

Thank goodness the Sony Ericsoon staff were uber uber nice! And I had a lot of fun working, although honestly, I had the slackest job of all.

I was given the job of ushering (escort) VIPs onto the stage everytime they were giving a speech.

Sounds like a decent job but there was only a grand total of 2 speeches the entire day.. plus, the VIPS were all seated in the front row so I felt completely redundant

because the distance from the front row to the stage is LESS THAN 1 METRE.

I am so not fucking kidding you!

All I did was stand next to the VIP, stretch out my hand..
I couldn’t even take a step forward cos I was too near to the stage.

I was originally supposed to escort about 3 VIPS on stage but later they decided that I should only “usher” the biggest boss up on stage… Oh ya, besides ushering him on stage I also had to hold onto a phone and hand it over to him when he released it to the media (there were reporters present, etc)

They were very secretive about it, they warned me not to show the phone to any of the other girls working there or basically anyone else at all… Wtf?! Apparently nobody knows about it in SG yet! It’s called the Kokoro (not sure about spelling), some nickname for it.

New phone, looks uncanningly like the LG Viewty, except slightly lighter and more sleek -___- So much for originality.

I held onto the damn phone tightly throughout the entire boring speech (About 1 hour long) and when it was time to present the new phone to the public, he FORGOT that part of the speech and I was still holding onto it!!!

So he “ended” his speech only to be told by his partner that he missed out Kokoro so he went back on. And I passed it to him.

That was all that I did for the ENTIRE day. The second speech of the day, they decided they didn’t need me… and my in-charge told me to “walk around.”

Now you know why I felt so completely redundant. But I felt very relaxed also la, the other girls had really sian jobs of being stationed at booths/kiosks to help out or explain the features, or escorting guests to tour around.

LOL so I walked around to where MaryAnn and Fidel were & kachiao them… Loved the job, except for the fact we had to wake up freaking early and the uniform was AWFUL! The skirt had this “safety shorts” included inside which was so tight, it was like cutting my skin. See what happens when you have fat thighs?!

I don’t get the purpose of the “Safety shorts” being inside though, since it’s TRANSPARENT. Ugh.

My smelly bitches!

I always look awkwardly tall and big!!!! Wtf.

Love love!

My darling is super cute and annoying! HEHE

HAHAHA Michelle’s spastic face~

We were all fucking hungry and only had miserable bee hoon for lunch which tasted pretty crappy :(

Anyway they had the most atas toilet I’ve ever seen!

What’s the word for it? Something like portable. Like you can pack up and move it anywhere? Like most events or pasar malams have?!?! Omg someone must tell me the correct word I feel damn stupid.

GOT AIR CON LEH, WTF. But after awhile it got quite smelly since all the farts/shit/pee kept circulating around. Gross.

They also have a mini TV thingy in the toilet cubicles, so when you shit you can watch the Ericsson team racing. Hmm. Interesting.

Hehehe kinda candid hence the retarded expressions

It was really fun working that day, hope there are future opportunities to work with these sweeties again!


Several days ago, I was invited to Stage Cosmetics Workshop Event & I brought Fidel along again!

It was supposed to be a workshop on how to create a simple day look. Me and Fidel found the workshop a lil sian cos there wasn’t really much to learn, nevertheless I picked a few tips here and there and overall it was still pretty fun cos I love cosmetics!

You might not have heard of STAGE cosmetics before because they’ve just launched last year~
They’re a professional make up brand, mostly targetted towards runways/photoshoots/etc (hence the name Stage?) but of course they also intend to reach out to the average woman with their average prices. Cheaper than M.A.C, but just as professional, that I’d say!

Lover girllll

A whole range of brand new cosmetics for us to play with… ooooh fun!

I don’t know why girls are so stingy when it comes to make up… come on la, buying cosmetics is super worth while, so you’d better invest in the correct brand!

If you buy a cheap and lousy foundation to cover up your bad skin, what happens if your bad skin turns worst?! And trust me… most of the time, cheap make up LOOKS cheap, so yeah.

Mac’s individual eyeshadows are less then $30 I think, which is super duper cheap if you ask me, because I’ve never used finish any of my eyeshadows before. $30 for a good eyeshadow that lasts years? WHY NOT?! (although you’re not supposed to keep cosmetics for so long!)

They gave us doughnuts. I was given this ugly and gross orange stripes doughnut which I totally hated and when I saw Fidel’s heart shaped chocolate one I tried to snatch it from her but failed. LOL.

In the end she kindly gave it to me because she loves me! (even though her reason was that because I kept annoying her)

…I didn’t eat it in the end though. HAHAHA.

Guess I can be really annoying.

Us without any make up! Fidel didn’t like the original pic so I drew on our faces. NICE?!

They made us remove allllll our make up and put it back alllll on again…. bummer! If I knew we had to remove our make up, I wouldn’t have bothered putting it on before the event in the first place!

The funniest part of the event was when we had to do our brows… because I was not blessed with beautiul brows unlike Fidel =’(

I hardly had any brow hair left and everybody laughed at my ugly brows. Sigh. Luckily the MUA (make up artist) was super nice and drew it nicely for me on one side.

And then he demanded that I drew the other side myself -___-

Us with eyeshadow on!!! (We had to wear those ridiculous bibs LOL cute or not?!)

Our usual colours – me : brown and fidel : greenish blue thingy lolol

After the STAGE make up event,

we left for Nuffnang’s premiere of INKHEART!

I liked the show, wasn’t fantastic but it was pleasant. So much better than watching action shows like Red Cliff or horror shows like Eden Lake. WTF?

Us in the cabbbb.

That’s all for this post!

STAGE kindly gave us a goodie bag which had some of their products in it,
and we also got to try their full range of make up during the workshop,

so here’s my review if any of you are interested in trying out their products:

Nail Polish: Thick, glossy with a perfect salon finish and dries quite fast. Easy to apply, I like. But the colour they gave me was dark purple, totally off for me -_-

Eye Primer: Creamy, doesn’t get my eyelid oily and perfect to blend! I don’t usually use primer but I heard it’s advisable… for those who have problems with patchy-looking eyeshadow, try their primer!

Lipgloss: I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR LIPGLOSS! I got a really sweet nude colour. The texture is rather thick, kind of like… honey? It’s also very very sticky, but this is good because it won’t “bleed” off your lips! Very longlasting. I also love the sweetness of it, some lipglosses are just so smelly.. Kinda like MAC’s lipglass, but way better.

Eyeshadow: Rather pigmented, not much fall-outs, overall not bad but too matte. I like my eyeshadows to be shimmery.

Crayon eyeliner: Me like their colours! It is WAYYY better than MAC’s. Omg I think I may switch brands the next time I shop for cosmetics! It is a lot easier to apply onto your eyelid. MAC’s crayon eyeliners give me a bit of application problem sometimes.

Concealer: Not so good leh. I still prefer ZA’s.

Liquid Foundation: I didn’t see a difference in my skin’s texture except for the fact it looked more cakey. I don’t usually use this sort of product so I can’t give much comments. I didn’t break out though. Which is a good thing, cos sometimes I break out when MUAs use other brands on me for shoots.

Eyebrow pencil: The colour was very easy to blend when I used the angled brush! I like :) I have to get a new brow pencil soon, my $1.50 Chamelon brow pencil is so dying on me~

Blusher: I really liked the blusher colours from Stage. They’re very natural and sweet, pinkish and peachy tones that would easily suit a lot of people! Easier to blend than my MAC blusher.. I need to switch blusher tones, my current colour doesn’t suit me already =/

Alright, that’s all I can think of at the moment…

Goodnight world!

Looking forward to seeing my baby tomorrow, he shall come and bai nian to my mother! Have been really busy with relatives the past few days.. I’m not complaining though. Family gatherings are awesome.



Happy NIU Year!

I received SMS-es going, “Happy Niu Year!!!”

And I was like… WTF?! A disgusting / act cute way of saying “new”?




But then I realized…. it’s the year of the OX.


Have a great Chinese New Year, everyone!

I’m definitely enjoying myself, and I’m thankful for this great occasion that brings my family members together.

We @ home miss you terribly, Shu Yuan!!! COME HOME SOON.

P.S – I drank THREE canned soft drinks today and ate a shitload of tidbits + my grandmother cooked enough food to feed my whole family for the next three CNYs. I am such a goner.




This is going to be a very random post (aka nonsensical ramblings) with not much meaning to it.

Ok so I’m like drinking F&N orange right now.

FUCK I’M SO ADDICTED TO SOFT DRINKS. It’s like, if I go without soft drinks for too long I’d be moody. I kinda suffer from withdrawal symptoms and I keep thinking about buying a Sprite that’s only worth $1.50 to satisfy my cravings BUT…

You have no idea how harmful soft drinks are to me! I used to take like what, about 2 sodas a day? WHICH IS SUPER UNHEALTHY and FATTENING!

I’ve been trying to cut down on soft drinks because I realized most of my weight gain is due to my addiction but e948927424424 sigh it’s just so hard.

Sometimes I’d rather not eat, and I’d be happily sipping my F&N orange away! Freaky.

Ok so like I’ve developed a new obsession recently…

Maybe not so recent, since I’ve always liked it, but recently I’ve been eating a crazy shitload amount of it.

SEAWEED!!!! I’m eating Tao Kae Noi’s tom yum seaweed right now and wtfff its damn nice ok. After I finish this huge packet, I’m gonna devour my other favourite korean salty seaweed.

Both seaweed packets taste DAMN different!

The korean one is a lot saltier, but the texture is oily and very crispy but uber thin. It kinda melts in your mouth.

Whereas Tao Kae Noi’s tom yum once is thicker, “crunchier” and less salty but more sour with the tom yum flavour.

My mum would always buy the korean one whenever she felt like it and I got soooo excited whenever I saw it

and James knows I love Tao Kae Noi’s tom yum flavour so once in awhile he buys a small packet cos he know that would really brighten my day!


I’m fucking retarded, I wonder how many people are thinking I’m nuts to go on and on about seaweed as they’re reading this.

I’m quite happy with this obsession since it’s not fattening at all! Although it’s not exactly healthy either, but it’s wayyy better than being addicted to sodas.


Ok sooooo.. what did I do today?

Early in the morning, I woke up while looking into James’ eyes with him cuddling me. AWW. HAHAHA.

After that, he brought me to eat my favourite HANABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Japanese Buffet. *salivates*

He knows I’ve been craving for it ever since I got back from Vegas (ugh all that western food) but I never got the chance to go there! So he woke up real early and treated me to a very sumptuous lunch there. Yum.


I wish Hanabi would be more cheap! Their LUNCH buffet costs $60 for the both of us! It’s not super expensive but stillllllll I always dine @ Hanabi so I could really save a lot of money if those buggers would create a goddamn Hanabi Membership Card. LOL.

But not to worry, since baby earned a neat sum from a job I introduced to him!!!!

There was this guy looking for a male talent in his 20′s for a commercial print ad and I just sent in baby’s profile to try my/his luck and wtf!!! He got it! It would be a poster displayed @ Tiong Bahru Plaza (I think)

SO lucky, they said they chose him cos he got beautiful features. WTF how come guys seem to get commercial ads so much faster than girls?!

I always apply for commercial ads also nobody want me… boo. What to do, I don’t have his big eyes, long eyelashes, blahblahblah….

So like after we stuffed ourselves completely silly and to the max, we went to Downtown East to watch The Punisher.

I love E hub!!!! It’s always cold, clean, and quiet. I don’t have to squeeze with the crowd and the best part is, THERE ARE ALWAYS MOVIE TICKETS!!!


I want to go Genting!!!

I’m going Genting with baby on the 5th, have I mentioned that already?!?!?! Would be our 2nd time to Genting together~~~

Ok la I am suddenly bored of ranting non stop.

I’m going to end my very random post here.


P.S – You don’t deserve happiness because you’ve done nothing to deserve it. You disrespect people who display love, so why should you be given any? You are a selfish and insecure bitch, you can try to hide it but guess what? It shows. Stop trying to act the innocent, sweet and nice girl because nobody intelligent is buying it. GROSS PLZ, how do you read your own blog entries without puking? Your current sad plight is exactly the situation you deserve to be in, everyone needs something or someone to give them a wake up call.. No one else can save you from yourself.

“Is she talking about me?”, you wonder. Yes bitch.. you.

P.P.S – Tomorrow’s CNY reunion dinner! HAPPY! Family gathering wooohooo but I miss SHU YUAN SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ Gonna be sooo different without her :(

P.P.P.S – I just turned on my air con cos I’m about to sleep but WTF!!!!!!!

How come the air from my air con smells like smelly socks huh huh huh?! Which MF has been sticking his hong kong feet into my a/c!! FUCKING smelly and I dunno where to hide or what to do! T_T I can’t sleep without a/c.

P.P.P.P.S – It’s kinda lame to go around tagging random girls that I know and asking them if I’m referring to them. Even if I am, you think they/she/it would say “YES, IT’S ME?”

And don’t ask me, cuz if I wanted to reveal who it is, I would have already. I don’t think this person deserves the attention.. and she is not necessarily a famous blogger or someone who was/is close to me. Omg, who could it be?! Could be anyone la really. Could even be you, yes you reading this, if you think the description fits you well.

I believe the person herself should know very well that I’m referring to her. And those who have a clear conscience wouldn’t think much of it even if they were “accused”… so I don’t have to worry about it. Aiyoh why so touchy?

If you assume I am talking about girl A, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself why in the world would you think she sounds like the bitch I am talking about.

I am not mean leh, I’m keeping her identity a secret to spare her the unnecessary attention right? But by accusing random girls, you’re indirectly insulting them. Food for thought eh.

Some of you are too KPO for your own damn good, but I understand, I’m KPO also… Keep guessing while I enjoy my CNY!

Happy CNY to all, KPOs or not!!!


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