Chinese New Year 2009

We may not be the most complete, perfect and happy family,

…But we are still a family.

I’m truly glad to be surrounded by their warm presence during this special occasion.

My grandmother and 5 out of 6 of her children, reunion dinner night

What would Chinese New Year be worth celebrating for be without family and loved ones?

I can only imagine it to be meaningless and miserable.

My uncle and his lovely wife

I can’t help but wonder..

If not for this festive date, when would everybody be available to gather like this?

Some people say festive holidays are just superficial gimmicks.. but the truth is, everyone needs a reminder every now and then.

Sometimes we forget to make time for our family. Sometimes we need someone to set a fixed date, to make it somewhat compulsory… for our own good.

Others may even find it a chore. I did too, in the past.

Little rascals darlings..

But one day, like me, I’m sure you’ll be thankful for it.

For all the time that we’ve missed out on having together while being too preoccupied with our own matters, CNY tries to make up for it.

Even NS men are spared their duties to go back home to their families... Goes to show how special this occasion truly is.

My handsome cousin flew back from his training.. all the way from New Zealand! (but now he’s back there again..)

Your indefinite love for me touches my heart deepy, I only wish we had less of a gap between us.


With the absence of my favourite and closest cousin Shu Yuan, I got to spend a little more time with my other older cousin – Yan Yan.

Geez what’s with the rhyming names? Shu Yuan’s english name is Caris and Yan Yan’s is Kris. They must have planned it!

Btw, I did her make up, you like? I also did my aunt’s and my cousin’s GF’s make up and hair too! Hehehe it’s mucho fun dolling others up.

My Angel. Thank you for everything.

The other Devil that my Angel gave birth to..

Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, cousins, nieces, nephews.. Let us gather and make merry!

My aunt, my cousin (her son) and his girlfriend. P.S I’m pretty sure his sleepy expression was unintended

No time for quarrels or unpleasant matters.. Instead, we focus on being generous towards others (ang paos!), well wishes (bai nian) and good food (ba gua!!!)

And… gambling?

I will never understand the fun in winning your own relatives money, but well, as long as it pleases them..

Food, food glorious food!
….Sinful food. Everybody gets fat during CNY, so it’s okay. I’m with you ;)

CNY goodies are so very addictive!

Especially this. My lil cuzzie caught with my favourite snack, giving her most innocent expression.

I used to think that my Wii is pretty costly, seeing as it’s just games for entertainment.. (spent more than $1500 on it so far)

But when I saw my cousins, aunties and uncles alike all laughing and smiling in delight much thanks to Rayman Raving Rabbids, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

If $1500 could buy their happiness for just that little while, then it’s well worth it.

Me, James and many others have also had great times with my Wii. RRR FTW!!!!





Just like that, within 2 days and after reunion dinners, visiting etc.. They’ve all gone back to leading their own lives.

Who knows when I’ll see all of them together again?

Next year CNY, maybe. I’m looking forward to next year’s CNY, because then Shu Yuan would be here! CNY would never be the same without her.

A picture we took last CNY.

Till then…
xoxo, Jess


Queen, Freddie Mercury

I’m an oldies junkie, but I’ve never been much of a Queen fan,…not until recently.

I think I’ve suddenly fallen madly in love with Queen.. or rather, Freddie Mercury.

I can’t get their tunes out of my head, and Freddie’s inspirational singing just gives me boosebumps everytime I listen to or watch him. How does one man put in so much energy and passion into his performances?

I listen to music like this and wonder why so many other young people my age don’t love music this beautiful.

Thank god for Youtube..

how else would I have the chance to appreciate all sorts of legendary performances that were recorded even before I was born?

You know the music is too good when it makes you cry.

Artistes will die.. but their music will always live on.


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