Fabulous Vegas Part 2

….We checked in immediately, and we could have our room straight away! Yipee. As much as I love lobbies, I hate waiting at lobbies.

Our room number is 147..

Here’s where I am right now, as I’m typing this:

Cosy!!! Me like. As you can see, it’s cosy but not like-woah-atas. So it’s crazy how their max rate is $1500!!!

I think the price is jacked up cos the hotel is smack in the middle of the strip. Once I step out of the hotel, I’m surrounded by all the glitz and glam.

Everything is just a few block away… so I’ve been doing a lot of walking.

He goes like, “Oh let’s go to Bellagio, it’s only a few blocks away”

After exploring the whole of Bellagio, he goes like, “Oh let’s go to Treasure Island, only a few blocks away”

…WTF! At the end of the day, you know how fucking far I have to walk back home? I don’t think I’ve ever walked so much in my life! Never ever.

Our kitchen!

Where I am forced to do the dishes sometimes. Ewwww.

Nothing like trying to scrub off egg yolk from greasy plates and having to make up afterwards.

The bedroom! Ahaha look at the thing in the middle. They actually took a towel and folded it into a cute elephant and stuck plastic eyes on it! Wtfwtflolol.

By the time we had some rest and finished unpacking etc, we went out for a little walk…

And I took a lot of pictures!!!!

I am honestly too lazy to slowly explain what we did and what we saw or where we went, because there were so many things.

I’ll just leave the pictures to do the talking.

I love all the crazy lights and loud blasting music and bar top dancers and crazy people in Vegas!

Everywhere I turn, is another advertisement for call girls and another picture of a girl half naked ahahaha.

So lively and scandalous, unlike Singapore LOL.

My fav hotel in Vegas – The Bellagio!

As usual, the fountain display stole my heart away.. such an elegant sight to behold.

You can’t see them here, but limos are so common in Vegas! I see two or three on one same road… something we don’t get in SG too.

Heard that limos are cheap here tho? I was very excited to see who would step out of the limo (a celeb maybe, hah. avril lavigne?!? LOL)

But boring people stepped out, boo.

The Flamingo! Where we’re at.

Omg, this hotel has a crazily strong vanilla sweet scent. The moment you step in, a wonderful sweet smell overcomes you!

Unique, me like. Makes me wanna eat the walls.

Harley Davidson Cafe! Woohoo.

James would love this :)

Inside the shops there were a lot of BAD, BAD BOYS..

Think HUGE-sized angmohs with bulging biceps and covered head to toe with tattoos, leather jackets, torn jeans, riding a harley.

Like those american gangsters you see in american road trip movies usually accompanied by busty blonde who flashes you her fake titties!! OMG, THEY ARE REAL! I always thought they exaggerated the scenario but nope. True story *gasp*





Aghhh…. thank god we walk around sooo much, otherwise.. dun dun dun.

This is the place we had our dinner the first night. French cuisine! Was really interesting to try out all sorts of dishes.

Check out the design of the hotel!!!

You have fake skies, complete with fake chimneys, fake houses, etc… neat huh.

I am suchhhhhh a sucker for pasta and creme brulee. Mmmm salivating.

Next day we had Chinese Buffet…

At this place called China Star!

SUPER CHEAP, ONLY like 13SGD!!! Free flow of drinks, and they had a HUGE selection of dishes. And the food was really good too! Best of all our buffets so far.

I miss their mushroom so so much.. will be going back there again within these few days. First thing I’m gonna do is ATTACK THEIR MUSHROOMS!

Woot check out their BADASS sign! Couldn’t help but find it so funny ahahaha. Imagine if a restaurant in SG had a sign like that!

I suppose there’s a lot of racists / drunkards or people causing trouble?

The next day…

I woke up at an ungodly hour of 4am, and we had breakfast at 5am. HAHAHA!

This was our humble breakfast, basically what I eat almost every morning:

Toast with jam and butter, scrambled egg / sunny side ups, sausages and a glass of fruit punch!

All dressed up and ready to go! Everyday I wake up sooo early here.

I know I look just fine here but the truth is, my skin is sooo dry here due to the weather, it’s peeling everywhere! The horror.

Plus, I have horrible breakouts EVERYWHERE. What a sucky lousy combination. Uber dry skin plus pimples? Wow, thanks.

And we head out!

Shiver me timbers.. was REALLY cold.

I remember my teeth clattering whenever the wind blew. Oh yea btw the news said there is a possibility it may SNOW HERE IN VEGAS ON MONDAY!!!!

…Oh my god?!?! For real? AWESOME PLS! I wanna see lil snowflakes!




Fake flamingo fountains… lotsa fountains hee!


First we saw fake flamingos…

And then we saw real ones! Cool huh!

Did you know that flamingos sleep while standing? They just kinda tuck their head under.

I mean, their legs look sooo skinny and frail and their body so fat! How to sleep like that?

Trained camwhore who can take photos anywhere.

Random photos of me EVERYWHERE in Vegas:

Up the escalator. Check out the ads behind me!

Excalibur!! Reminds me of Disneyland… goddd I miss disneyland. Can’t wait till the next time I’m back there again.

I dunno why but everytime I see an “artistic” naked statue I can’t help but giggle.

Just like the Flamingo, this hotel also has live versions of what they’re named after! I can’t remember which hotel this is. MGM Grand I think.

Bright, sunny yet cold days.

Ahahaha! Look at this EFFING CUTE BUBBLE BLOWER I saw at a souvenir shop!!

I wanted to buy but too expensive. 20+ for this? How would I use it?!?!

Check out this other souvenir I got for myself:

…. Can you guess what he drew?










Hehehe! James wouldn’t like me wearing this. He’d sure be like, “Why you want everybody to know your name? What if guys walk up to you and pretend they know you how?”

But it’s so pretty isn’t it!

They have M&M and Coca Cola stores! I bought this ROOT BEER FLAVORED CHAPSTICK which tastes sooooooo good, can’t get em in SG.

Beautiful sculptures

I look like I’m in London or something. And don’t ask me why I’m wearing converse with that outfit -____-

Long story.

Treasure Island and The Mirage


Sorry for being so abrupt but I’m gonna have to end here! Gotta head out now.

Byebyebyebye will update soon again! Blogging about trips certainly ain’t easy. So much to say that you don’t know what to include, how many photos to post before they turn boring, uploading blahblah..


I am VERY HOME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Byeeeeeeeeee lovable people back in Singapore / other parts of the world.


Fabulous Vegas Part 1

Mummy drove me down to Changi Airport at 5am.. Baby was there with me!

First time I really felt so happy to be flying off, it is such a nice feeling to have your loved ones sending you off even though you will be gone for only a short-ish period of time!

Checked in, then went to the lounge… mmmm even the lounge food was good! It is true – Singapore has the best food in the world.

Now I finally know what to tell other people who are not from Singapore whenever they ask what it’s like here!

Shortly, we boarded our first flight to Narita, Tokyo.

This was what I saw.. before I zonked out completely. Me and baby stayed up the whole night just so I would sleep on the plane, and it worked! Yipee. I was so sleepy, it was crazy, I almost fell over while standing in line cos I “fell asleep while standing”

I never thought it was possible until that day.

The flight to Narita was smooth and good, didn’t make me feel nauseous at all.. or maybe cause I was sleeping too much to notice? LOL.

The aircraft food was surprisingly good! Mmmmm.. Japanese chicken curry rice with veggies! And meet my FAV NEW DRINK, Ginger Ale!

Weeeeeeee Ginger Ale kinda taste like sprite, except a lot less sweet and strong (which is really good), smooth texture and I feel that it actually quenches thirst instead of making you more thirsty which most soft drinks do.

It has a hint of Ginger taste to it.. but totally yummy. It’s not a popular drink back in SG but it’s very popular in America! You guys should try it, not sure if 7-11 or Cheers sell it?

The food was definitely SO MUCH BETTER than Singapore Airline or Qantas. We took United Airlines.

The plane we took for more than 10 hours!

Mummy bought me orange tic tas (my fav) and seventeen magazine for me to bring onboard the plane… ain’t she the most thoughtful and sweetest?!

The tic tacs were a LIFESAVER cos my mouth was very “itchy” and dry most of the time.

Another lifesaver -

WOOHOOO!! Bak kwa! <— Lol that looks funny when you type it out, like some chicken squawking Anyways, I haven’t had it for such a long timee… usually only get to eat it during CNY. But I really love it! It reminds me of my old maid. I kinda forgot her name :( Was it Aida? Dunno. We always went swimming together, and we always played Monopoly and blasted music and ate bak kwa at our condo back in Bukit Timah Sixth Avenue.. LOL The condo was Tessarina! I used to love that place. Right until I saw a big fat dead moth floating right past my face in the pool… then I refused to swim there, ever again. I remember my room used to be purple color (ewwww) Ok I digress too much. Where was I? Oh yea, bak kwa… ok so anyway I was basically sleeping and waking up to eat and going back to sleep during flights. And finally, we reach TOKYO!!!!!!!!!

Tokyo’s lounge was pale in comparison to Singapore’s…

Didn’t even have proper food, although it was like 10 times bigger than SG’s. They had Ginger Ale though!!!! Big plus.

He insisted I take a picture with the geisha doll thingy to prove to everyone I’ve been to Japan… albeit only the airport but STILL!!!!

After awhile I needed to use the restroom..

And I was completely dumbfounded when I opened my cubicle door:

WTF!!! Crazy cool Japanese toilets!!

I’ve heard of such toilets in Japan whereby they make “nature calls” like birds chirping and stuff to sound out all your ugly toilet sounds.

They also squirt water to wash your privates!! HAHAHA FUCKING COOl OR WHAT

But I’ve never ever used such a toilet before and frankly speaking, I was quite intimidated. Weird as it sounds, I did not want my ass to be washed by a toilet bowl.

Can adjust volume some more! Hahaha. They should create a USB port so that you can transfer songs inside and play any song you want instead of just flushing sounds.

So many crazy buttons but none of them say “FLUSH”


For 1 minute or two, I was panicking.. until I turned around and saw the good ol’ fashioned *pull down the metal lever* type of flush.

Bah. So much for technology. Got ass washing system but no automatic flush. Boo!

And then it was time for our second flight from Tokyo to San Francisco… 6 hours!

I have no idea why but that 6 hours passed painfully slow.

I couldn’t sleep :( and the screen was shitty in the plane so I couldn’t watch movies.

That was the time I started to feel really sick of planes..

But like everything else in life that is good, the bad has to come to an end someday too. After what seemed like forever, we arrived at San Francisco..

The security was sooo tight! And they were very strict, I had to even remove my shoes. Don’t I look harmless enough? Heh.

Zoom zoom, fast forward and we were on our final flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Like FINALLY?!?!

What Vegas looked like from the plane..

Somehow, Vegas wasn’t like what I remembered at all! The last time I’ve been here was several years ago but I suppose I wasn’t observant then, and can’t remember much.

I had no idea Vegas was in the middle of a desert?!?!

I could see mountains in the background. And I didn’t know Vegas had a residential area too.. like people actually LIVED there? (almost everyone has their own pool, and all their houses look the same)

And finally..

After much torment, WE REACH LAS VEGAS AIRPORT!

Woohoo, the first thing you see = SLOT MACHINES.

What. The. Fuck.

They have slot machines in the middle of their airport. Pwnage. Cannot imagine if Changi Airport had slot machines right next to check in area.. I think even before anyone boarded their flight for their holiday, they would be broke already.

Las Vegas airport was old-fashioned, plain and boring. They didn’t bother with fancy stuff, unlike Changi Airport’s fountains, cool interior designs, plans etc.

Not a single plant in Vegas airport!

We took a tour bus to our hotel..

On the way:

Look at those trees on the far left!

Don’t they give you this “california” feeling?

We arrive at The Flamingo, Hilton Grand Vacations Club!

It’s not EXTREMELY atas like Fullerton or Ritz Carlton (you can prolly tell from the entrance pic above), but it’s cosy and good enough

I was horrified to know our room costs $1500 USD per night. WHAT THE FUCK.

Rip off much.

Weeee! Lobby. Me love hotel lobbies, always so nice and cosy.

And then it was time to check out our room..










…To be continued!


Random update that was supposed to be a proper post

Me with my new baby that’s pretty in pink!

Only 3 days and I’m homesick already!!!!

No thanks to my baby.. I wanna pinch his cheeks give him the tightest hug ever! Omg.

I called him just now and after talking to him I feel soooooooo much better! This quote is from him, “Distance is not an issue because my heart is always with you.”


I’m speechless. I hardly hear romantic sensible quotes from him…

Anyways. You must be wondering why I’m blogging when I’m in Vegas?!?! That’s cause it’s late at night and we spent a lot of time walking around in the morning and noon, so we’re resting tonight… Tomorrow we’re going for a show and more buffets etc etc.

Plus, I will be superrrrrr busy when I get back and I’ll be overseas for 2 weeks, so there’s so much to blog about… might as well blog now to keep myself awake!

I can’t get over the jet lag! I keep waking up at 3am in the morning, LOL. And feel realllyyy sleepy in the afternoon

Okie anyways here’s part 1 of my Vegas trip!






Ok after typing the sentence above I proceeded to upload my pictures, and after I realized I had exactly 97 pictures to upload for just the first TWO days….


I decided that I will blog another time. Tomorrow, perhaps? Soooo many effing pictures! So long to upload too.

I’m going to bed now, long day ahead tomorrow!

I MISS YOU JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Distance is not an issue cos my heart is always with you! HAH!!!

Oh ya did I mention it’s effing 3 degrees now? God. I wear socks even in the heated hotel room and I need to get me some gloves.


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