Home will be where the heart is

Love is not about finding someone you can live with, it’s about finding that person you CAN’T live without

You’ve helped me understand and bring true meaning to that quote.. now, there is no doubt.

Vegas has a lot of exciting attractions, but nothing really captures my heart

Cause it’s left back in Singapore with you, it pains me to know we’re so far apart!

I should be thinking of new & fun things in Vegas for me to do,

But all I can think of is the day I’ll be back home, with you.

My favorite part of the day is calling you, so I can hear your voice

Oh babe, you know I’d fly back to you right now if I had a choice…

Home will be where the heart is, never were words so true

My heart’s far, far away…

Home is too.


The drama I don’t miss

I see people bringing others down to bring themselves up

I read hateful comments left on others’ blogs

I see people pretending to be something they’re not

I read the funniest bullshit on gossip forums

I see poor girls pretending that they’re ok, when they’re not

….And then I realize how much I don’t miss that drama I used to have (quite often) in my life.

Boy, am I glad I’m so over it.

I don’t have to worry about someone else being better than me, as long as I know I’m the best I can be.

I don’t have to worry about bitching around with “friends”, since I’ve distanced myself from people I don’t feel good around.

I don’t have to worry about negative comments people make about me because they don’t know me like I do.

I don’t have to worry about people not liking me because I like myself.

I don’t have to gossip about others, I leave others to do the gossiping about me.

I don’t have to pretend that I am okay, when I feel down, I cry and cry.. and I get over it.

Above are some reasons I have for being happy with my life.


I do believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

But you know what’s the best part out of all the drama I’ve been watching?

….Seeing not-so-beautiful people calling someone else ugly!

!!1111@@@ OMG! HAHAHA! Amuses me to no end.

I think they spend too much time pointing our others’ flaws to actually notice their own.

I am thankful for the rather quiet and cosy, happy life I’m leading right now.

A small group of people in my life I hold very dear. I let others know what’s going on by blogging it all out here for thousands to see, but I take comfort in the fact a lot of things are still personal.

Drawing a balance.




She was just a young girl.

Tired of her opinions not being heard. Tired of being quite invisible to others. Eager to see the world and all that it had in store.. not knowing what to expect.

And so, she started a blog.

Unknowingly, her blog became a platform.. and along with everything else, slowly she grew.. and started gaining new experiences, started meeting new people, started learning a lot of life lessons..

She stepped out of her shell, and into the world.

…But now this young girl has seen enough. Certainly not quite what she expected.

And she’s more than happy to retreat back to her shell once more.

But now that I’m already on life’s fast lane, I’m having trouble going against this current…

And who knows just where it will take me?


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