Fabulous Vegas Part 3

(note: my quality cam died on me so these pics are lousy)

We decided to check out Vegas from the very top – Stratosphere!

It was CRAZY taking the lift.

The first time in my life I took a lift more than a HUNDRED storeys up!!!! It was going up at 20 miles per hour. (I think that’s what the guy said)

The view from the very top! Woohoo. Reminded me of being on the plane.. the cars are like toy cars.

You know, if you were at the Stratosphere right now, the view would be completely different cos all the mountains will be WHITE and covered in SNOW!!!

IT’S SNOWING HERE!!! So exciting to think snow is so near… yet so far… maybe we’ll drive out to go see it or something. Haven’t seen snow real life yet.

I was sipping Starbucks and sitting on their sofa enjoying the magnificent view… And out of nowhere, I heard SCREAMS from above me!

I looked up and to my absolute disbelief and horror…

I saw this:


I was like.


People were om a thrill ride like that like 10 thousand feet above the ground?!?!?!?!!

I rushed up to check it out… woohoooo the rides were dope!


Would you look at THAT!

It spins you around and round, high speed.. all this while being sooooooo high up.

….You dare to sit or not?!

I dare leh!!! But I couldn’t cos I was wearing my specs! And I didn’t want to ride it w/o my specs cos I’d be blind and would probably throw up due to motion sickness.

And check this out:

The other effing awesome ride!!!!! Why can’t we have this sort of rides in SG, huh huh huh?

This one even scarier lo. It lets you “fall” backwards, it keeps going up and front and it “drops”.. I dunno how to describe but very scary la! You’re basically dangling in the air at that kinda height!

I reallllllly wanted to sit it but again, had to take off my specs and that would defeat the whole purpose already…

The only ride I could have sat but didn’t cuz it was closed!

I love this ride!!!!! I sat a similar but slightly bigger one in Genting… That was MEAN I tell you. But I loved it anyways. I live for such adrenaline pumps.

Speaking of thrill rides…

I’m such a roller coaster junkie!

I just can’t stop myself from hopping onto the meanest roller coasters ever. Scariest one I ever took was the one at Disney Adventure Land, hands down!

We went to Circus Circus… where they had a mini indoor theme park but not-so-mean rides. But I went on them anyway. I’m that obsessed.


LOOK, that’s meeeeeeee.

I’ve no idea which row I’m in though hahhaha.. he took it for me, so I’m definitely in there somewhere!




The most exciting ride I took during this trip:

This roller coaster, called the MANHATTAN EXPRESS.. which sits on top of New York New York hotel!

I saw this a couple of years ago when I was here but didn’t dare to take it… This time I went on it without thinking twice. My verdict?

Fast, bumpy, but just not scary enough. Wish the “drop” would be more steep. But pretty fun!


I dunno how to blog about this trip specifically / in chronological order.. so I’ll just dump random pics in :D


Typical example of bar top dancers. They’re everywhere here, in public where everyone can see! DAYUM THEY ARE HAAAAAAWT PLZ.

I had a lot of fun watching them! LOL.

Check out the architecture.. Pretty or whaaaaat?

Me in the lobby of I-forgot-which-hotel.

There’s this really big space in The Bellagio which is dedicated fully to Christmas decorations purposes and oh it was beautiful!

I love Bellagio :) :) :)

Me with the Eiffel Tower!

….In Vegas. LOL.

Anyways… I decided to sum up my Vegas trip in 10 points.

10 awesome things I did in Vegas in random order:




1) I had Buffets Every Effing Day

I could have soooo many things in one meal!

I could have roasted beef, pork ribs, mashed potatoes, diff pastas, fried noodles, lemon fish, crabs, prawns, broccoli, …. you get it.

This is my favorite dish of all!!!!!

Crab with butter sauce… To. DIE. For~~~~~~~~~

The crab’s really fresh and its really value for money, considering most buffets cost less than 20 USD per person! I think eating buffet everyday is really sinful though… and cos America has no iced tea whatsoever, I ended up surviving on buffets and soft drinks. I had soda for everything – sometimes even breakfast!

I’m terribly addicted to soda now, Must Cut Down…

2) I watched Ka by Cirque Du Soleil

Quite entertaining.. with some gravity-defying stunts and cool visual effects. Apparently a huge deal in Vegas, one of the most expensive shows and everyone’s talking about it.

Don’t see whats the hoohaa about though.. I kinda liked it, but didn’t love it. I was so tired that I fell asleep halfway, just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

3) I saw Snow for the first time in my life in Vegas

For those of you SUCKERS who are like, “Snow only what. Chey”

Mind you, it didn’t snow for THIRTY YEARS in Vegas, so it IS a huge deal because it came out in SINGAPORE’S PAPERS too, ill-informed dimwits.

People were walking around in the streets exclaiming, “Oh my god it’s snowing in Vegas!” So yea.

Besides… like I said it’s my first time seeing snow and to be one of the lucky few people to catch it in Vegas of all places makes me very happy!

4) I explored many famous hotels..

walked around so much it could have been a marathon.

The Venetian, New York New York, MGM Grand, The Flamingo, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Wynn, Luxor, Excalibur, Paris, Treasure Island, Mirage, Sahara, to name some of them…

My fav is, as everyone should already know by now, The Bellagio.. But I chose the pics on top cos it looks cool anyways :)

5) I saw The Legends in concert

The acts that day were Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley, Jay Leno and someone else I forgot.

Everyone’s favourite (including me) was obviously Elvis… He sounded VERY MUCH like him and gave a spectacular performance that had so much energy, I never clapped harder for anyone else in my life.

Well except for Avril.. I screamed for her.

I have a picture with the Elvis but I look horrible in it so I’m not going to upload it ahahah. I must say their efforts are very good cos the “imitations” really bear an uncanny resemblance to the real things!

Justin Timberlake and me, hehehe.

6) I saw Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil

Disappointed by KA at first, I was reluctant to go for another circus act..

But MYSTERE BLEW ME AWAY!!! By far the best performance I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes, even better than Avril Lavigne!!! You have no idea how AMAZING the whole thing is!

It was a good mixture of lewd humour and amazing acrobatic and gymnastic stunts.

They had a clown, and a FAT MAN dressed up as a BABY doing really stupid things

Funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time.

And the clown was going around pouring popcorn over random people and other offensive but really funny acts!! Awesome pls.

Mystere’s clown. Definitely not your average clown!

If anyone ever visits, go watch Mystere and have the time of your life! My best experience in Vegas.

7) Went more than 100 storeys up the Stratosphere.

Highest building I’ve ever been to in my life. I wonder if it’s taller than the Singapore Flyer? Hmmmm…

8) Rode the Manhattan Express all by myself.

Reminds me that I’m still that fun-loving, thrill-seeker and go-getter girl I was years back then. Just more gutsy now! Roller coasters? ANYTIME! Even if it means going on it alone. I want bigger, meaner rides.

9) I saw David Copperfield and got his autograph

I flipped when I saw that hes in Vegas and I KNEW I totally had to go see him!!

It’s DAVID COPPERFIELD omggggg I’ve been fascinated by him since I was a little girl, always watching him on TV wishing magic was real!!!

The most celebrated magician/illusionist of our time before gay people like Criss Angel came along!

Seeing him in real life? Got me excited like a jumpy bunny. My first time being this close to a household name / international celebrity. I would have loved to meet Avril instead of him tho… but David is still good enough! LOL.

HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING!!!! And he has a great personality onstage. I think if he ever decides magic is boring for him next time, he could try doing stand up comedy.

I never expected him to be so gentle and softspoken when he talks! I got his autograph and was part of his show… are you jealousss?? Don’t say you’re not, lil liar!



Lol it’s so stupid, definitely unexpected but you gotta hand it to da man for fooling us all with such a simple trick.

…And lastly, for number 10?

I’d like to think I have not experienced the best of Vegas yet.

I know this will not be the last time I visit Sin City, so let’s hope there’s still more in store for me in the future ;)

Scandalous, unexpected, glamorous Vegas.

But I still prefer boring ol’ Singapore!




I couldn’t take my eyes off the tiny screen in front of me.

As tired as my body was, my mind refused to go to sleep.. and all that I could take in was the pixels on the screen :

2 more hours to arrival in Singapore.




And then 2 hours passed. I tried to contain my excitement but failed miserably, everybody was staring at me through sleepy eyes while I grinned from ear to ear.

The plane was dead quiet, except for the shuffling of luggages and the sound of seat belts being unbuckled.

A little voice broke the silence inside my head – WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SINGAPORE!!!!!

I usually take my time to walk, I’m not one of those who take big, hasty footsteps.

But big and hasty footsteps were an understatement for what I did yesterday – I did a weird combination of skipping along excitedly and trying to look normal by brisk walking.

I bad goodbye to him, and tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for my luggage to come out on the conveyer belt…

With all my might, I lugged my extremely heavy luggage off and rushed towards the arrival hall. My “rush” was slowed down by my luggage’s weight though, certainly didn’t seem to be all that heavy when I first brought it to America…

Nevertheless, my eyes scanned around for the two people I wanted to see so, so badly. But they were nowhere in sight. I walked on and on, passing by lots of people who were just as eager to see a loved one as me.

And then I saw them.

My mother, and my boyfriend, sitting in TCC sipping coffee together, smiling and chatting about god-knows-what. Then my mother saw me and gave me a big smile and a wave. My boyfriend looked up, a grin slowly spreading across his face. Even from a distance, our eyes made a deep connection.

Right then and there….

I knew I was home.


Even I surprise myself sometimes.

I never thought I’d miss home this much… I’m always going, “I wanna go to America!”

And so I thought I’d be back here, showing off to everyone what a great time I had in Vegas, talking about hot ang moh guys, etc.

But all I can think of right now as I sit here eating my super fav. seaweed which my mum bought and drinking 100 plus which my maid bought, I realize this is the only place I want to be. Home.

So many things I took for granted… they all seem so significant now.

How nice it was to come home past 1am yesterday, to ring the doorbell and have my cute and always excited maid to open the door for me despite the late hour.

She’s one of those things I’ve missed when I’m away..

Gosh, it feels so good to have someone always smiling at you at home, someone to ask you every now and then if you’re hungry so she could make something for you to eat, someone to wash your dirty clothes for you even! Ahahaha.

And the other woman in the house besides me and my maid is of course THE QUEEN – my mother…

Sweet mummy, who drove him down to the Airport and drove us back. The person who loves me most.

And guess what I saw once I walked into my room?

A christmas present wrapped in gold wrapping paper!!!!

I knew it had to be gooooood… afterall it’s wrapped in my fav colour gold =P

When I unwrapped it, I could have sworn my heart stopped.

Another favourite colour of mine peeked out as I tore the wrapping paper excitedly and OH MY GOD!!!!!1111@@@@

A brand new shiny super gorgeous PINK vaio laptop was staring at me right in the face!!!

….!!!!!! Oh the things my mum does for me. She’s been complaining since god knows when that she wants a new laptop for herself cos the one that I’m using now is actually hers but I kinda “stole” it from her. LOL.

And instead of getting herself a new one…

She bought ME a new one instead?!?!! I dunno how to describe how happy I am. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuu lao niang!

I swear it is so fucking pretty ok!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean I always knew a pink laptop would be pretty but I didn’t expect it to be THIS metallic and sleek looking!

Even the laptop case is gorgeous, and it comes with a matching pink mouse too! *squeals*

It goes soooo well with my pink Canon Powershot E1 - also a X’mas present!

That’s my second pink gadget christmas present already! Yayayayayayayyyyy I know I’m spoilt rotten :) :) :)

Me and baby were chuckling while lying in bed yesterday cos my mum is damn cute. When Fam first bought me the pink Canon Powershot E1 as a x’mas gift to me, I kept raving to my mummy how awesome it was.

I was like, “LOOK MUMMY!!!! So nice right?!?! So pink and gorgeousssssssss omg fam is damn nice la, me so happy!”

And she replied, “Cheyyyy…. a camera only ma. So what. Very big deal meh.”

HAHAH! I dunno was she jealous or what but her reply was damn funny. And what did she do?

She bought me a pink LAPTOP to prove she’s better! HAHAHA.

Oh ya btw I am soooo excited to think what X’mas present baby James has gotten for me… he said he’s already got my gift but I’ve been overseas the past 2 weeks and no time to go X’mas shopping yet! And only 2 days to X’mas… the horror :(

I need to go out tomorrow! I super miss Fidel!!!! Are you reading this? You BETTER ask me out lor *rolls eyes*

let’s go shop for our carshow outfit! And do our nails and slack and swim and play rayman raving rabbids!

Oh ya and of course I super love my baby also!!!!
He came to my place over at 11+ and waited till 12+ and my mum drove him down to Changi Airport to wait for me!

By the time we got home, it was 1 plus already and the poor boy had work later at 8am! It’s his first day at his new unit too, so he had to leave at 5 30am! Awwwww.

Mum was like, “oi why you make him come down when he has work a few hours later? he will be very tired! must give him essence of chicken later ah (LOL)”

But I told him he can don’t come one lor!!! He still came. Not I force him one ahhhhhhh.

I told my mum, “You dunno how happy he is to sacrifice his sleep just so he can come see me!”

HAHHA which is so totally true because he said so himself! He kept hugging me and telling me how much he missed me and and *the rest is censored*

I think I’m in an extra good mood because of my baby! FINALLY we’re reunited and so close to each other once again :)

Felt really really good to fall asleep in his arms once again, I missed that boy SO FUCKING MUCH!

I better stop here before I go on and on and on about mushymushy stuff again HAHA.

And I notice that I like to use a lot of !!!!!!! whenever I’m happy or excited ah. Like A LOT. Look at the paragraphs above!


I also like to use a lot of “HAHA”

Ok no I think I’m starting to sound very retarded.

“I’m so happy, it’s retarded” – officially my new slogan!

Anyway I know I’ve always complained the weather here in SG is shit right but right now I beg to differ!!!!!!

The reason why this blog post is sooo wordy and so long is because I feel so good and sooo relaxed right now!

I’m sitting in my living room and the wind and fresh air just keeps on blowing onto my face and it feels so good :) :)

Ok I think I’m going to stop here cos I swear I can go on forever!

Btw I totally love two new songs that I heard while in Vegas:

“Gives You Hell” – The All-American Rejects



And “If I Were A Boy” – Beyonce

I don’t like beyonce’s recent songs cos they’re all like Beautiful Liar and all the boring clubbing songs

But this song is really meaningful and gosh her voice is SO beautiful :) Beautiful Bootylicious Black Beyonce! I rock at ryhming stuff.

You can check out the songs at my playlist on my sidebar *points to left*


It’s good to be back, sunny singapore.



“for my lovely gf”


I’m feeling damn lovey dovey now, so I must blog it while I still have that “hold-me-tight-and-never-let-me-go” feeling! HAHA.

Ok so everyone knows I’m in Vegas right.

But I think the only person besides my mum who really really misses me is my baby!!!!!!

I just melt into a pool of mushyness whenever I call him and I hear his whiny voice going, “Baabbbyyyyy I misss youuuuu soso much, can you faster come back to me?”

Whenever I felt down, or whenever I felt insecure… he would make it all okay.

He makes it all okay from halfway across the globe!!!

And he actually created an online diary for me, when I’m away!!

The diary is called “For my lovely gf”

He keeps log of what he does every single day and types messages to me.. It’s soooo cute omg *dies*

But of course I can’t post everyyyyy single thing cos it’s personal but, let me share with you some ultra-cute quotes from his diary! LOL

Day 1 “08-12-08

“I watched the show call “beast stalker”, it’s a Chinese show, I like it but I guess you wont.”

- I really LOL-ed when I saw this, cuz most of the time whenever we watched chinese shows in the past (especially those with a lot of fighting/blood shed) I would complain how stupid and pointless it is, etc etc. Whiny bitch is me.

Day 3 “10-12-08

When I’m having my lunch at 2.11pm and you called me and talk to me!!! I miss your voice and you in person so much

- HAHAHA! He actually knew what time EXACTLY (2.11pm) I called him?

Day 4 “11-12-08

Wow, still got 12 more days to go to have the chance to see my baby, I miss you so much you know.

But I still get to talk to you on the phone in the afternoon, so happy to here your voice, sound so sweet, when you are talking, it just sound like an angel is singing to me. So sweet right? Hehe, anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the everyday that I’m able to hug you like before…

- Awwwww :)

Be very jealous!!! Lolol. I feel so loved~~ But the funny part is when he said I’m like an angel and right after that he goes, “So sweet right? Hehe” < (self-praise)

OMG HAHAHA how can he manage to be “qian da” and “super sweet” at the same time??

The other day I was like, “Wow, you count the days when I’m away ah? I don’t even know what date it is today!”

And he’s like, “No, YOU count the days… I count the SECONDS.”

ROFLLLL… And so I asked “Isit? So how many seconds passed since I’m away?”

And he replied me “930843284″ something like that I forgot =X

I used a calculator to work it out and it was right! HAH.

Day 5 “12-12-08

After the game at 8pm, Leonard say he’s going to his gf place for dinner , after hearing that from him, I feel so jealous, wish I could go and find you too but haiz..

- Hehehe like little boy la, like that also jealous! =)

Day 6 “13-12-08

They said they wanted to watch “Twilight”, and I say cant, I promise my girl I will watch that with her.

In the end they make me choose another show so I have no choice just to choose the “Zack & Miri ‘Make a porno’” cause that’s the only show left. It’s really a fucked up show but I remember that day you call me!!!!

- Yaayyyyy he’s truly changed :)

In the past, we used to have quarrels cos I always told him to “Reserve” the romantic / super nice shows to watch with me, but he always broke his promise and ended up watching with his friends!

But nowadays he’d suggest to watch it with me himself. And it’s really funny how he puts this in a sentence together – “It’s a really fucked up show but I remember that day you call me!!”

LOL what has the show being fucked up got to do with me calling him? Silly billy~~

Day 7 “14-12-08

Sunday I’m home the whole day, just keep on thinking about you and missing you. In the night I watch superman the return in tv.

- He’s damn detailed ok!!! LOL. Everyday he even notes down the exact program he’s watching, he won’t just say “I watched TV” hahahah so cute. Everything about him is cute!!! *bites him*

Day 8 “15-12-08

Went to the same friend house to play mah jong and waste time!!! Then go back home to my Tv again. Haiz, just look at me, without you around, my life is so dead. Is always the same few things over and over again.

Can you just get your big Ass back here as soon as possible cause I already miss you so.

-Oi oi oi!!! What big ass!!!! Yes so now you know how blessed you are to have me in your life huh?

Day 9 “16-12-08

Wake up quite early today, came online and talk to you!!! Afternoon went out for lunch with Zhe Yong then after lunch we went to play pool till 6pm, he said he’s going to pick the GF up from work.

So I have nothing to do already cause my GF is far far far away. So I went home!!!

- He likes to make himself sound poor thing hor? “So I have nth to do already cos my GF is far far far away”, heeheehee.

Day 12 “19-12-08

The days for me to see you come nearer and nearer, I’ve already been missing you since the day you left. So can you imagine how hard is it for me?

Caught a show called the “Ip man” it’s a Chinese fighting show, I love it but don’t think is your cup of tea.

- HAH!!! Now he also knows how I feel when he’s in army. And he saves all the nice show for me to watch! I love how he purposely watches Chinese shows with his friends everytime cos he knows I won’t like it.

Day 13 “20-12-08

I remember half way through my sleep, you called me and quarrel with me and I cant really recall what’s the conversation about, what I remember is you are very very angry, that’s all.

I’m very sorry for what ever I did to make you so angry but next time in the future please don’t get angry too easily ok? I love you.

- HAHAHA he doesn’t know what we quarrelled about but so ready to apologize just to make me happy. He said, “next time in the future please don’t get angry too easily ok”?

If he said this in real life, he KNOWS I will sure say, “Where got easily!! You know what you did a not? Blahblahblah..”

And his way to shut me up? “I love you” - added straight after, so I nothing to say already.

GUYS!!! Pick this tip from him ok, LOL. Next time you want to shut your girl up, just remind her how much you love her.


…Ok and that’s the end of it.

Is the hair on your legs standing already? HAHA I know damn mushy but I can’t help it! If you were me I think you’d die of happiness too!

Love love love love! I miss my mummy too! I wanna have family dinnerrrrrr *whines*

I want to eat japanese udon really bad o_______o

Ok bear with me today, my Vegas post will be next!

Never have I missed Singapore so much!

We’ve gone through some shitty times but it’s all that rough patches that made us become what we are today.



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