Footprints on my heart

Many people walk in and out of my life..

But only a few leave their footprints behind.

Sometimes I still miss you*. I suppose it’s to be expected, afterall we have spent about 4 years together. Goodbye is easy to say, but hard to accomplish.

Still, I am glad to say I am happier nowadays.

I learnt some lessons from the mistakes we made…

Every now and then, a memory flashes in my mind… and I feel nostalgic all at once. I miss the laughter. The naiveness. The craziness. The closeness. I miss.. a lot of things. Perhaps it’s been too long since it last happened, that I can no longer remember the details so clearly.

It really has been awhile.

And perhaps it’s not the feeling of my heart breaking into a million pieces, the kind of feeling I get when I’m going through a rough patch with James.

But, it’s still heartbreaking in its own way. I hope that after all this time that has passed, you* would finally understand now why I did what I did.

I have learnt not to cry because it is over, but smile because it happened.

I will treasure our memories, because that’s all I have left of you*

Smile if you know I am talking about you* :)

Somehow deep down inside, I hope you do miss me too.


1st day of work at Changi Exhibition Centre

Wooohoo… I’m in a very good mood as I’m typing this!

Just reached home, I feel full! Full with food and contentment. Hehehe.

Me and Fidel and Fam went to Changi Village to eat our dinner, and it’s the THIRD time this WEEK I had FISH HEAD CURRY!!! Omg. Second time in a week I went to Changi Village to have it.

Anyway I feel super lucky cos it’s only 9pm now and I had dinner and now resting at home, but some other girls at the carshow have to stay there until like 10pm? We went off at 7! And we only started work at like 3 plus.

Most of the time I was just talking to Fidel, sitting inside the car and watching car races instead of posing with the car! And I don’t feel so bad for being lazy, cos every 20 mins or so, Fam will come up to us and say, “Tired or not? Come, let’s go for a drink!”

Or “Tired right? Go inside the car and relax la.”


I must thank my lucky star for meeting Fam cos he’s really a very nice guy. Hope he likes the X’mas present I gave him!

He picked me and Fidel from our houses today, then drove us to have lunch, then drove us to Changi Exhibition Centre which is goddamn fucking ulu.

I didn’t know it was soooo inconvenient to get there!! And it’s hugeee, even from the car park to the exhibition centre, you’d have to walk quite a distance.

THANK GOD Fam told me he’d pick us up and drive us home every single day, the cab fare would have been ridiculous.

It’s super fun working with my darling Fidel and Fam!

I’m tired even though I didn’t do much. Feet hurt though, wearing heels never turn out good for me.

Oh and I saw Corde and some other girlies I haven’t seen in a long time there!!! Happy to see corde, she’s such a sweeeetie.

I’m gundoo, I didn’t charge both my cameras so I couldn’t bring any today BUT I will bring one tomorrow! So I can take looots of pictures :D

This was our gold and black bling outfit for today:

Ya I know it’s super short! But that’s cos I’m tall. I had to keep pulling it down… lucky Fidel is shorter so it’s a better length for her! Hmph. One of the disadvantages of being tall~ Mini dresses are ALWAYS extra mini for me.

Tomorrow will be a hot pink bling dress, also super short so I think I’m going to wear short shorts inside! Of course that dress is SUPERRRRR gorgeous too… I totally love it :)

I got totally excited after seeing it when shopping with mummy yesterday!


Oh ya, you know what’s so amusing about this particular car show?

Besides cool cars, there’s a purple hippopotamus on display too! HAHAHAHAHA.

I’m sure people who have been to the show or girls who work there as well would know what I mean :)

Yayy, I’m going to shower then use my lappy awhile longer and baby will come over! I MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY, even though it’s only been a day, it feels way longer than that.



Merry Christmas!!!!



I’m typing on my new ultra sexy pink sony vaio aka my xmas present aka why I love xmas… wooohooo it’s awesome! Firstly the keyboard is super nice to type in and secondly everything loads damn fast. Like every 5 pictures that blogger uploaded in this post took a grand total or 2-3 seconds?

I’m using Windows Vista!! Like finalllyyyyy. Damn futuristic feel compared to Windows XP hahaha.

What are you guys doing for this day of sharing and giving?

I didn’t have time to get any xmas shopping done!!! Omg so depressed.

I think I’m gonna give belated xmas presents or something. Most likely tomorrow I will cook a meal for my family and baby!!! Hope I cook well, don’t wanna make them lao sai on xmas HAHAHA.

Anyways!!!!! Besides my pink vaio being very chio and sleek and nice to use, it also comes with a BUILT IN CAMERA!!!

I just noticed it this morning lor!

Although it’s only like 1.3megapixels or so, it’s still fun to camwhore with!!!! Very convenient to webcam tooooo.

Here is my Christmas Gift to all of you – PHOTOS OF MY FACE. You are blessed. Praise the lord!

Oooh did I mention I did eyelash extensions yesterday? No more falsies for me for awhile! They are not the most comfortable but they are certainly very pretty! I feel much better going out without make up as seen above (The only thing I have on my face is eyebrow pencil) cos I don’t feel that my eyes are so botak anymore!

I did them for free too, Milly sponsored me! Yayyy do I love getting sponsored or what. More info about Milly’s soon :)

An hour plus after the photo above.. after dolling up I had nothing better to do.. so I decided to sit in front of my pink lappy to waste time again! Webcam and camwhore! Lalala~

I swear I’m damn babyfaced in pictures but I look much more serious and mature in real life ok~ My face is alot longer and sharper and I look 1000x less friendly. Lololol

I don’t understand why my fingers are so fat when they do so much work! I’m always typing furiously away.

DAMN FAT RIGHT!!! HAHAHAHA. James once said my hand looks like a fat primary school girl’s hand (cos I always trim my nails till they’re super short and I never paint them)


So to change his mind I applied pink polish!

I’m superrrr tired right now… had a long and fun day out with baby just now. I dunno why I get tired so easily nowadays when I don’t do much!

Anyway baby came back home with me.. he’s been staying at my place every single night ever since I came back from Vegas!! So happy.

I introduced him to my lappy’s cam….


Hahaha hello new camwhore partner aka lover!

This is us, 1am on Xmas Day, just showered. LOL

Know why I’m clutching his head like that? Take note of his facial expression and observe the next few pictures.

Aww see how much I love this idiot!

Proof that I’m a girl who is easily contented. HAHAHA

We’re gonna have FAMILY DAY tomorrow for X’mas, yay!

My X’mas wishes came true.

I got a new pink camera, a new pink laptop, and these are the things I wished for this Christmas:

Baby to spend X’mas with me (he’s lying beside me now)

To see snow

To spend this special occasion with my loved ones, family dinner, etc!

AND THEY WERE ALL GRANTED!!! Jessica is a happy happy girl :)

Joyyy to the world! May all families out there have a blessed wonderful x’mas together. I really do think X’mas ought to be spent with family and not just friends.

Oh ya and I am freaking amazed at James’ attention span.


He’s like a demented bunny, kinda like Raymans Raving Rabbids, LOL

One minute he’s taking pictures with me and making silly faces and being cute/retarded/annoying

And the next minute….


Look at him!!!! Snoring away like a pig as I am typing this! I just took this pic like 20 seconds ago. He is so gonna kick me when he finds out I posted this picture on my blog.

Yes I am wearing Botak Jones’ shirt to sleep. Baby used to work there LOLOL I always end up stealing his boxers/shirts and sleeping in them.

He is completely unaware that I am making fun of him on my blog even though he’s lying right beside me :)

It is such a wonderful feeling to have the one you love hug you to sleep.

We are sooo lovey dovey sometimes, like always cuddling, smooching and all especially when we’re lying in bed but the moment he wakes up, he starts to annoy me and kick me etc. OMG.

Sometimes I think he’s the cutest when he’s sleeping cos he’s not irritating me. HAHAHA.

I have like a love-hate relationship with him.

Whenever I don’t love him, I hate him!!! HAH.

Most of the time I love him tho.

Ok I’m going to sleep now, super duper tired! I hope I’ll have sweet dreams tonight cos I feel so contented!

Once again, Merry X’mas to all!



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