Aiyah wtf. I wanted to buy James a metal watch, but he’s super fussy and I dun really know what hes looking for and hes a super practical kinda guy so I thought a metal watch would be good but when I called him and told him to choose a design just now, he not happy leh!

He say he’d prefer a surprise. OMFG? Then what if I buy a super expensive watch as a surprise then he don’t like, worse right?!?!!

What other gifts can I give him… as a surprise? Cologne, shirts, shoes, etc all given! :(


He’s in army now, so buy him motorbike helmet also no use lor.


P.S, scroll down for updated post on “FAMILY”



**omg just when I finished typing this entry, Shu Yuan popped out on msn and told me, “hey jessie remember the pic we took together during CNY? its my wallpaper now!”

There are many things on my mind right now..

And as I’m dying for someone to talk to, someone who could relate to me.. Suddenly, I miss my cousin, Shu Yuan, soooooo much.

I haven’t seen her in a fairly long time, ever since she left to study at London since a few months back.

CNY next year would not be the same without her.. We always hang out together during family gatherings. She’s the cousin that I am the closest with. Her younger bro is close to my elder bro, so it’s usually the 4 of us.

I used to be pretty close to another cousin of mine, called Linda, a long time back.. But she passed away a few years ago.

I miss her dearly. It’s depressing to know that I never got the chance to know her better. I wish she could watch me grow up, because she was always such a sweetie and always got me lil gifts and took good care of me.

I knew she would be proud of who I am today, because she would understand.. And she was into beauty & cosmetics kinda stuff, it would have been fun to go spas etc together with her if she were still here right now.

I remember how we used to go to Genting together.. we always do! We’ve been there together many times, the whole group of us. I remember her grabbing my hand, running around through the arcade, sitting up late at night eating cup noodles and drinking tea…

Just like Linda, I also remember Shu Yuan grabbing my hand, running around with me when I was younger..

Especially when I was in Kindergarten and Primary School. She would often pick me up from Kindergarten since it was one block away from her house.

And after that we would play badminton together, I would always bug her to play “cooking” with me (with some rulers and torn pieces of paper)

Thank goodness I still have one of my dear cousins with me.. I mean, I still have a few other cousins la but I was only ever close with 2. One’s gone forever, one’s gone to London.

I miss going to her house to disturb her and convince her that she should stop revising and studying and that she should entertain me / go out with me. Hehehe.

I miss doing crazy stuff with her!!!!!!!!

I remember there was this once we were at Genting and there was a nice new SPA shop we’ve never seen before, so we snuck in even though it said CLOSED cos we were curious about how the inside of the boutique looked like so we went in and started playing around with all their stuff..

Until a staff member walked in!!! So we hid behind the beds they lie on while doing facial for like 30 mins before we got the chance to sneak out again. Heh. Imagine if we got caught!

At times like this when I feel that people can’t be trusted…

It is so, so sosososososo comforting to know that my family will ALWAYS be there to me,

no matter what happens,

even if my best friends fall out with me and my boyfriend breaks up with me

I still have F.A.M.I.L.Y to count on.

I am blessed, that way.

I miss her motherly advice..

Her nagging. Her craziness. Everything about her!

Her brother knew that I was going through a tough time recently and though we don’t talk much, I received a call one day from him telling me that if I ever needed help from anyone, all I had to do is give him a call.

Awwww… touched my heart really. Isn’t it just so nice to have someone call you just to tell you that he will be there for you?

Another person who will be there for me NO MATTER WHAT…

Is my beautifullllllllllllllll mummy!!!

She may be extremely naggy sometimes, quite cranky and annoying even, or just totally unreasonable…

But I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world who loves me more than her.

Another picture taken during CNY.

Oh my god, I love CNY. Even though all the stupid fucking annoying dong dong qiang he xin nian music is EVERYWHERE, it is the time for celebration and family gatherings!!!!

She has sacrificed a lot for me.. That I know.

And I will definitely give her a good life in the future. She won’t be one of those old folks without a place to stay.

I’ll make her drink birds nest in replacement of water, I’ll let her place mahjong everyday (with my money duh) until she happy! Heck, I’d even buy a friggin jackpot machine to put at home for her.

I never believed in angels.

But if angels ever existed, they would sure look like my mother! =)

My mum is in her early fifties but still looking smokin hot!!!!!

I must thank her for letting me inherit her good genes… ;) Totally lovin it. I hope I look like that when I’m fifty plus man.

Thank You for everything you have done for me, for taking care of me all these years and trying to be the best mum that anyone could ever have….




Now, let’s talk about the MEN IN MY LIFE..

Besides James. LOL.

Wooohooo. The left is Shu Yuan’s brother, my cousin RUI WEN and the guy on the right is my 24 year old brother. JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t have a proper pic of him alone cos he’s super camera-shy LOL. I know I’m the complete opposite…

He used to alwaysssssssssssss bully me… Omg always fighting with me over the remote control. But he’s better now! I’m 16 already la. He bully me now, he die!!!!!!!!

He is always there to give me good advice and a good listening ear whenever I have something to talk to him about.

And he’s currently one of SG’s top WoW players!! If he wins a tournament, they may be paying 4k a month… How awesome is that :)

All the best to him. Him being paid 4k a month to play Wow is like me being paid 4k a month to blog. Totally fun.

Did you know, that my brother and I have the exact same birthdates and birthmarks except that we were born 8 years apart?

Our birthdays fall on 20th September together..

See, told you my mummy was close to an angel.

Gosh, how I would love to see this scene again.

These few days, it’s just been me and Jeremy and Rui Wen at home.. Missing Shu Yuan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(what is he holding in this picture? more will be revealed later)


Daddy oh daddy. Why couldn’t I ever be as smart as you?! My silent hero.

I want to be a professor, I want to grow up to be just like you.. Actually, “wanted”

When I was younger, I was always aiming to be the top 10 in class, I was the teacher’s pet.. I wanted to be the achiever. But somewhere along the line I just lost faith and I gave up on my studies. I decided I would not study if I didn’t like the subject.

Stupid I know. But it’s a mantra I stick by till now! Too used to it…

Whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I was younger…

I would always say a Lawyer because I like to argue. LOL!

But I watched all those dramas and seeing villains family killing the lawyers who put them in jail and I got scared. Then I wanted to be a singer.


But I’m realistic la, you can’t be a singer if you can’t sing reaaalllyyyyy well right?!?!!

I used to be in the choir…

Daddy loves to go KBOX-ing with me, cos we both love to sing and he always tells me I sing really well. Yayyyy.

He gave me little angels to look after me! Hehehe. I gave one to my mummy, and I have one with me =D

I feel like my family are like the stars in my life…

They are always there, through the light and dark times, even if I don’t see them during the day, they will always be there to light up my way when the going gets tough and the skies seem dark.





All I really want for Christmas is to take my entire family on a nice long holiday so that we can spend a White Christmas together..

But of course I know that wouldn’t be able to happen.

If it did, I swear to spend the rest of my life dedicating it to research and promoting the existence of Santa Claus and convincing little kids that he grants X’mas wishes.


more bday preparations

Omg I feel so tired and dizzy.

I’ve FINALLY completed drawing all my cards for James.. spent the whole fucking day. 5 a4 size cards, not bad huh? Love the results, although I would have wanted to put more pages and more photos but I can’t cos

1) not enough time, each card takes hours to finish, i only have one day left and i need to go shopping for present tomorrow

2) my fucking photo printer keeps dying on me!! and i have to send it for repair now, booooooo. i am so bad with gadgets sometimes. look im not even capitalizing my letters anymore thats how tired i am. whenever i stand up i am dizzy.

omgomg busy busy busy i should have started preparing earlier.

tomorrow i am going to wake up early and shower cos i cant be bothered to shower right now. ewww i know im a dirty lil pig hahaha. then after that i will have to search online for cake recipes.

i found the perfect cake for him but his mum bought a FIVE kg cake. ok lor, she win, nevermind. i will bake a mini cake only for him. HAH! got more sincerity. she buy, i bake. neh neh.

thx everyone for sending me suggestions, love u all many many. now i need recipes for a small and easy to bake cake! his mum is buying chocolate so maybe i would do vanilla (cos i like) or coffee-related (cos he like)?!

then i have to go shopping for a nice watch for him tmr, then buy nice decorations cos i plan to go to his house early to decorate before he books out from camp, as a surprise.

mary, if u are reading this, can u help me?!?! i wanna go decorate ur house, or isit decorated already?? let me know!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn tired.

byebye. i promise a good long post soon, after james bday is over or something when i can finish it up! then more shoot piccys, woohoo!!

fidelis is so fucking gonna kill me!!!! i love you fidel lololol.

xoxo, jess

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