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Instead of apparels,

Today I’m introducing you girls to a SKIN CARE brand!

DHC from


Yes yes, throw confetti in the air now cos I’m sick of answering what brand I always use, what brands I recommend blahblahblah..

Since I was approached to do an advertorial for this brand, I thought, why not try their products and see how they work out?

The owner of http://dhc-spree.blogspot.com/ sent me quite a few products..

Here are my reviews on a few!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

Apparently their most popular product.. Fidel asked me to try this too. It claims to remove even waterproof make up, but my waterproof mascara wasn’t really removed completely.

However, my eyeliner and eyeshadow was completely removed in 2 wipes. Very convenient, especially if you don’t like the harshness of make up remover wipes. Those wipes are extremely convenient, but if you use them too much you may feel a little stinging sensation.. Girls who use those wipes often would know what I mean :)

I like how it’s oil-based but it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and with just enough moisture.. I love how it doesn’t sting like make up wipes.

Girls, you gotta remove your make up thoroughly!!! I know of some girls who use like baby lotion or like SOAP to remove their make up. WTF? Do you even care about your face at all?!

I would recommend this.




DHC Lip Cream

I have very very dry lips and they always crack like a bitch, so I was hoping that this could save me..

I applied it and the first thing I didn’t like was the smell / taste of it. Frankly speaking, tasted very bad! But it was pretty moisturizing. Moisture lasted for 6 hours before my lips cracked again LOL (thats how dry it is)

What I like about it is that it’s in a lipstick casing. So it’s very convenient to apply. Most of my lip balms are like in a mini container so you have to use your finger to dip and apply… kinda gross. You can give it a try! Most lip balms don’t work for me, but they may for you.




DHC Facial Scub

I like this! I would recommend this and the cleansing oil more than the other products that I have tried. A lot of scrub feels too harsh on my skin, cos I have sensitive skin. And scrubbing usually tears the skin on my forehead.

But this scrub is good because it is gentle yet it cleanses and scrubs thoroughly! Has a nice minty smell too. Leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, and not over-scrubbed. I could immediately feel the difference after using this.




DHC New Slim

Recommended by this Taiwanese or Chinese or whatever chingchong-ness Nu Ren Wo Zui Da show.

It’s pretty famous, I see this show being mentioned a lot on blogshops and magazines..

I haven’t tried it YET, but I’m excited to! Soon soon. The reviews I looked up on the internet are pretty good! This isn’t like those unhealthy dramatic slimming pills that are hazardous to your health. According to reviews I found on the net, it makes you shit a lot more (lol) and you lose a lot of water so you gotta keep drinking water and maintain a healthy diet.

It makes you pass out more saturated fat and carbohydrates that you take in.. or something like that. I don’t know, do I? If I knew, I would be very slim!


Interested to find out more? You can get these products and take a look at other products from DHC at



Email Shiberty@hotmail.com with your blogshop link / product details if you wish to enquire about advertising on my blog.



Pretty bridal bear!

Haven’t been much in a blogging mood recently..

Time passes too fast!
I’ve been going out a lot recently but I can’t believe it’s 18 November already.

The last time I remembered, O levels just ended and it was gonna be Halloween….

Now November is ending?!

And then December will be here?! And then 2009?!!?? Then before I know it I will be 20 then 30 and I will have kids then die. Sigh.

…Ok I know I am exaggerating a little, but that’s how it actually feels, doesn’t it? Time really does fly.

Life feels a little strange right now… maybe it’s because it’s so damn different from what I’ve been used to.

I am reminded of the times I used to spend hanging out with girlfriends from school, in school and out of school of course. I am reminded of the times I used to spend with James.

I used to spend soooooooo much time with the girls and James..

Now that I’m spending like zero time with them, just makes me feel a little empty inside.

Totally not used to it. It is hard to give up the people who once meant your world. And then one day you just realize maybe you’re better off without each other… as much as you want to stay together.

I wish somebody would understand, but I doubt anybody will. If there’s anything I’m grateful for this year, it is learning not to ask too many “why”s

Sometimes there’s no need for Whys…. Things just happen, whether I like it or not.

No doubt I have become a colder person now. I am more reserved, I am cautious..

But at least I know how to walk away from things now. Even if it means ripping my own heart apart in the process. Something dies when you grow older. I am stronger.

But being stronger is not exactly a beautiful thing.

Being stronger than others just means you’ve been through more bullshit than them. The people who don’t have to be strong are the most blessed, because they always have people to fall back on.

Sometimes I wish I don’t have to be strong.

But it’s just the way my life is…

Ok I don’t know what I am talking about anymore. I feel so sickly ughhhh. I’ve been sick for a long time already!!!!

Yipeeee check out my new SUPER PRETTY BRIDAL BEARIE!!

I saw it the other day and I kept commenting on how pretty and cuddly it is but I didn’t buy it cos I didn’t have enough money that day, and then Victor brought me back to the shop yesterday and he bought it for me!!

Super sweet of him rightttt. I love it soooo much :) :)

Why are nice guys always not my cup of tea? Most of the guys I like are unromantic and insensitive…. whereas the guys I don’t like are normally nice!

My goddddd I should stop falling in love with assholes. Why am I attracted to bad boys?


I haven’t gone gaga over soft toys for a long time already….

I saw this FUCKING HUGE BEAR at the same shop yesterday and I fell in love with it immediately as well!!

But it’s $300+ LOL. It is even bigger sized than me, now you know how big it is…

Anyway I am just rambling on and on. I’m bored now, I think I’m going to Far East Plaza to head down for Milly’s to get my nails done…

Cos mum just called and says she’s there -___-

So annoying, I wanted to go down earlier just now lor but I thought I would wait for her and who knew she would call me to tell me she’s already there!!!

I am going to dye my hair brown.. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Byebye now!


Yay! Almost done with preparations


I am finally done :)

Spent the day shopping for tomorrow’s stuff…

I decided to bake a “cake” that has a chocolate brownie base, peanut butter with water middle part and cheesecake top! Yummmyyyyy.

Cuteeee heart shape pieces :)

Ok I lied about the yummy part. Mum says it tastes ok but I doubt so. I don’t like peanut butter!!! Thankfully James does.


I am not the best pastry maker… but hope he likes it. I made him quite a few heart shape cookies/cakes before =)

And also…

The cards I drew for him. Couldn’t draw more even tho I wanted, fucking printer had to die on me.

LOL don’t ya just love the “21 james faces” !!!!!!!

And lastly…

Decorations I bought cos I dont think his family will buy balloons etc. I bought alot of banners, even bought party hats and everything else :)

Going there super early in the morning to deco his house and help out if possible. Yipee yay!

Havent decided on the present but its ok cos his actual bday is on 21 nov lalalala.

Hope everything goes well tmrrrrrrrrrrr.

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