Avril Lavigne & THE BEST DAMN TOUR!!!


Give me a A!

Give me a V!

Give me a R!

Give me a I!

Give me a L!





And what do we get?!?!?!

……..AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!!!!!111@@@@@







*runs around screaming*

I’ve waited this day for YEARS and finally it’s happening! James is being annoying cos we had a tiff last night and now insists that he doesn’t wanna go. He said he’d let me know by 4pm whether hes going or not, now its like 3:30 so yeah if he doesn’t wanna go I’d get my friend to go.

His problem lah, he paid for the ticket anyway!

But WTFFFF. Even though he’s being sososoo dumb, nothing can dampen my spirits!!!


I can’t wait to hear her sing Let Go and Under My Skin.

Am not looking forward to The Best Damn Thing except for When You’re Gone, Innocence and Keep Holding On :(

I will be sooooooo close to my idol. HAHAHAHA.

The ONE AND ONLY ARTISTE I’ve ever worshipped.




I’d hear her sing live!! Wooohoo. I’m sure the atmosphere will be great.




Don’t tell me to have fun, OF COURSE I WILL HAVE FUN! =D

…..Life is awesome.

Avril Darling, HERE I COME.



PULAU BESAR!!! part 1

Hello ni hao howdy alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I am backkkkk from the amazingly beautiful but mosquito-infested PULAU BESAR.

I bet many of you are dying to know how was the trip, was the place beautiful etc etc… So I shall not disappoint!

Besides, I promised the manager of Pulau Besar I’d promote his island when I get back,

so if any of you are ever planning to visit Besar, tell the manager you’re Jessica and James friend from Singapore and he’ll take good care of you!

I reached Singapore yesterday, but was too tired and too busy to update. Went for a sumptuous dinner with my Mummy and James, mmmmm soo gooood!

I’ve been having so much fun and good food these days that O levels just seem so far away. The truth is, it’s already soooooooo near. But like I said, I’ll start studying once I get back from Pulau Besar.

Which means tuition starts in like 2 days time! Yipeee.

Anyways. I’m a WHOLE LOT TANNER NOW!!!!

My tan lines are GROSS.

Even though I applied sunblock I’m still pretty much chao tah now :P

Ok I am VERYYYYYY pissed off cuz I was blogging for like 3 hours, I was FINISHING my post (only editing certain parts) when POOF!


I am soooo fucking pissed off.

The previous post was so detailed and long. FUCK! Guess I’ll do a simpler one now.

In chronological order:

The most important stuff for my trip : My spanking new ipod nano from Nuffnang, my passport, my camera and my itinerary!

My luggage! =D

What did I pack? Uhmm… 3 sundresses, 2 shorts, 2 tops, 2 towels, 2 bikinis, 1 sarong-like cloth and the usual necessary stuff.

I know, alot for only 3 days! Hehehe. It’s not called being kiasu, it’s called being prepared for unforseen clothes disasters.

So anyway we had to wake up at 5am+++ on that day!

It was crazy, we had to reach the departure place at 6am. But it was all good, cuz the earlier we leave, the earlier we’d reach! More time for play.

We had to report at Newton Circus.

And my darrrllinnnggg Mummy drove us there! ILU MUM, thanks for waking up soo early just to drive us there. You Da Best.

When we reached Newton, I suddenly decided I was hungry so she drove us to Lido Orchard to grab McDonalds Breakfast then we went back to Newton Circus again. =x

After eating,

it was time for us to LEAVE SINGAPORE!

We had 6 other angmohs in the van with us.

Oooh, eye candy :)

Not only because they are so HOT, they are also darn friendly.

I made quite a few angmoh friends in this trip, and I’m very happy!

Well offfff we go… the van was so hot, I couldn’t stand being awake so I fell asleep lying on James’ lap…

And when I woke up,

We were already in…. MALAYSIA!

See that malaysian flag in the background? Ho hum.

Honestly, the ride wasn’t very long.. About 2-3 hours max?

But it was kinda annoying since the ride was VERY BUMPY!!!

At times, I was convinced that if the van wasn’t fully covered I’d be thrown off my seat.

Wahhhh cannot stand Malaysia’s road, super uneven.




But it was soon all over when we reached a little town in the heart of Malaysia most commonly known for its Jetty :


We had a few hours of spare time before our Ferry would arrive..

So after chatting with some locals, we decided to head in the direction which they pointed out to be “TOWN”

And all of us in Singapore knows that TOWN = ORCHARD.

So I was amused as we walked towards their town and realized that town there basically meant a few coffee shops and some run-down shophouses.

Eeek! Oh well, the place is quite ULU ULU, so I wasn’t expecting very much anyway.

It’s just that the people there told me their town had shopping centres!!!! I saw none X___x

I wonder whats their definition of a shopping centre.. Hmm… not Paragon, definitely.

Anyway the stuff there = VERY CHEAP!!!

Your average pharmacy shampoo there can cost SGD$2+ when in Singapore, it costs like SGD$10.

Madness. Me and James bought a few stuff just because we wanted to have the cheap thrill of knowing we bought something underpriced. HAHAHAHA.

After mindless walking around in the SCORCHING WEATHER, I decided to get ice cream and we headed back to the Jetty area..

And what would Jessica and James do, all alone and stuck waiting for their Ferry in a foreign ulu land?








Hehehe I love this picture.

Check out me and baby’s MATCHING SPECTACLES. Soooooo cute.

Rofl I know it looks like the old man’s kind of sunglasses, but they’re not shades, they’re just transition lenses.

And I super love my transition lens because they make ALOT of difference! I never have to squint my eyes under strong sunlight anymore since my lens magically protects me.

Well, its SUPPOSED to be good anyway, since this pair of specs costed me 800 bucks!




After awhile, swinging around got kinda repetitive and boring,

We took more pictures (of course must take many many pictures la, it’s such a happy occasion that I never wanna forget!):

I love the vast blue sky, especially when there’s no tall buildings obstructing it like in SG!

Bad jumpers like me got to bend their knees all the way up to fake a high jump.

My baby loves the vast blue sky toooooooooo!

Hehehe him and his funny poses (“v”)




Then it was time for us to wait at the Jetty itself for our Ferry to arrive…

We got bored while waiting again, so we rummaged through our luggage and found:


aHAHAHAHAHAHA omfg I think it’s too cute to be true, having matching goggles and matching dark spectacles.

Awwww :)

Kissy kissy baby.

I know we look ridiculous, but that’s just the way we are : CRAZY AND ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUSLY RIDICULOUS! =DDDDD

Awww hahaha he’s so hard to resist. He’s pretending to be underwater, thus the “hold the nose” pose!




Then we were told that our FERRY HAS ARRIVED!

We quickly snapped more photos, so here’s one last silly billy photo before we went off:





Thus we proceeded towards our “Ferry”…

Wait a minute, was it really a ferry?

It DID state F.E.R.R.Y on our itinerary.

But our majestic FERRY turned out to be a…






A speedboat indeed. Ooops. Hehehehe.

What a major difference, but we were delighted to have the speedboat instead, cos it’s much more private and it has more “FEEL”, if you get what I mean!

With our hearts racing, we stepped onto the speedboat knowing that this is our transport to our adventure on an island…

All aboard “Ferry 101” !!

We had to wear life vests according to the crew,

and there was this very big sized indian guy who didn’t wear any so I asked him : “Hey, why didn’t they ask you to wear your life vest?”

And he replied, “They probably want me to drown or something.


And that kuku James added, “The life vests probably don’t come in your size”. (he was very big sized)


Sooo mean.

Thank god the indian guy didn’t take offence, he just chuckled.

We explored the boat further and went to the front…

When Jame suddenly had an idea. He went like, “Hey, let’s do an imitation of the titanic pose!”

And immediately I agreed.

Everybody knows the romantic, timeless and famous Titanic pose!!

*hears My Heart Will Go On*




And so we tried to copy that pose.

The result?

…..Well, let’s just say it was a poor imitation.







ROFL, a rather obscene poor imitation at that!!!!!!!

I know what you’re thinking, yggoD eh?

So we decided that we suck at timeless romantic poses, we decided to stick to our cartoon personas instead.

There, alot better. Not a famous pose, but still romantic to me!





Jessica: OKOK I LOVE YOU!!!!!




James: Hehe… Ok then.


And then our speedboat Captain was ready to set sail~~~

VROOM VROOM, the engine started and before I knew it, gusts of wind started slapping my face and my sweat literally turned cold!

It was marrrrrrrrrrrrvellous.

I was about to melt that day, so to be suddenly overcome by cool wind is a wonderful feeling.

First it was goodbye Singapore, and then it was goodbye Mersing!

As we raced across the ocean, I felt that I was not only leaving Mersing, I was also leaving all my troubles, concerns and worries behind.

I knew that the next 3 day would be absolutely wonderful.

I wouldn’t have to worry about a single damn thing, because I was exactly where I wanted to be : A romantic getaway with my baby James.

He’ll take care of me, I knew I was in the best hands that could ever hold me!

Someone seems to be enjoying himself just as much as meee! Look how hard the wind blows his hair, heh

It was extremely surreal, have you ever had the kind of feeling where you knew that nothing could go wrong?

The kind of feeling that assures you life is good and theres plenty of good things for you to discover.

We were leaving the rest of the world behind of us, nobody else mattered except for each other…. Only love could ignite a feeling so strong.

So lighthearted I felt, I felt the wind blowing my worries away.

Speeding across the ocean, hearing the deafening waves, wind and engine, holding James’ hand tightly, watching island after island whizzing by…

It was all too good to be true.

..What a way to start our celebration for our 2 year anniversary.




I never knew a speedboat could go so fast, i felt as though it was going at about 100 km / hour?

After about 20 minutes of racing on the waves, I spotted a HUGE island in front of us!

An island known as Pulau Besar.

As our boat went nearer to the island, we could hardly contain our excitement..

I looked down at the water, and I couldn’t help but notice the large difference between the mursky disgustingly green and dirty water in Mersing (much like what we have in Singapore)

and the crystal clear water at Pulau Besar.

As we got off, I felt dizzy with happiness.

Then, from looking downwards, I looked up at the fascinating island and the view immediately took my breath away.

I looked at James with my brightest smile and he returned a cheeky grin. In his twinkling eyes, I could see he felt the same way I did.

Right then, right there,

…I knew that this was THE beautiful place me and James were dreaming of.

This would be our paradise for the next few days.

Hello, you beautiful island!





I’ve changed my CBOX to HaloScan so spammers can kiss my ass :)


Chijming me with delight yet again


I am offff to Pulau Besar with my sugarbabyhoneyloverboy!!!

I am going to have so much fun, …jealous? LOL~ Ok now I sound like a bratty lil kid.

But I am so excited to see their beach that everyones been raving about how beautiful it is. We have dirt dumps in Singapore, absolutely NO beach, do you know how much I long to hold fine clean natural sand in my hands?

I pray that it like the beach I went to in Australia / America!!!!!!

And I’d love to be able to stare down at my feet when I’m in the water once more.


I’ve been playing online diving games and aquarium games to get myself in the mood. Rofl. Been googling scuba diving pics as well.

What if I get stung by a jellyfish or like a stringray like Steve Irwin and die there? O____o;;;

If anything happens to me, can I just say now that I LOVE MY MUMMY, MY DADDY, MY BROTHER, MY BABY JAMES and my friends. (and my readers :X)

I will be back in about 3 days time, then straight after that going for Avril Lavigne’s concert! *ecstasy*

Will be leaving you guys with a shitload of my feel-good photos which were taken on 31st Aug so my presence will seem to linger here ;)

You can leave the “you’re ugly and fat” sort of comments because I really DON’T care. Hehehehe.

How could anything bring me down, when my life is going so darn well? I cannot believe it myself. I hope happiness is not shortlived in my world.

Before you leave a nasty comment, though, remind yourself that jealousy gets people nowhere.

Okok I have to pack sooooonn..

Why do I have the nagging feeling that I’d DEFINITELY forget to bring something?

I’m always like this! No matter how hard I try to remember to bring all my stuff, I’d end up forgetting my camera / charger / soap etc.

I don’t know whether I can take alot of pictures even though I really wish to!

Cuz like, we’d be out on the beach and doing water sports and stuff… It’s just the two of us lovebirds, no parents or friends tagging along, so who’s gonna look after our stuff while we play?

And my camera is not waterproof! O_O

We’ll see ok??


You’ll miss me too, rightrightright? *silence outs “NOs”*





I adore this series of photos! Do you guys remember my previous shoot at Chijmes, taken in Dec 07? I think both shoots have that same radiant feel-good factor!

Special thanks to CHRIS AND VICTOR!!!

Chijming me with delight once again….










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