Saturday Night Fever


Check out the title of this post.

Saturday Night Fever….


Had a fever on Saturday night and it’s lasted until now. I feel better today, but still sick…


Y’all should be proud of me. *beams*

Anyway anyway. You have NO idea how much I suffered yesterday.

I had like migraine throughout my whole body! It was crazyyyy. Every little movement I made sent a sharp pain piercing through me.

So to avoid movement, I had to lie down most of the time…

And I was supposed to go out with my baby James yesterday, but the good old boy came over and took SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME!!!

I just HAVE to rave about how much it means to me!

Usually when he doesn’t have enough sleep he’d be an asshole throughout the whole day.. But even though he had very little sleep and was quite tired, he really made me feel like a princess yesterday!

Always giving in to me. Sponging me. Making me laugh so the pain goes away.

Talking to me in such a sweet, sweet voice… I was sooo fucking whiny and being a bitch yesterday cos I was in so much pain.

But he tolerated everything and really, he was just so bloody good la. I haven’t had him treat me so good in A LONG TIME!

Sigh, kinda makes me want to fall sick more often =X

It’s really such a nice feeling to know that you’re loved. He might be a jerk sometimes, but when it comes to situations like this, he really shows his care and concern.

When you’re sick and you have your bf to sponge you. To cook things for you to eat. To attend to your every whim!

To just shower you with his love… Is the best thing you could ever ask for in a relationship.

I LOVE YOU. you’re so gooood to me… Babyyyy babyy
*sings Avril’s HOT*

Ok anyway. We watched this movie called BIG STAN.

About some real estate guy going to jail and was afraid of being fucked by his inmates so he learned kungfu to kick their asses and stuff. I know it sounds ridiculous but it was effing funny.

It was more of a dick flick than a chick flick. But like I said, I can crack and take jokes like a man ok!! I pretty much enjoyed it. Go watch it online! Bound to make you laugh.

Then at night we watched Grand Prix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We watched from like 6 to almost 11?

Ok la. Quite exciting but got kinda boring after awhile. The loud engine sound throughout the entire show is soooo annoying!

And Hamilton is hothothot! Me likey. I think the Massa damn poor thing lor ok!

Some parts very dramatic. I get damn excited when a car crashes. LOL. I know it sounds very evil, but really la.. When Piquet first crashed, I literally jumped out of my bed going, “WTF!!”

I think those people who were sitting right in front and saw the car “crashing into them” must have been very very excited.

Ok ok I am going off liao don’t feel like blogging. Nothing to blog about leh. Suggestions?

Chat with me @ my Chantago cos im sick and will be staying home and online the whole day!!!



Feeling icky.. But still excited about Saturday


I feel like shit now -_____-”””

Feel like I am going to die soon. Ever since last night I had this superrrrr painful headache so I went to sleep and woke up with migraine all over my body. OMG.

When I went to rinse my mouth, I spat out blood.


I am tooooooooooo younggggggg to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Jesus Allah Buddha have mercy on my soul :(

Anyway I told mum and she reckons it’s because I’m heaty. WHERE GOT HEATY?!

I only ate fish & chips & chin cow last night ma.. Is chin chow considered heaty? I THOUGHT SUPPOSED TO BE HEALTHY!!!

Anyway I hope I get better because later I wanna go out with James!

I don’t really have much to post about so I’ll just post random pics and stuff k?!?

THIS IS MY MUM!!!! (“v”)

And she’s probably prettier than you or your GF. HAHAHAHA.

Well most people can’t believe she’s in her early fifties. Cos she still looks so good!
Thank goodness my mum isn’t those auntie auntie type. LOL. It totally rocks when I get to share clothes with her =)

I love her sooooooooooooooo much. Cos she loves me the most in the world and not to mention she’s super cool. We watch movies together. We go shopping together. We eat together. Sometimes even sleep together.

And she takes care of me whenever I’m sick etc etc! What more can I ask for?!?


Okok skip topic…

Camwhoring in PJs!!

Random indeed.

Skip topic…





Haolian-ing my Avril shirt again. Sigh. Have I told you how much I looooooooooooove it already?

Oh ya and this photo was taken awhile after the photo above it was taken! I curled my hair. Notice the first photo’s hair abit like kiam chai and the second one has got pretty curls.

Ohhh yes and I’m sure most of you have seen this photo before in my previous post:

Well notice the Gold Guess Bag..

Ok now see this:

HAHAHAH! Mitchy matchy gold sandals!! I am such a gold-freak. Like everyone knows my favourite color is gold. It is not auntie or indian-ish ok!


That’s not all!!!

Woohoo my new fav bracelet :)

Lovingly sponsored by!


It’s really not difficult to tell what I like.

And I totally don’t have to fret over what to wear when I go out..

Because almost every outfit goes with black, gold and white!!! *beams*


Double woot woot!! …Am I getting predictable? LOL.

By now everyone should know my fav. 3 colours!!!!!

Anyway these are just a small part of my collection. Wait till you see my whole ARMY of gold, white and black stuff! Bwahahahaha.

Ok skip topic again….



I will be having 2 shoots, one in the early morning and one in the afternoon.

BOTH are themes that I’ve been DYING to try for the LONGEST time!!111 *spasm*

Ok ok the first one would have to start muthafuking early. Like I have to get up at 4 or 5 or something like that. I pray to Jesus Allah Buddha that I will be able to get my fat ass off my bed!

Totally crazy… I’m not telling you what’s the first theme yet, because it is way way too WICKED.

The second theme is BRIDAL!!!! Woohooohooo how many 16 year olds get to try on a wedding dress and do a shoot? LOL.

I better look pretty if not next time James don’t wanna marry me! Hahaha.

Anyway I will be working with wonderful selectively chosen fashion photographers and I super cannot wait.

I will be doing both shoots’ make up myself! I didn’t want any make up artist, well, simply because I believe I can pull the look off myself. I certainly hope so, if not I’d just be screwing things up for myself *crosses fingers*

Wish me good luck in your hearts ok!! Hahaha.

Damn, I really should start concentrating on my O’s now. Will go buy Math textbook tomorrow. LOL, yes I know I’m dead.


Have I mentioned that for the first shoot, I will be working with this gorgeous angmoh model called Eric?

He is super good looking and the best part is, he’s totally fun to hang out with. *pokes*

Let me show you girls his yummy photos! …Because good things should be shared ;)

I know, he’s such a badassssssssss ;)


Bad boys bad boys..

I love bad boys!!!!!

Now you know why I’m so excited. LOL.


Btw, I am officially having a fever by the end of this post, and I feel like I’m going to die soon.


Text messaging with James

James: So how was your show Bangkok Dangerous baby?

Jessica: Nice! Quite liked it except for the ending.

James: Sure or not… But all the thai girls damn hot right? Especially the dancer

Jessica: Nah. Don’t think so.

James: You don’t know how to appreciate hot girls!

Jessica: Aiyah whatever la ok? -_-

James: Ehh… What’s wrong with you?

Jessica: I get very irritated when I hear you say other girls are hot, pretty blahblah because you never ever said that I’m hot or pretty before.
It sucks to hear the word “hot” from your boyfriend only when he’s using it on other girls. So next time, be careful of what you say.

James: I say other girls are hot only ma, but my girl is burning. You get what I mean?

Jessica: Haha idiot. Just be more thoughtful with your words.. Compliment me more and sweet talk me to keep me happy, you kuku!


James: You are burning until you become ash then no more liao and there goes my gf :).. Yay!!




….Tell me again, why am I in love with such a noobshit?!?

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