Someone complained that my blog is wordy and that I should post more pictures….

Eh?! Of course my blog is wordy! It has always been like this.

I thought I just posted photoshoot pictures like a few days ago?! O___O

Demanding leh!! Well, nevermind, I’m in a good mood today and yesterday so I’ll give you what you asked for.. Pictures!

But before I post pictures ah, can let me ramble on for awhile first anot? LOL!

I seem to be like an ah ma recently leh, I keep talking non-stop until nobody wanna hear me rant anymore :(

So you guys being my blog readers got no choice, have to read! Muahahaha!

CANNOT PLAY CHEAT and scroll down to see the pictures without reading my rants first horrrrrrr.

Anyway I was in a really bad mood these few days, having ALOT of ups and downs and ups and downs.

Just when I thought things won’t get any better, they did!

Me and James went to Mount Faber last night… It was very dark and sort of secluded. Kinda creepy! 7th month, woohoo.

But with him by my side, I wasn’t afraid. It was a really wonderful night..

Lying in the middle of Mount Faber with nobody surrounding us, gazing into the night sky… The moon was brilliantly round and bright last night. Stars were also aplenty.

The cool night air gave us a sense of serenity as the trees swayed along in rhythm… We even had quite a few bats flying around us!

We spent the night looking into each others eyes, singing our favourite oldies love songs together, talking about love, life, etc.

2 years and the romance hasn’t faded.

Just had to pen this down, so I won’t forget the moment. =)

We were there for like 2 hours then we headed over to Vivo City to watch JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!!!


Alot of parts were cliche and predictable, but wtf, it was BLOODY AWESOME ALL THE SAME!!!!!

It had a magical touch, with aloooot of humour and adventure and of course, more mellow emotions. I was smiling and laughing like crazy throughout the show. I havent enjoyed watching a movie like that in a long long time.


After the midnight movie, went home about 3am and took a shower and fell asleep in each others arms.

Awesome night, or what?

I hope things stay this way for long. Happiness is kinda short-lived in my world.


Picturesss time.




…..But I haven’t been taking much pictures recently leh.

The only few new ones I have are….


He makes me angry, he makes me happy, he makes me cry, he makes me laugh, he makes me fall head over heels for him….

He MAKES ME! Meaning, he completes me, of course.




Ahem, if you ask for photos, I’m sorry but its camwhore photos you get. Nothing particularly interesting. LOL.

Curls and Pearls are my loves (“v”)

You know, James is snoring away at my bed behind me right now. =(

He is soooooo lazy and he always snores so loudly! Annoying. *smacks him but no response*

But I am feeling kinda lazy too.. His laziness and lameness = infectious, I tell you!

I guess I’m gonna lie beside him soon. I JUST HOPE I CAN FALL ASLEEP WITH THAT RACKET!

Should probably wake up in time to go out for dinner…. *chants to self, do not oversleep*

I woke up at 7+am today though!!! Omg. I rushed down for a stupid morning shoot at Clarke Quay and I ran into esther there. HAHAH she gave me quite a shock.

Anyway, shoot means more photos to post up soon. Better quality photos.



P.S , I dunno whats up with my increased use of singlish today.


meme results

Hellooooo darlings!

Regarding the MEME contest, sorry dears, but we didn’t win!

Some other guy had 30 more than us! *jaw drops*

Nevertheless, I wonder what was he thinking when he said he was “up against more prominent bloggers with viewerships by the ten thousands.”…

Sounds impressive if it were true, but I really don’t think there’s anyone with more than 10 000 readers who participated in this contest. o_O;

Unless anyone can verify. Ahem.

Anyway, being the featured blogger of the month, I’m still going to the Nuffnang Wall-E screening, and YOU STILL COULD TOO, despite the fact that the other 50 tickets have been given away!

Check it out here:



So for those who still want to watch a free movie, for those who wanna attend a nuffnang event or for those sweet sweet readers who want to meet me, you still stand a chance!

I wish you guys luck if you’re participating in this. Do leave a tag if you’ve participated and have been informed by the Nuffnang team that you’ve won the tickets!!!

And DO SAY HI if you see me there, I am actually friendly despite popular belief. *shifty eyes*

Even though we didn’t win, I’d like to thank everyone who participated, mwah mwah!

I appreciate it alot, It was really nice and spontaneous of you guys. For those who didn’t even though they had a blog, boo ya.

And I was touched by many people who were ready to open their heart just for this contest, revealing the craziest thing they’d done for love…

So I thought I’d create a list of my favourite entries!


The ones that made my heart melt:

1) The craziest thing i have done for love is to set up this blog to help a blogger whom i have been reading since i happened to chance upon her blog when my friend told me about it .
its more of love as a blog reader .
i have a separate blog but i am unable to post this post there , as my friends are mainly the people who reads my blog . I am not ashamed or anything , its just that they are really bitchy and natural-born gossipers . call me selfish , but i really hope this particular blogger will win the meme contest !
I am very impressed by this blogger’s passion for blogging that sometimes it touches me . when she shared with us her personal feelings and hurt when she undergone the breakup with her boyfriend .
I am real happy they patch up now :D
And i love the way this blogger retorts back the defaming occassionally hurled at her when she touched on a raw nerve like god for instance . way to go girl !

oh yes , i realised i forgotten to mention who this particular blogger is , its none other than *drum rolls *


hence i end this endless ramblings with “I HOPE TO CATCH WALL-E IN CINEMAS FROM 28 AUGUST 2008 ! ” – http://www.voodoo-doo.blogspot.com/


Omgomgomg *spasm* So sweet ;__________; Me gonna tear.

It’s okay if we didn’t win, through this contest I got to know alot more of my lovely readers anddddd I can’t believe there are people out there who really enjoy reading my sometimes-nonsensical ramblings.




2) The craziest thing i have done for love is to do this contest. Although its abit late, but i really really hope Jessica will win the contest. I love her alot alot ^^ I dont mind not going to watch the movie with her since she already have like, more than 50 people doing the contest.

The main purpose of this is just to let her win. I plucked lots of courage to do this, and thats why i made a serperate blog to do this. Btw, i didnt copy voodoo-doo by making a seperate blog too. Its somehow a concidence. catch Wall-e in Cinemas from 28 august 2008 – http://meme-contest.blogspot.com/


GUHHHHH. *gushes*

I am really really happy after reading these two entries! Thank you sooo much.

How can complete strangers be so darn sweet, you tell me?! Every blogger’s dream is to have readers who actually appreciate you for who you are.

My love goes out to all these people!




The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love is going to Jessica’s blog everyday..
every hour, every minute and every second to check for updates.
(even when there is an major examination the next day)

this is how much i LOVE her, how much i love her blog :D

Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 august 2008. – http://musical-life.blogspot.com/


Wah, sounds dramatic, I am touched. =P

Thank you Hui Wen, loveeee ya!

Anyway, there are quite a number of other sweet messages, but don’t worry, I still appreciate them if I didn’t post them up! (“v”)



The ones that made me laugh:

The craziest thing I have done for love is creating that coupon booklet
for Joseph and having “you can have anything you want” printed on at least
10 of the coupons.
Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008! – http://likenowhere.blogspot.com/


Neat idea and sweet idea, lucky Joseph! Although, I would not really suggest giving this to your boyfriend if he was like James.. I dare not imagine what that sneaky devil would want from me. O_____O




The craziest thing I have done for love is to get his name tattooed on my back and get both sides of my lips pierced. We then met somewhere and he was shocked to see what i’ve done. Nevertheless, he likes what he sees. And then, i went home.

For the last time. -_-

Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 august 2008. – http://staytunedto-nins.blogspot.com/


LOL, I don’t know whether its mean to laugh at this or not, hope the person above doesn’t take offence! I just thought the way she phrased it was really cute.




The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love is… nothing, really.

Maybe that’s why I still don’t have a girl friend.

Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 august 2008. – http://simonseow.blogspot.com/2008/08/jess-wanted-me-to-catch-wall-e.html



Simon, BEST LAH!




The craziest thing I have done for love is to stalk him for 24/7 for one whole week and then finally have the courage to go up to him and confess,

but guess what he just threw away my handmade chocopie and said to me ‘we are so not meant to be together’ cause what I really like is Beijing fried rice‘ -.- Love is sad. Don’t cry,cry. Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008 – http://yellow-luv.blogspot.com/


?!?!?! LOL?? Bo wei gong. Too funnyyyyyy. I’d curse and cry if I were her!




The craziest thing I have done for love is to harbour a crush on a fat guy friend for 4 years in primary school. Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008! – http://candiedpalace.blogspot.com.


Hehehe. I liked a guy in Primary School for about 4 years too.. In fact, I just dreamt of him last night. Wonderful dream.

But he was really cute, not fat!




Anyway, there are loads and loads of other entries (60+ total) that I didn’t post up, if you’re interested to read more please scroll down to find me “MEME CONTEST” post! You’ll find all the entries listed there.


Now that we’ve got the meme contest out of our way…

I don’t really know what to blog about leh. Nothing interesting has been happening in my life lately, although I constantly feel that my life is very dramatic.

Sometimes I wish for a simpler, less complicated life, but then I know that when my life is simple I’d definitely long for something more exciting, being the complain queen that I am.

My life has wayyy too many ups and downs. People said life is a roller coaster ride, but I never knew they meant is to literally.

Oh well, one thing I’ve learnt though, is to always look on the bright side of life… I know this is really cliche and corny, but there is truth to cliche quotes!

Whenever I’m down, I take comfort in knowing that I’m at my lowest already so its impossible to feel any more down. Things can only get better from here as I slowly move higher.

Righttt.. before this post turns into sound serious, draggy and emotional post about life, I’m going back to my random stunts before disappearing again, because I want to go and read my Harry Potter!!

YES YES, I’ve been reading Harry Potter for the past few days!

I read for 10 hours at one go.

Indeed, me eyes are killing meh…

HARRY POTTER is not easy to read ok, have you seen how bloody thick those books are, with their teeny weeny fonts?

And I think I actually do need a dictionary to fully understand everything she’s saying. I need a god damn wizarding world dictionary as well.

Even though I’m an avid fan for years now, sometimes its soooo hard to catch up and understand what they’re up to!

I kinda cheat and skip alot of details when I read. Like when Rowling describes how creepy a place is, she can go on for sentences and sentences… I try not to do that though, kills the beauty of the book.

I’ve bought my copy of the Deathly Hallows for months and months (well ever since it FIRST RELEASED) but I never got down to reading it!!!!

Well I did actually, like what, 2 chapters? Always forgot to continue. Since today don’t have school, decided to readdddddddddddddd away!

Anyway, whenever I think of Harry Potter / Avril Lavigne I feel REALLY nostalgic! Yes, nostalgic is the word to describe how I’ve been feeling these few days!!

I remember back in Primary School, me and Pri Sch friend Nicholas always raved on and on about HP in class… We used to discuss what spells we’d use should a demon appear in our classroom, imagining that magic really existed, etc.

I mean, people always think that HP is damn kiddy and is like a child’s story book and shit…

But, what the fuck do they know,

have they tried to actually finish READING

in my opinion, that was like the hardest book to read!!!!

KIDS BOOK MY ASSSSSSS. It’s like a goddamn adult literature book, except more modern.

I bet the people who made those comments don’t even READ.




And by the way, I like to sit down and read for hours in a library just as much as I love spending 2 hours in Forever 21 shopping to my heart’s content.

So yes, call me a bimbo-geek if you’d like, but I am definitely not a complete bimbo. (only on certain days!)

Right right, I’ve had enough of rambling…


I’m now at the part where they’re looking for the 2nd Horcrux, omg! Reading the book gives me so much details on how they’re feeling, but it kinda less exciting than movie scenes.

I really LOVE harry potter movies because of the magical feeling it gives me!! Like reading the book is awesome and all because you get a more indepth insight to the book, but the movie is sooo enchanting.

The Harry Potter theme song itself is pure magic. I love those spells they cast, everything looks so cool and non-futuristic. I’m glad that even though they use alot of graphics and effects, it actually looks AWESOME, unlike some cheesy movie..

Therefore, to get the full taste of harry potter, I say, GO READ THE BOOK FIRST, THEN WATCH THE MOVIE! NYAHAHAA.

I sooo fcking can’t wait for the Half Blood Prince movie to come out. The trailer looks so exciting and mysterious and dark.

Shitttt I am rambling again.





EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*glowing silvery pig appears*


AVRIL LAVIGNE – the best damn tour

Hello, you beautiful thing!!!!

It’s been a long time since I raved about you, but I’ve always been a fan keeping silent.

This photo of you is absolutelyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful, I think this is the best of you I have seen so far. And trust me, I HAVE SEEN MANY PICTURES OF YOU!

How many hundred? I am not sure.

It makes me very excited just by looking at you in pictures, cuz it reminds me that

I am going to see you

*takes in a deep breath*

The last time I went to your concert was back in 2004, if my memory does not fail me. You wouldn’t believe how badly I wanted to go!!!

Mum told me the tickets were too expensive, and told me no… And I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me.

However, I kept on crying and crying cuz I thought it was my one and only chance to see my idol in person, so Mum finally gave in and bought two tickets – one for my cousin and one for myself!

Little did I know I’d get to you see you again so soon.

And, needless to say, I’m so thrilled I’d pee in my pants.

I haven’t felt so excited about something in a long, long time…

Because I know you will not disappoint.

Because you DIDN’T disappoint the other time!

I remember the atmosphere in the concert hall. You didn’t pull any diva stunt, you started the show right on time!

Or perhaps, a little too early.. Cuz I was still lining up outside with your sea of fans desperate to go in, when I could hear blasting guitar chords and people screaming along to “Sk8r Boi”

The energy sent a shiver down my spine, it gave me goosebumps… It was Electrifying.

Even though my seats were pretty good, you were just a tiny figure prancing around on stage. You belted out my favourite songs, the songs I knew and loved so well.

Songs I used to sing everyday in the bathroom.

Songs that got me through tough times.

Songs that were my companions when nobody else was there.

Songs that made me feel as though SOMEONE out there knew how I felt.

You are such an inspiration, y’know? Just like the old days, nowadays I go onto Youtube and type “Avril Lavigne” and I just start watching all your live videos, your interviews…

There’s just something about you that keeps me amazed.

People can say what they want about you being a poser and all, but honestly, I don’t care. People call me an arrogant bitch too Avril, I totally know how you’d feel ;)

As long as you’re remaining true to who you really are, that is all that matters. And sometimes remaining true to who you are is facing up to the fact that you will change.

Let’s take a look at how you’ve changed, shall we?


This was you.. back in the old days. Old Avril =)

I miss this Avril. And I know alot of your fans out there miss the old you as well.

You were so young when you released your first album! 16 years old. That’s the age I am right now. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Your first album was fantastic. I loved EVERY single song, I played them on repeat EVERDAY, I’d jump up and down on my bed screaming along to your songs..

Yeah, you get the drift. You had the whole punk rocker chick thing going on.

Let go is full of songs that remind me so much of my childhood and past. You were the first CD that I ever bought!

I remember that time I went to America with my Dad, and I went into this convenience store to get batteries and this angmoh guy asked me, “Hey kid, you know who Avril Lavigne is right?”

And I replied, “Sure I do!”

Then the angmoh turned to his friend and said, “See, even she knows who Avril is!! How can you NOT know?”

EVERYBODY was talking about you back then. You took them by storm, girl!

Hehehe you look so cute in those baggy clothes! Can’t imagine you wearing them now.





This was you, a few years later…

You definitely did not disappoint with this album either. It was less pop-ish, and more grungy. Can’t say I didn’t love it though! This song reminds me alot of my Sec 1 and Sec 2 days.

Your songs kept me sane. I remember I was at an airport in Australia and my flight got delayed, so we were stuck there for hours without anything to do! Thankfully, I bought your CD just before I flew off.. So I started to listen to all your songs.

Under My Skin is full of songs that carry alot of different messages. Some angry, some sad, etc.. But it was a mix of different types of music, and it is definitely one of the most unique albums I’ve heard in my life.

How do you do it? How do you sing with so much emotion, how do you make us fans feel as though we can relate to you and your music so much?

Your love for eyeliner never stopped since then. Heh.

Haven’t seen a single picture of you without that eyeliner! Even on your wedding day, you had a thick load of eyeliner on and I have NEVER seen a bride with that much eyeliner before! But that’s just so Avril.






HOT, or what?! This is basically what you look like now!

If you ever decide to quit singing (oh please don’t!) you should consider modelling.

…Wait, what am I saying? You’re already a FORD model! You go girl.

In 2007 last year, you released THE BEST DAMN THING…

And besides your eyeliner, you found a new love – pink!

Now your trademark is black and pink. I’ve noticed that all the sets you sing on have hot pink microphones and equipments. You’ve turned into a girly-girl, OFFICIALLY.

That punk chick? Gone. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed =(

I’m fine with the appearance change, but I literally cried out loud when I first heard “GIRLFRIEND”

I was like, “Good lord, what is that annoying sound? That bitch sounds awfully like Avril…”

AGHHH!!!! It killed my ears.

I HATED IT!!!! I couldn’t believe what you’d become. A disgusting commercial sell-out! Singing stupid songs about stealing another bitch’s boyfriend and being a self proclaimed princess.

I hate bubblegum pop music and you did just that.

I cried for a few days, and I completely stopped being your fan after that. I even went around telling people what a fake sell-out you are, and how disappointed I was.

But after watching a few interviews about you saying you enjoyed what you’re doing, and that singing songs like “Girlfriend” is just fun, I eventually gave in.

How could I stop loving you?!? You’re like James to me. Hehehee.

If its fun for you, then good for you. No point performing something you’re not enthusiastic about…

I have a horrible confession – I did not buy The Best Damn Thing album. Because I found some songs in there so utterly disgusting. I still have not listened to the full album.

However, amongst the dirt, I found gems!

Keep Holding On and When You’re Gone are my favourites from TBDT.

In some songs, you sound like you’ve grown up alot… Matured into a woman, from the young punk chick that you were. Then some songs like “girlfriend” make you sound like you’re back in high school all over again.

But then again, who I am to judge? As long as you don’t sing too many of those awful bubblegum pop songs from your newest album during your concert in Singapore, I won’t complain!

I think you know it yourself, since majority of your fans have been singing in the same tune with me.

7 september… That’s only 20 days away from your birthday. (and 13days away from mine!)

James will be accompanying me to your concert… He’s not a fan of yours, but he paid $168 to buy your ticket just so he could provide me companionship for the night.

He’s kinda protective when I go to crowded areas. Isn’t that awfully sweet?

On 7 september in one concert hall, Jessica would be screaming her lungs out singing her favourite songs along with Avril Lavigne and James. She’d have her two loved ones with her. Happy girl she would be.

I know that NOTHING could go wrong!!!!

I won’t be a fool this time, I’d go there earlier so I won’t miss any part of the show. I’m DYING to see you!

Oh gosh, why don’t they have “meet and greet avril lavigne” contests?! I’d put in all my effort to make sure I bloody hell win! How do I meet you in person to tell you how much I adore you?!

Don’t know, don’t know.

All I know is, I am god damn fucking excited about your concert, the anticipation is killing me.

AND I’m gonna wear my “AVRIL LAVIGNE” T-shirt that I bought from your previous tour!!! Ownage. The other people will be so jealous :D

I have been watching you for 6 years now, since 2002. I have watched you live in concert in 2004. And in 2008, I’ll see you live in concert again babyyyy…

I’LL SEE YOU THERE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Your Biggest Fan


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