my life, my movie

Sometimes I feel like my life is my very own comedy movie,

I crack up every single day, laughing at the funniest and even the least funny things..

Or even being the joker for awhile, just to put a smile on someone’s face.




Sometimes I feel like my life is my very own romance movie,

I’m never afraid to live, laugh and of course, love..

The kind of indescribable love people envy movie characters for – I feel so glad to know I’m fortunate enough to be a part of it.




Sometimes I feel like my life is my very own horror movie,

When unfortunate events happen in my life, they sure do come in a row..

And because I manage to get up so high in my life, I fall just as hard back to the bottom when I’m not careful.




Sometimes I feel like my life is my very own action movie,

Whirlwinds, roller coaster rides, bumpy roads are things I experience every day..

But I’m not complaining, I’d rather be anything than ordinary please.




And if I ever had to watch any movie one last time before I die,

I’d like to watch my life pass me by,

Replaying every single moment that’s worthy to be cherished

Let myself go back to those times that I’ve missed

Learning from all the valuable lessons that life has taught me,

All the ups and downs have showed me what life can be.


The above was just written by yours truly because I haven’t had a heart-felt post in awhile,

thought I’d pen down some thoughts about my life before I get caught up in the whirlwind again and forget to take a moment to breathe.

So there!





I just got off the phone with a journalist from SPH o.o

She called to interview about my shoots and stuff.. Hmm.. Wonder what would be published in the Sunday Times?


Woot, I have 3 advertorials pending.. So no worries that I won’t be updating these few days! Hehehe.

ALL of them is for my girlies!

1) Skin & Body Care Product for the skin-lovers

2) Trendy, affordable clothes for the shopaholics

3) Hair, nails, & other beauty essentials for the Super-Vainpots like me!

Sorry boys, but I’ve got to cater to the majority of my readers.. ;)

SO LOOK OUT FOR THESE POSTS OK DEARIES! Jessica has got goooood stuff to recommend.

Anyway, since this post is already so random, might as well let it get random-er, some photos from Keppel event that I’ve yet to post:

Me and sweetie pie Amanda

I love this group picture! Try to spot me~ (as if it’s very difficult, LOL)

And, lookie lookie here!

Me and Jayden are on homepage! Yipee-yay.

Isn’t the cartoon so damn cute?!? Look at my hair!!!

Anyway, is owned by my friends, Jairus and Michael.

Comiqs is a website that lets you create funky comics real easily, and there’s currently this national day thingy going on,

so check it out to find out more!!!

You should, like, totally check it out cuz they’re using my face to front it. LOL~




One last random topic:

I am sooooooo glad to have awesome avid readers! Seriously, you guys are like teh bomb. Always giving me support when I need it.

Thanks for being such wonderful people! And so, I decided to come up with this…




I love you guys, do you love me tooooooooo?!

If you do, copy and paste the code above to your friendster / myspace / facebook / blog / website, and I’ll love you more than anybody else!!

Hehehe. I really would. Come on, spread some love!!! =)

I will update tomorrow again with the skin/body care product advertorial! Sheesh, I’m so dedicated, I’m like updating everyday.




apple nuffnang contest – I WON A…..

Nuffnang said they would be announcing the “I LOVE MY APPLE” contest results soon.. Told us to stay tuned and check our e-mails!

By Sunday, when I received no e-mail, I knew that I didn’t win already :(

But stiill, I carried this teeeeny weeeennnyy hope that the email got delayed or something, and to my absolute delight, I opened my inbox this morning and I saw



I SCREAMED!!!! Yeah, I was so happy that I screamed cuz you have no idea how much I want an iPod Touch.


All until…









In the end, I won an iPod nano instead of iPod touch… I know I shouldn’t really be complaining!

Love Nuffnang (“v”)

So yeah, maybe gonna sell it away because like I’ve mentioned before, my main purpose is to watch videos on the iPod touch..

iPod nano is adorable and compact but the screen so tiny, how to watch videos?!

Interested buyers may contact me… Dunno the colour yet! Either that, or give it to James.

Or, any kind souls out there wanna trade their perfect condition iPod Touch for my brand new iPod nano?!?

I’ll exchange 5 sets of my used lingerie (that still has my scent. SEXY!!!) and my spanking new ipod nano from nuffnang for YOUR iPOD TOUCH.

HAH!!!!!.. ok???





*note: pics are uploaded by blogger, therefore would be tiny, do click on them if you wish to view a larger version

Was at Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday during Youth Day Holiday (yay for being young!) at like, 10.30AM?!

Soooo damn early!

But bo bian, cuz I had to…

CELEBRATE EUNICE’S BIRTHDAY!!!! HEHEHEEH. I love to bully her, look how I made her carry all my plastic bags =D

You may be a kuku bitch, but I love you anyway.

…And we went to the ZOOOOOOOO!!

Jasmine, Jessica and Euniceeee! MIGHTIES!!!!

Wynne and Me. Look how Tall I am! I feel good, nanananananaa~

I haven’t been to the Zoo since like, primary school I think. Our next stop would be underwater world! And I wanna go to Night Safari also. Yipeeeee!!

Although it was hot, smelly, and very tiring, but it was pretty damn fun! There were alot of stupid animals though, like some pigs lying around.

Wynne said that “those animals must be thinking: walao, stupid humans here to see me laze around again!” HAHAHA

OH YEA!!!! Before I forget, let me present to you guys THE QUOTE OF THE DAY : “Where is Simei ITE ah?”

WOOOHOO!!!! Proudly brought to you by Wynne Yeo.

Simei ITE……. is, well, you know, somewhere between Pasir Ris and Tampines.


*smacks Wynne’s forehead*

Eh, bedok MRT at where ah??? Near Tampines or not??




..Someone please save the fair maiden from distress! *bats eyelid*

Signboards for the not-so-very-clever-people-who-visit-the-zoo:


I never knew climbing over railings could be so… DANGEROUS!

Afterall, we’re only like 5 storeys high.


I think Parrots are damn cool, I can never get enough of their stupid “Hello” and “Polly wants a cracker”! LOL~~

Their tails are so damn long! Some even longer than their body itself. Hmmmm. I WANT A PARROT!

I heard a Parrot’s beak could snip off your finger if you provoke them. Gross. HAHAHAA.

Me and Eunice were freaked out just by standing like few inches away from there. I was expecting them to eat my hair!!!

*DIE CRIKEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!

In loving memory of Steve Irwin – let us all welcome the new crocodile hunter. *curtsy*

The Fantastic Four! Still got Jessica alba leh. I HAD A GREAT DAY WITH YOU GIRLS!!

Yeahhh I know I look Fucking Retarded in this photo. But check out the BABOONS!!!!

HAHAHAHA I think it’s damn sad to be a baboon!!! Everyone is just staring, pointing and laughing at your bright red ugly ass.

Reminds of the old school cartoon, “I R BABOON!”

Anyway it was pretty interesting cuz we were watching the baboons fight… =)

Think it wasn’t much of an animal day that day, I saw many animals get into fights, trying to bite or maybe eat each other!

Or are they usually all like that too? Tsk… See, that’s what happens when ya live in Singapore.

Hehehe my adorable girlfriends and a kangaroo in between!


…OMG LOOK! FISHES!!!!!!!!!!!1111 lyk so fucking interesting.

See what I said? White tigers fighting!!! Very fierce and interesting! You should have seen the way they snarled and roared – woah.







…Like, so small only please.






People take pictures of animals at the zoo, but I take absolutely ridiculous photos of myself.

I don’t see a point in posting too many animal photos in my blog – afterall, not as though you guys haven’t seen a snake or giraffe or hippopotamus before right?

(If you really have not, I feel sad for you, feel free to take Bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Hub straight to the Mandai Zoo! Only $16 admission fee.)

We live in kampungs.

OH YA!!!!!

This baboon is damn cute ok!!!

I assume the baby is like searching for fleas in the daddy’s back. The way he like keeps flipping through the hair is damn fucking funny!

..Imagine your hairdresser flipping through your hair when he wants to cut layers. Same action.

Tiny Wynne on top of the Huge Ass Seal

Crazy bitches. Don’t ask what we were doing – you don’t really wanna know.

And that’s the last of the Zoo piccys!

I have more, but it takes foreverrrr to upload.

I am feeling really down.

I finally realize how unworthy you are of my love. I am better off without you. The longing for your return has ceased to exist.

The man I loved is no longer around, or perhaps, he was never around – perhaps it was all just a facade.

I will miss him, but I will not miss you.

Whatever it is…

Hello to a new era of my life

Shall not elaborate much.


*P.S, you don’t need a scrollbar to scroll to the right, simply click your mouse and drag to the right. And yes, I will fix the “bugs” soon ok!!!!

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