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After much anticipation (mainly from me :P) it is finally released!!!

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This was taken quite awhile ago.. Yes, James is not very tall, get over it, and he is very camera-shy, so he didn’t talk much.

Very busy and very very tired recently!!! I am busy with everything BUT studying. Why like that ah?

Cousin’s wedding tomorrow! Weeeeeee~~~

xoxo, Jessica


SENTOSA MADNESS! 20th July 2008


I told him that we’re going Sentosa… so he dressed down.

But look at myself! LOL


Sometimes it feels as though the past 1 month didnt exist…


Even though there will be a hidden scar left behind,

..For now I’m just so glad that it’s over. I hope the next “turbulance” doesn’t come so soon!





“oie! come closer la. look happier when you’re taking photos with me!”





There.. all better.




So off we went, to Vivo City… but in different ways.

He rode his bike there, I took the train there. LOL!

How cute can we get?! I refused to sit on his bike because I’ve had a serious phobia ever since the last bike accident, so yeah.

It was raining!!!! Bikes are so damn dangerous. Sheesh.

If only he could get a damn car T_____T

Anyway so we met up at Vivo City… and he bought the tickets for us to go into Sentosa! Yipee-yay.

Off we went to the ticketing counter….

Waiting for the tram to arrive..


He is absolutely ELATED to go to Sentosa with me. You can tell just from the GENUINE happy expression on his unforced face.




Onto the tram we go!

Alot of aunties were pushing around and running for the seats as though the tram ride was 12 hours -____-

What the hell are aunties gonna do in Sentosa, you tell me?! Scare all the tourists away with their ungraciousness and kiasu-ness, probably.

So anyways we STILL managed to get a seat in the end..


Our matching Mr.Bean Bear keychain that he got for us a long time ago!


See how he’s always so intrigued by random stuff thats happening around us?!

It was raining cats and dogs..

But that certainly didn’t get our spirits down! Much to my delight, James was extremely spontaneous and nice yesterday.

I love it when he’s being extra nice to me :P

Time to reward the boy with more freedom and… a new belt! Wahahaha.


He says I’m like a kid.. Always grinning away and getting so excited at the littlest things

And then we reached Sentosa!!

Tried to find our way to the new 4D magix and CineBlast~~

I was super excited about checking out these two items cuz I dunno if I’m sua ku or what but I certainly have not heard of Sentosa have these items before!!

Check it out baby!!!!

It’s a theatre in which you put on your magical 4d glasses and see the screen in front of you come alive! It looks quite real.

Anyway the theme was PIRATES! It was funny and all in the name of good fun. Hehehe.

They had little air guns tickling you all over… I screamed and screamed! Hahaha. Although it wasn’t a new experience for me since I’ve been to several of these 4d theatres in genting and america before.

NOSTALGIA ALERT!!!! Reminds me of A Bugs Life 4d theatre in Disneyland!! God, I miss that place to bits. If I don’t go overseas after my O levels, I’d be majorly pissed off!


Silly billy tried to act like Captain Jack Sparrow after he watched the show..

And then we lined up again for CineBlast!


It was pretty empty… Until some indians came along and pushed their way to the front!! Wtf.

Super rude!

Just because you’re with a TOUR GROUP doesn’t mean you don’t need to queue what!!! Lao chee bong.


Tried to distract myself from all the FUCKING NOISY TOURISTS by camwhoring…


His most retarded expressions make me go weak in the knees


Then he BTH liao.. went to have a quick smoke to get away from the crowd awhile.


Left me all alone to fend for myself.. What else should a fair maiden like me to take away her troubles (aka surrounding annoying tourists) then to camwhore?! ;)


Yayyy! I love my new slippers. Wasn’t very comfy at first but it feels sorta alright now.

My favourite colours, gold and white! I think the design is really chic and simple, I’m completely in love with it and it only costs 20 bucks! What a steal.


MATCHING BAG! Everybody knows this is my favourite bag, hehehe. Although I think it’s time for me to get a new one, this one’s starting to rot, have not been taking care of it…

Most of my shoes are either black, white, pink or gold.

I freak out when my accessories don’t match.

I cannot stand it when people don’t match their accessories, it looks horribly disorientated!

And finally after 13028320483974 years…


It was quite cool inside, futuristic interior design, though I couldnt take any pictures cuz photography was disallowed.

But we had to wear the same 4d glasses, check it out:


So gangster, yo!


I swear I almost died while waiting!

THE BLOODY TOURISTS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SHUT UP!!! Omg it’s worse than kopitiam la.

To make the whole experience worse, when I was finally seated,

this $%$%@^@ INDIAN GUY




So inconsiderate I could almost pull his turban off. Totally ruined it for me!!!! He’s so fucking tall already, (like 1.8+) and his turban was the size of a basketball!

The guy was the same guy who kept pushing us around in the queue while we were waiting for 4D magix!

Cheebong. I kept ranting and complaining to James.

Wanted to take a photo of him but I knew I’d probably do something mean like draw on his face and his family or something, so yea, abandoned the idea.

Well anyway, even though the experience was slightly tarnished by fuckingirritatingtourists, it was still pretty cool!

I’d rate the 4d Magix experience 3.5/5 stars,

and the Cineblast a whopping… 1.5/5 stars.

Cineblast is like a stimulator – the seat kinda moves around, you know? It was retarded in my opinion, made me feel kinda sick as well..

You guys should definitely go check out the Pirates 4d Magix!

It’s not cheap horrrr… I paid $60 for the both of us. (for the 2 shows)

It was getting dark…

so we rushed over for the SKYRIDE!!!

We kept rushing to each attraction the whole day, it suddenly felt as though we were not in Singapore.

Reminded me of the time me and James were in Genting together, waiting for the rides.. Rushing to attraction after attraction and trying to figure our way around.

He really puts a smile onto my face.


I have been eyeing on this damn ride since forever, it looks freaking fun!! =DDDDDDDDDD

And finally I got to sit on it… HEHEHE~~~


It was like a cable car, except less high and more “OPEN!”

It felt damn cool to just dangle in the air like that!!!! =)

Although quite scary at first, it seemed harmless after awhile..


Look who’s enjoying himself? =P


Reminds me of those Ski Lifts that I see in those snowy movies!

We took alot more pictures la, but alot of photos I will not be posting up here coz I look horribly ugly / messy / weird!

When we were getting off the skyride, we had to literally RUN OFF! Coz the skyride doesn’t stop, and it moves quite fast, I almost fell off the seat while trying to jump off and run. LOL.

We ran to LUGE!!!!!1111


With our funny helmets on!


All ready, baby.

Luge is really simple to use and awesomely fun! It’s like half-toboggan, half-go kart. You can totally control your speed and it was AWESOME RIDING IN THE NIGHT!

Too bad for those people who rode on the Luge in the day, because the NIGHT EXPERIENCE WAS ECSTASY!

It’s hard to put it in words,

the way the wind was blowing my hair all over the place,

adrenaline pumping hard through my veins,

speeding downhill and seeing James right in front of me screaming “AIYAYAYAYA!!!” like a barbarian..

All while surrounded by BEAUTIFUL COLOURFUL LIGHTS!

They lit up the course track so beautifully =)

It’s a moment I won’t be forgetting so soon. I really wasn’t expecting it to feel this magical. It didn’t feel as “rough” as what a go-kart experience should feel like.

It felt extremely cool and fun, cuz it was at night… Somehow I wished that time could have just stopped there.

I left all my worries far behind at that moment.

Felt as though the more I raced down the track, the further away I was from my worries…

The next time you go LUGE-ing in the night, look out for the AWESOME LIGHTS and think of me OK! I really love the lights sooo much.

James was going sooo fast! I kept slowing down cuz I was afraid of flying out of the kart. LOL




Me looking as happy as I sound.



And finally,



The other photo we bought from the photobooth!! We spent alot of money on Sentosa yesterday, like 200+???

Got off the luge….

Went to have our mini-dinner before preparing to watch Songs Of The Sea!

Hahaha sounds very eventful, eh?

We only reached there at 5, I was convinced we didn’t have enough time to finish all the things I wanna do, but to my absolute delight everything turned out lovely!!! I was a happy happy girl.


There wasn’t anything yummy to eat in Sentosa…

So we settled for microwaved 7-Eleven meals. o_____o;



Anyway I found out a new trick to make gassy drinks non-gassy!

We bought a bottle of 7 up that had wayy too much gas, so James kept shaking the bottle and opening it up, closing it and shaking it and opening it again.

Make sure to be careful when you’re opening the bottle cuz the gas tends to “erupt” like a volcano! Heheh.

I was wondering what the hell hes doing until I realized he was releasing the gas! Ingenious, really =P

Now I can enjoy the taste of Sprite with just the right amount of gas I want in my drink!




Wasn’t before long that we had to go for our show~



I have to admit though, strangers are much nicer at Sentosa, they always seem to willing to help you to take photos!

Maybe cuz the ambience and environment is alot better – afterall, everyone’s here to enjoy.

The Songs Of the Sea show was alright, at the start was kinda lame, with some cliche singing and acting and young talents running around…

Then came the parts I’ve been waiting for!!


WOOOOT! Fire display!! James’ favourite.

Totally awesome, you can feel the heat waves rushing towards you even though the mini explosions are so far away.


They had alot of cool in-house exhibitions and rides where similiar “explosions” took place. I remember the same feeling – feeling the heat rush towards you, and 1 second later, its gone!


Then came my favourite – the waterworks!

And THIS reminded of BELLAGIO in LAS VEGAS!

The Bellagio’s version.

I remember being there with my dad..

Eeek, seems like I keep having nostalgia attacks!

Sweet sweet memories, Jessica cherishes them all… (“v”)



More annoying tourists… =(

Who kept pushing people around as well! WHATS WITH INCONSIDERATE TOURISTS THESE DAYS?!

They wouldn’t shut up even when the show was going on…


Im not much of a photographer, but I think I can capture good timings!


SUCH AS THIS FINALE!!! This is a winner.

Loved the sudden outburst of mini fireworks =)

Anticipating NDP’s fireworks anxiously!!!! Fireworks make me very, very happy.




After the show ended, and when everyone was leaving… While Sentosa was getting empty..

Me and James headed up to a little corner where the ambience was absolutely romantic.

I don’t really know what they call it, but when it lights up at night, it’s beautiful. If you go to Sentosa often enough, you’d know what I’m talking about!

The part which looks like a mini palace / castle and its a long pathway with mini fountains thingys.


Doesn’t look like much here because the guy who took the picture used FLASH, thus killing the romantic lighting completely…

Oh well. Nevermind, as long as the moment lives on in my heart! =D



Thank you so much for the wonderful day, you pampered me and I enjoyed myself until I’m going crazy with happiness, tee hee hee!

I’ve never felt this genuinely happy in a long time. Not since the day you left.

It really proves that even when things get ugly, no matter how fucked up things get, we always find a way to mend the broken pieces back together again.

That’s how strong our love is!

Too bad for our ferocious tempers… =X

I will learn to treasure this 1000000000% and make it work this time.


And that was my fabulous day summarized into one post. I am never that good at expressing my feelings anymore, I wonder why..

Well, time for me to go take a shower now!!

I took a painfully long time to create this post..
the uploading of big photos is always such a pain in the ass.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed blogging it!

I really wish I could fill you guys in completely on what happened, but there are some things that just can’t be put into words =)

If I see one more “photo bandwidth exceeded” sign, I DONT CARE!!!! I even created 2 photobucket accounts, and the 2nd one, barely like 2 weeks old, has already exceeded its bandwidth as well so yeah whatever.

Am considering shifting to another image hosting site for good. Grrrr.

Till then, my loves!

Leave a comment in my tagboard, my taggie’s back!! =)

As usual, nonsensical remarks shall be nonchalantly deleted by Yours Truly.

P.S – all the super sweet comments left by you guys in my Chantago is really getting me diabetes!! HONESTLY, why are some of you readers soooo goddamn sweet?

I wanna cuddle you all to death, hahaha! LOVEEEEE~

Thank you truckloads for all the awesome comments and well-wishes, darlings! Yes yes, congratulations to me for getting back to James!! Hehehe




Dove – Sponsored Advertorial

I love Nuffnang not only for its cool people, events and advertorials..

But also for the great brands that they advertise for!

And after joining the Apple contest and winning the iPod Nano, (I love apple), to my absolute delight I was given another advertorial to write up on (yay alot of assignments!):


Me likeeeyyyy dove products. Cherie called me this afternoon and I went down to Nuffnang’s little office to get myself some Dove goodies, one of which is:

Dove’s new body wash – Go Fresh!

Is this Nuffnang’s way of telling me I am smelly?

LOL. Hmm... I wonder..

Anyway, I just came out from the shower and here I am, typing this advertorial feeling very relaxed and happy because I smell and feel so damn good!!

The fragrance of Dove’s gofresh is really refreshing – hey, it IS GO - FRESH RIGHT???

Extremely good for our warm, humid weather here in Singapore!

The bottle that I got is of Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent – mmmm, I really like the fragrance! Has a certain tangy-ness to it.

My favourite out of their 2 other fragrances, although it was kinda hard picking this out of the 3 since they all smell equally good.

1. Aqua (Cucumber & green tea)
2. Cool (Waterlily & fresh mint)
3.Energize (Grapefruit & Lemongrass)

Try it out for yourselves!

And of course, like all Dove products are,

the gofresh body wash is still extremely moisturizing!

Although it is a body soap, it consists of 1/4 hydrating lotion…

HELLO GIRLS, do you copy this?!??

Dove’s new gofresh body wash, girls, is your ultimate skincare need - you can smell good, be clean, feel refreshed and hydrate your skin all at the same time!

Tell me which other body wash can fulfill all of these qualities at the same time! You don’t even need to apply moisturizing lotion after your bath. (1/4 hydrating lotion in gofresh, remember?)

And of course, if you buy the Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent you can smell just like Jessica after each shower. LOL.

What’s not to love about it???

SO GO BUY ALREADY!! HAHAHAHA. Check out their other neat products as well, their shampoo = miracle potions.




Another great thing about Dove that I’m totally excited about :




Dove is having a karaoke singing competition!!!!

DOVE (GO FRESH!) ShowerOK is a Karaoke event held in the bathroom!


Who’s bathroom? Jessica’s condo’s bathroom???





No la, it is a man-made temporary “bathroom” SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF VIVO CITY

specially set up for this ShowerOK event!!!!

WITH an in-built karaoke system!

Wooo, sexy eh! (but of course, you can keep your clothes on)

Singaporeans LOVE to sing while showering in the bathroom – are you one of them?!


Come on, there’s nothing to be shy of, actually..

To tell you a little secret: I was singing while using Dove’s Gofresh just now.

So all you Bathroom Superstars, here’s your chance to shine! Don’t even need to be scared of being embarrassed, since you can just treat it as though you’re really showering, hence the whole “bathroom” set up!

No one will be watching you as you sing! =)

This Dove ShowerOK event will take place at

Vivo City South Court Level 1 from 31 July – 8 August,

12-8pm daily,

ANYONE can take part in the fun – yea you heard me, anyone!

Come solo or in a group to sing – it’s your choice.

So get your friends to join in the fun!!

You don’t have to be a Nuffnanger to join. (but of coz, my fellow nuffies, do come and show your support! I’ll be there!!)

And why on earth would you want to sing in the middle of a “bathroom” in the middle of vivo city?!

Well, I’ll tell you why!

Your “singing in the bathroom” video would be recorded and uploaded online, where readers would vote for their favourite singer!

Voters stand to win an iPOD TOUCH!!! OMG!


The winner of the ShowerOK..

would win a Private Yacht Party!!!!

OMG I WANT I WANT!!! Sooo luxurious and crazily fun.

Wasn’t I just talking about wanting to book a yacht the other day?

Oi, how come they keep giving out prizes that I want so damn badly?

The ipod touch and yacht … Sheesh, the events people read my blog is it? LOL!

Anyway, because the prizes are so damn attractive, I am sooooo going to take part!!

Who’s with me on this??

I will arrange a day during the event, most probably during the weekend, and I’ll be there to take part in the ShowerOK!

So, if anyone else is interested, do let me know and me and my fellow readers will all go down to participate together and to give each other our support! :D

Trust me, it WILL be fun! And you can watch me and other bloggers sing “live” leh – yes yes, other bloggers will be there as well!!

Exciting isn’t it? Who else? Just stay tuned and see!

Can’t wait for it!!! DO BE THERE WITH ME!

If I get in, MUST VOTE FOR ME OKIE? *winks*

SHOWEROK FTW!!! Going to start practicing in the shower from tomorrow onwards :)



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