Besides love, family and friends, there is only one other element in my life that I’d be absolutely miserable without..

And no, it’s not money nor any other materialistic pleasures – it’s M U S I C !

Music can either make me very very happy, or very very sad.

Nothing can turn me into an emotional wreck quite as easily and quickly like hearing an old and nearly-forgotten song ring in my ears once more.

…Do you remember that feeling?

You’re going about your daily life as per normal, when suddenly, out of nowhere -

you hear a song that you once loved, a song that was as close to your heart as the memories that it brings back.




The song you and your ex loved to sing together.

The song your dad used to play and sing along to in the car when he drove you to school everyday.

The song you and your best friends stayed up all night singing a little too loudly, that neighbours complain.

Or perhaps, even the song that was played at a dearly departed’s funeral…

And that sudden rush of old memories and feelings can either be harsh, hurtful, so much that it hits you almost like a slap across your face

because it dawns on you that things can never go back to the way that they were anymore..

Or it could so amazing even though unpredictable, the sort of unexpected surprise you’d love to have such as a little kiss on the cheeks from the person you have a crush on.




…Either way, who could deny the immense sense of nostalgia that overwhelms you?

For that moment, nothing would seem to matter.

First, time stops for a split second.. And slowly, it rewinds and you find yourself back in the old days, when things were so much different from the way that they are now.

As for me, the moment is usually sweet, even if the song reminds me of the break up – This quote has taught me a lot on how to let go of things that you know you can’t hold onto.

“Don’t cry because it’s over… smile because it happened.”

Hurray for great minds that come up with such meaningful quotes. There’s a lot to learn from a simple sentence.

And I love how the quote above ACTUALLY makes sense. Although its purpose is to tell you to be positive, but I’d much rather hear “smile because it happened” then “always look on the bright side of life!”

The latter quote pisses me off totally.




You know how some girls want to have amazingly rich boyfriends or good soccer player boyfriends? Well, I have always wanted to have a singer for a boyfriend. LOL.

I mean a real singer, someone who sings with his heart, and not someone screaming away pointlessly.

Too bad James doesn’t have a great talent for singing =P

Baby, if you’re reading this, I’m not saying you sing badly ok! I am just saying that, erm, you’re not VERY good but not bad either! Hehehe.

Well, I guess I could settle for James anyway – he always tries to sing songs but he always forgets the lyrics to them. LOL.

Really, isn’t it absolutely amazing? How these artistes and singers can transform their thoughts and musings into songs that would last forever.

Remember how I said almost nothing lasts forever?

Well, I take that back, because I realized that a classic tune could last as long as people have voices to sing.

Love will fade away, humans will die, computers will break down and everything else would rot – except for music. Music could last through all groundbreaking disasters and tons of decades.

Then some of you may ask, “What about a good film like Titanic? It would also last forever what.”

…However, as long as every last DVD and online version of the movie is trashed, I’m sorry – theres no way you can recover the movie.

The best you can do is depend on your memory and try to play it in your own head.

But for a classic tune, it’s completely different.

You don’t need to be on a sinking cruise like in Titanic to be part of the experience when it comes to music – you can simply open your mouth, and sing.

You can sing anywhere, anytime. Like in the shower, or at a concert. You don’t need no radio to get the tune out. You don’t even have to be talented to sing!

There will always be at least one song that means a lot to a person in his/her lifetime….


What’s my favourite tune, you ask?

James’ laughter and voice was the soundtrack of my favourite summer.




Some of you may think I’m making a big fuss here. How is Jessica able to create such a long post, solely on the topic of “music”?

Then it’s time for you to imagine the horror of what life would be, or WOULDN’T be without music.

Do not underestimate the power of music!

The type of music genre a person prefers can really tell you a lot about him / her. If he likes hard metal, he is probably one angsty lil kid. But if she likes oldies, you can definitely tell she is very sentimental.

A music can also change your mood in a split second! Can you imagine what PUBS and CLUBS would be without music? Bleh, totally no mood at all right? What the hell would people dance to?

That is why, music means a great deal in my life. Nothing could seperate me and my love for music!

I used to be so shy whenever people asked me to sing, but now, I realized the beauty of having a voicebox and if anyone asks me to sing, I WILL SING! Who cares whether they think I sound good or not?! =P




As much as I love music, there ARE some genres of music that I absolutely abhore.

I used to be VERY MUCH AGAINST RAP AND HIP-HOP! Up till today, I still find that it’s noise pollution rather than “music”.

Usually, the lyrics don’t make any sense at all and is as “meaningful” as “Yo MaMa”, so…. yeah.

Music is supposed to be meaningful enough to connect to your soul, not supposed to be singing about how you wanna get in that girls pants!

No wonder so many people are saying the best songs on earth have already been played. So much of the stuff you listen on the radio is shit.

Take “LOW” by Flo Rida for example. To some, it’s extremely annoying. I can totally relate to them! I used to find it extremely annoying…

And to some, they cant live one day of their life without replaying it over and over again! But I suppose these people only like the vibes that the songs gives out, the “cool” vibe. There’s really not much to look into the lyrics. I play the song to annoy James. Hehehe.

That is when I learned that disregarding genres, music can be fit into only two groups :

Music for the Soul, and

Music for the Ears.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure what kind of songs fit into which group. LOW obviously fits into the latter group, and songs from The Beatles are what I call true classics.

Is it any wonder that when people ask me “What’s your favourite type of music?”, I reply “Oldies”?

I can never get enough of oldies. Even though, well, the songs are OLD and all… But the message that the songs bring across never loses its meaning.

It’s timeless.




Let me share with you guys a beautiful live performance of

Robbie Williams singing Angels @ Knebworth, England in 2003

This video has such emotion, it REALLY really makes me cry - it portrays exactly what I have been trying to express for the past 1 hour that I’ve been typing this post.

May not be the most amazing vocals, but definitely one of the most amazing live peformances I’ve ever seen.

Look at all those people!!! Ahhh, the magic of music.

Even when I close my eyes, hearing those screams (of pleasure) I can feel the energy already. I can only imagine how great it felt to be there.



Alright, I think the video just about sums up almost all that I have to say today.

I could go on & on & on, but I don’t want you guys to be too bored! Heh.

So, dear people, take a moment today to sit back, relax and enjoy the joy that music brings!

Sometimes, I love nothing better than just plugging in my ear phones and get lost in the beautiful world of music.

Getting lost in the beautiful melodies – taking in every single word of the song and trying to understand its meaning.. taking in every pleasant tune.

Every song sounds different each time I play it.

I always wonder what really happened in the songwriter’s life that he wrote such lyrics. Definitely food for thought, no?


Of course, besides pleasure for the ears and soul, I am also very much appreciative of the beauty that only our eyes can behold.

Which is one reason why I love photography.

Having said that, I’d like to think I am a rather sentimental person. HAH!!!

Till then, my beloved readers =)

Thank you so much all the support & compliments, it means more than you all know – you guys are truly what makes my blogging worth it.

Who knew a simple girl like me could create impact on my readers just by blogging?



“who is this?” …. “your mum”


I just received the most $^(*%*% call ever.

It’s midnight and my phone rings.

I answer the call and greet, “Hello?”

For a moment, all I heard was silence… Then came a creepy voice over the phone,





“Yea speaking. Who is this?”

The awkward silence and strange tone that the caller adopted made me feel kinda uncomfortable… And then,


“…Your mother.”

I was damn fucking angry lah!

Which cheebye would dare to prank call me? I havent had a prank call in ages lor! Usually when people prank call me and when I know who it is, I will prank call the person 1000x times back. Usually I’d keep calling the house alot of times at like 4am to make his whole family pissed off.

LOL. But this person actually prank called me! Of course, I didnt want to let the caller be happy and think that I’m pissed off, so I said.

“Yeah right….”

I was just about ready to fuck this person upside down with my extensive list of vulgarities and insults, when,

To my absolute horror, the reply I received was:







you order my McDonalds already anot?”







She’s calling me at 12 midnight because she is like, exactly 3 freaking metres away, but can’t be bothered to get off her bum and walk to my room to ask me if I’d ordered McDonalds for her yet.

SIMPLY AMAZING. -____________-

Then she’s like “WALAO, why havent order yet!! Faster faster, come my room to take the phone & order.”


Tip for mothers out there: Don’t call your daughter in the middle of the night with a creepy tone followed by an awkward silence and say “I’m your mother.”

….Usually doesn’t sound too convincing.




Something else totally absurd but interesting: This VERY stupid cashier at River Island @ Vivo City only gave me ONE side of the sandal that I bought!!!!!!!!


Only found out when I got home.

I am SO going down tomorrow to make a scene!





Anyway, I know I haven’t posted pictures for an awfully long time!

I did a photoshoot at my house early in the morning. As usual, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it until the photographer called me to ask my block number. Sheesh! Ended up postponing it for an hour. X_______X;

It’s supposed to look very homely and lifestyle, so I was lying on my bed alot!!! HAHAHA. Most SHIOK shoot ever = you, lying in your own bed, hugging your bolster.

This wonderful photographer has really nice works + produces images quite fast, so I’ll be updating once I receive them ok~

But yeah, that aside, you’re totally in for a treat. Remember the SUPERHERO thing I told you guys about?

I’ve received one picture from Valerie already, and I look ***OMGWTFSHIT*** in it!!! LOL.

I wanted to post up a “preview photo” but honestly, I cannot stand it leh. SO act cute!

So you’ll just have to wait till I manage to bug Hui Wen, Valerie, Jayden and other people for the photos. Hehehehe.

BIG BIG HINT: It looks a little like COSPLAY, a little VICTORIAN-ISH. Weird indeed. TOO FUNNY~~~~~


AND….. stay tuned for my scandalous affairs. *winks*


HAHAHAHA MEET MY NEW MAN BITCHES!!! LOLOLOL. Funny blurry ah pek in the background.

Don’t worry baby, I still love you only!!! (If you’re reading this)




boobs or bones?

I had a good time today! (even though the movie Shaolin Girl was a great waste of 2 hours of my life. warning: NOBODY SHOULD WATCH IT! i mean it.)

Thanks to S.P.I, the only people who are capable of convincing me to do crazy stuff. LOL.

If you were at Vivo City around 11+ today, you would have seen me dressing up as a “Superhero”. HAHAHA. Very crazy indeed, I’ll promise to blog about it ASAP ok, once I get the pictures from the gang. Then you can take pleasure in seeing me look like a complete fool, I know you’d like that =P

Regarding the hooha about me being 68kg, the truth is – I’m not even 60kg yet.

Which is a perfect weight, considering I’m 1.7m tall.

But then again, even IF I was 68kg, it doesn’t really matter.. Cuz,

Everyone can see for themselves who looks good with or without make up, who is the smarter one, who is the better blogger, etc etc. Need I say more? I don’t need to speak for other people when the answer is obvious.

If you think otherwise, I don’t really care, since everyone has their own opinions and I can accept that.




TRUE, I am meaty, or fleshy, or big-sized, or chubby, or EVEN F.A.T to some other people who love skin & bones.

But doesn’t stop me from being extremely confident of myself, enough to be a total narcissist and I’m totally contented with the way I look.

Photographers still pay me good money to take photos of me.

I still get tons of compliments, so much that I’m afraid they will go to my head.

I have no reason to be ashamed of who I am. In fact, I have every reason to be proud!

I like my curves. I like looking like a teenager who has ACTUALLY gone through puberty. Most of all, I like the fact that booty is what makes a woman’s body so beautiful.

YOU? What do you have, my dear? Skin & bones & a whole lot of make up? LOL.

Even though I am imperfect in the eyes of others -

But I am definitely beautiful enough for my family, and of course – my darling boyfriend. The way he defended me in my tagboard this afternoon really made my heart melt! Those simple words mean so much.

And that’s something no bad comment or false rumour can ever take away from me. Do you get it now?

Actually, in a way, I am kinda glad you started this lame shit in the first place. It makes me realize how fortunate I am – having so many readers, and friends who showered concern on me.

I’m surprised by the number of messages I’ve received. It’s funny they are worried that I will be sad over what you said, but nonetheless, it is very very heartwarming.

It proves that you don’t have to be skinny to be adored by people.

I love SPI, I love my family + fiends, and OF COURSE I love my darling James and my darling readers.
*sniff sniff*

Me thinks me getting a wee bit too emotional already.

Anyway, back to my point…..

Of course, I have no need to prove myself to anyone at all, I just felt that my readers should know that what other ignorant bloggers are saying about me is not true.

But Winnie Heng, if it makes you feel more confident and self-assured, go ahead, tell everyone lies that Jessica is actually 68kg. Or even better for you – tell them I have measles or something.

I am kinda amazed that you are OLDER than me, since you have the body (and mentality?) of a 12 year old.

I may have told other people that I think you’re totally fake and disgusting – but hey, you know what?

At least I didn’t have to tell them LIES about you…. since everyone knows what kind of person you are. That’s a new kind of low only you could reach.

Who do you think would believe you?

And girl, wait till you quit looking like you don’t have enough money to buy food to eat,
or when you stop buying all your undergarments from Young Hearts,
or when you (GASP! could this ever happen?) stop piling 1 inch thick make up to hide your face,

…THEN you can start dreaming about mistaking people saying that you look like me – ok?

Hasn’t anyone let the poor girl know that having curves and booty is HOT, but looking like an anorexic bitch is NOT?

To end this post, winnie heng – it’s not my fault I don’t like your common / typical-looking $22 hoodie that a lot of ah lians like you are wearing because its selling on practically every blogshop around. Everyone makes fashion mistakes, so I understand!


P.S – am I the only one finding this totally amusing? I think this just made my day as well.

P.P.S – if you’re one of my lovely readers and you’re really skinny, don’t feel bad!

i’m not refering to you guys, just refering to silly girls who think they’re hot and sooo much better than meaty girls just cuz they are skin and bones.

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