crazy times @ sentosa

I think people thought I was mad.. Going to sentosa with that make up, hair and a freaking turtleneck!

But I also I think I’m in loveeeee with Sentosa!

In the past, I NEVER visited the place cuz I thought there was really nothing to do there… But recently, every single time I go there is just tons and tons of fun!

As far as I can remember, the last last last time I went to sentosa was to have a couple photoshoot with James. Unforgettable~

And the last last time I went to sentosa, was for the bachelor’s party at beaufort villa. Funnnnnn!

And the LAST time I went to sentosa (yesterday), was for the

…Great Cleo Swimsuit Shoot!

First time I saw soooo many girls clad in bikini... Woot! Eye candy!!

MANY CHIKOPEH PHOTOGRAPHERS AROUND! And I saw that annoying pest camera man roger.





Ok la, after seeing so many girls in bikini, I honestly don’t think my figure is that bad lor.

Seriously, even the skinniest girls have cellulite and stretch marks and have wobbly asses and thighs!

So that cheered me up alot. HAHAHAHA.

It was really quite an interesting experience, having a “photoshoot” with exactly 419 other bikini girls who were all lying on Siloso Beach.

We set a national record!!!!!

For the largest swimsuit shoot.

Look out for the swimsuit shoot in CLEO’s August issue ok~~~

Me and Jasmine and a whole lot of bikini girls would be in there, HAHAHA~

BUTT CHEEKS crew made the day a whole lot more fun!!

All thanks to Aagir (omg I hope I spelt it right), Ian, Nicole, Jasmine, Charmaine, Angelline, and ganggg!

And since I love them so much, do visit Butt Cheeks at The Cathay Building (beside dhoby ghaut) for really pretty bikinis! I’ve seen their designs, and they’re awfully pretty.

Plus, they pad your bikinis according to your measurements! Where else can you get customized bikinis?!

Anywayy… I have like tonsss of photos with a lot of other random people, so I’ll update the full post when I get pictures from them!

My last crazy day before school re-opens!

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the House of Horrors.



I know my skirt looks damn long. LOL. I was having my period, so no choice.




Tilllll next time!


back to effing school


Jessica here has been sooo bloody caught up with being an EMO kid over the break up that she has COMPLETELY forgotten that SCHOOL reopens in TWO days time!!!!


Excuse me, but I find this rather necessary:







Do you know what school means?

School means NO more sleeping till 2pm, NO more enjoying doing nothing at all except lazing around the whole day, school means O LEVELS are coming very very soon.

I wish I had 2 more months of holidays! I could really put them to good use.

Firstly, I’d sign up for either piano or guitar lessons.

Secondly, I’d go for a whole lot of photoshoots coz I have alot of weird themes / ideas coming to me recently.

Thirdly, I think I’d actually… STUDY?!?!

People say the june holidays are supposed to be for us O level students to study, and I PROMISED MYSELF I would study in the later half of the holidays but nooooooooooo.

I didn’t even realize that time passed so fast.


I suppose I can take comfort in saying, “I feel that my june holidays was pretty interesting.”

Truth to be told, it really was quite eventful!

Meet up with friends, shopping and shopping, KBOX and KBOX, lots and lots of FOOOOOOOD, spent quite alot of time with my darling James who is now also known as my ex-boyfriend, events and such.

At least it wasn’t boring~

In fact, it was so eventful that I actually feel 2 or 3 months has passed.

..Ok, I think I’m getting a little contradictory here.


I thought I’d dedicate a post to school, to get the “BACK TO SCHOOL” mood:

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you

10 reasons why I hate school –

1) I hate the way I have to wake up at unearthly hours every morning just to go to SCHOOL.

….OMG, I think the government is realllllyyyyy quite *insert forbidden word here*. I don’t understand why they have to make classes start at like, 8am?!


Or better still – start at 11am! That way, students can get a healthy amount of sleep. Then teachers wouldn’t be so damn annoying and start asking the students why we look so tired.


If classes actually started at like, 10:30am (give and take) alot of problems could be solved, such as:

Number of students being late for class would decrease significantly, because waking up early for school wouldn’t be so torturous anymore.

Number of students hating school would decrease significantly as well, also due to reason given above.

Students would be alot less “dead” and lethargic during school!!!! If you start the day feeling SHITTY because you are so TIRED, the rest of your day is pretty much doomed.

If you start the day feeling ENERGETIC, think about how much more productive your day would be!

Thus, if school started 10:30am instead, (some) students would begin to like school instead of hating it, students’ grades would improve and everybody wins.




2) I hate the way I live so damn bloody far away from my school. (I live at Simei, my school is at Hougang)

I feel like I have to travel over mountains and deserts just to get to school.

OMGGGGGG I think I’ve blogged about it quite some time ago, but for the benefit of my newer readers, let me repeat the drama all over again:

The nearest bus stop to my condo is a whopping 15-20 minutes walk away. IF YOU WALK FAST ENOUGH.

Then, from that bus stop, I’d have to take a 15 minutes bus ride to Tampines Interchange.

From Tampines Interchange, I’d have to take a 30 minutes bus ride to Hougang Interchange.

And finally, from Hougang Interchange, I’d have to walk like, 15 minutes to school.


AND THAT MEANS, 20+15+15+30 = 80 minutes,

plus about 15 minutes waiting time for bus-es, it’s 95 minutes also known as ONE AND A HALF HOUR!!!!!!!!!


I only have 24 hours to eat, shit, sleep, play and work everyday. If I have to travel one and a half hour to get there, I’d also have to travel ANOTHER one and a half hour back.


So, just like that, I’m only left with 21 hours for every school day in my life.

…Depressing or not, you tell me?

And because traveling like that is such a chore, sometimes I feel like I have no choice but to take a cab to school and one trip costs $15.






3) School seems to be the bloody hottest place in Singapore.

..And I can’t elaborate enough on how true this statement is. I know EVERYWHERE in Singapore feels like you’re living in a freaking oven, but honestly, I’ve noticed that nowhere is hotter than being in school.

The way they make you climb 4 storeys just to get to your classroom at least 2 or 3 times a day, is really sadistic.

Why did they have to make the staircase so smalllllllllllll?

Then, if you’re as unfortunate as me, you’d have to squeeze with a bunch of other 14 year old boys.

Why are so many secondary shcool boys always so smelly and sticky and sweaty?

And sitting in class at 12pm really does kill me.

Even just by looking at my classmates, I FEEL HOT ALREADY!

Everybody is perspiring profusely, and fanning themselves with papers and books, and everyone has the same expression written all over their faces : VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Some teachers are really messed up – they like to turn off the fan just to piss us off. So mean la plz :(

Seems to be a popular tactic among teachers nowadays. I wonder if my school is the only school that does this?!?

I don’t understand why all schools in Singapore can’t have air-conditioners. ITS NOT AS THOUGH SINGAPORE’S GOVERNMENT IS POOR!

When I mentioned this to my teacher, he was like, “Only the privileged schools will have.”

…OMG, excuse me? Privilege?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

It is becoming a fucking right!

You want us to concentrate in class, but how can we concentrate when we’re practically melting away?

We can build a freaking IR out of nowhere, but we can’t put 2 airconditioners into every classroom. Pffffft.

For the benefit of the students, people! Air-conditioners would work better than supplementary lessons, seriously.

So many students I’ve talked to are willing to work out that LITTLE BIT EXTRA CASH just to install those air-cons! School refuses to listen, though.




4) School uniforms / dress codes are absolutely hideous.

Or rather, I look TERRIBLE in school. LOL.

…Bah, I get an unpleasant surprise everytime I look into the mirror when I’m at school.

My hair’s a mess, my shirt isn’t tucked in, my skirt is way too long / oversized, my school socks are hideous, my school shoes are yellowing – I look like death.

Of course, I know that we’re there to “study” and not there for a fashion show, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could wear our own clothes to school?

Nobody would bug girls about coloured bras!!! Sheesh. Sickening to have a teacher walk up to you just to talk about your bra.


Nobody would bug you about your socks not covering your ankle, whether your hair is untidy or not, etc.




Ehhhh I feel like I’ve typed so much yet there are only 4 facts. Did I promise 10?! Ooops.

Getting bored of blogging about this, so I’m ending here.

…..Rather abrupt, I know.


Gooooooodbye dear readers.

Btw, I don’t need any preachy comments. Go away if you want to say something like “you should learn to appreciate your school/teachers more! etc etc.”

Wish me luck for school. *crosses fingers*




Don’t worry too much about me =)

The first day I was feeling really suicidal. I even sat beside my window, having wild negative thoughts running through my head..

After like, at least TEN hours of crying for the past few days, I finally feel better.

I’m slowly turning back to normal, going shopping, eating like crazy, etc.

I realized that no matter how much I wish that I could turn time back, I can’t. Life still goes on. We’re still friends, and if he’s happier being away from me, then so be it.

Our new favourite song is Always Be My Baby by David Cook!

You will always be my baby. You’ll always be a part of meeeeeeeeeeee!

So many songs and so many things remind me of him.. Heheh.

Oh well not exactly in the most chatty mood right now, I suppose I’ll resume my normal blogging soon enough.

I missed an event yesterday! Drats. Was looking forward to it.

And I also attended the Revlon Mineral Make Up Collection Launch with other bloggers, but I really don’t feel like blogging about it anymore.

Wa, I’m such a sucky blogger, I think Sabrina and the rest won’t invite me to events anymore!

Anyway… Now, the only thing I’m looking forward to is the SPI outing! We’re going to East Coast Park. To watch movies, hang out and erm… going to sing KBOX + eat steamboat after that?


I really want to sing!!!! Have been singing alot of karaoke recently.

Some sweeties said something that really made me SMILE – “Jessica, me & your other readers miss your smile!”

WAH!! So sweet.. Something James has never said to me before. LOL.

I think I’ll marry you guys instead.

So here’s a few smiley photos! (taken before the disaster stuck)


With fidelissss! I think her boobs look super delicious in this pic plz.

…Omg, does that sound lesbian or what?!

Anyway, I find it sooo ironic how different my life is from the photoshoot posted below.. Like the shoot below has super happy photos and with L.O.V.E lyrics, but right now I’m very upset and definitely no L.O.V.E -______-

By the way,

I know this is totally random but I’m selling this really pretty skirt!


Brand new with tag on. Tag says $90+ and it’s size 10 I think.

Email if interested.

I am gonna go nowwwww.

Will update more very soon. Although I dont know what to blog about -____-

Suggestions? Dont ask me to blog about why me and James broke up, I’ll smack you!

Thanks so much for all the concern. I know I still have you lovely readers!

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