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Yesterday was pretty fun, but I got kinda annoyed at times.

I’m not really a go-out-in-a-group person, because everyone is so damn picky and it’s really annoying when you gotta think hard where to go or what to do because he / she doesn’t want something someone else wants. Can’t people be more flexible and more easy-going?


I like CHOP CHOP, go here go there. Don’t talk so much.

There is nothing that kills the mood more when someone gets all whiny or keeps stalling time. Jasmine and Melissa, if you’re reading this, I’m not referring to you guys specifically, just ranting in general. =P

People need to know how to make up their minds!!!!!

It’s FUCKING ANNOYING when I’m in a group, and I ask them what they wanna do and they’re all just like “I don’t know, anything lor”!

Then when I give suggestions, they’re like “Don’t want la…”


But nevermind.

STILL LOVE YOU GIRLS! You’re bitches, but I love you ANYWAY ;)

Can’t wait for my fringe to get longer so I can style it to the side!

Bangs are cute, but they get old really quick. And the damned thing keeps parting in the center. Refer to picture above. LOL

EEEEE! My loves.

I wanted to use photobucket but I think my bandwidth’s still exceeded right? Alot of people are complaining they can’t see my pics, so I used blogger to upload instead and they’re so SMALL!

CLICK ON IMAGES to see full size version :D

Mighty 6. See the empty space on the left? That’s for Rachael, our missing mighty.




We went to watch Holy Innocents’ High School Musical – I want to be a star.

(my school duh)

Honestly speaking, I had very low expectations for the outcome and I didn’t want to go in the first place, but since my girls had an extra ticket, I went.

I’m very glad to say I enjoyed the musical very much!!!

Some parts were HILARIOUS.

Very cute la!!!!!!! Never knew my school had such adorable talents :)

Absolutely genius. I laughed sooo hard. It’s hard to describe what happened since you gotta see it for yourself to know.

Whatever it is, great job guys! The acting was good, the only thing to improve is probably the singing.

I love the lyrics and music.

Very easy to relate to and extremely catchy.

By the way, remember how I said I wanted to dress down? Ended up wearing a tee and shorts. Cuz I thought they were all wearing casual, and they always complain that I look damn formal.

Little did I know my girls were all wearing black dresses and shit -___-

Like anyway, I have THE BEST slogan tee ever:

HAHAHAHA. I adore this tee to bits.

Whenever I walk pass a couple, I’d see the girl giving me evil looks. LOLOL. It’s even more fun when I wink at the guy and the girl goes bonkers!

I got kinda annoyed cuz everyone was staring at my chest yesterday. Then I remembered what shirt I was wearing.

Anyway, I have a meeting with a client later at 5pm at Suntec.. It’s like 3 now and I feel like going to sleep, sigh. =(

I have to wear contacts, tidy my hair, put on make up and false lashes and wear nicely and travel allll the way to Suntec to meet the person probably for like 15 mins only then come back home.


Annoying! Should I go, or should I not?

That is the question.




relationship problems

I officially proclaim June to be the month of Relationship Problems.

…So many people I know have either broken up, or are going to break up. It’s pretty tragic, I tell ya.




From my best friends to me and my boyfriend to my family members.

…Sigh, just what is it about love that makes us cry for joy and cry for laughter?

Last night I stayed up all night crying my heart out to my mother. I tell you, I was practically going crazy.

I kept running around the house because I didn’t know what the fuck to do and I couldn’t stay still.


And then I gave up because I knew nothing would work. Went into my mother’s room at like 1am, wailed and wailed all the way till 3am.

I really need to thank my mother for keeping me sane last night.

Honestly, I felt like doing something drastic like committing suicide so I wouldn’t have to face the situation anymore. But after talking so much to my mum, I was pretty much damn exhausted and fell asleep.

I kept waking up and stare into space for 40 mins and fall back asleep though.

James came over to my place just now…

It’s so hard to pretend that you don’t love him and try not to grab him and hug him to death, you know?

I think I can truly ditch the hope of us getting back together.

Come on Jess, get it in your head!!!

He has made it very clear. I know deep down inside getting back together now isn’t the way things should be either.

True, I was the one who initiated the break up, but I’m also the one who is more soft-hearted, younger, and overall weaker.

Ok I have decided to set a limit for my emotional posts. I don’t wanna bawl my eyes out all over again.

So, bottomline is,

If you love someone... then set them free.

Right now he wants to be free, so I’m letting him fly.

Whether or not he would return back to my side…. only time holds the answer.

There are many many questions in my head and many many things I’m still upset about, but I need to put them all away.

Right now, all these should not matter anymore.

If I keep looking back on those sweet memories that make me cry, I can never move on with my life.

I must keep myself busy, busy, busy.

I must not remember how gentle his touch was.

I must not remember how I loved sneaking him into my house in the middle of the night.

I must not remember how good it feels to lie on his strong chest and listen to his steady heartbeat and breathing.

I must not remember how it feels like to be loved by him.


It is sooooo fucking hard that I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown right now, but I still must try.

You know what he actually told me just now? He told me he WANTS me to have a NEW boyfriend. To “see the real word”

….Interesting. Well, rebound relationship sounds like a good idea at the moment (although it is not such a good idea in the first place, I know I know)

But it’s the fastest way for me to forget him, I suppose.

I hope I can take this chance to actually study?

..Wait, am I really saying this?

No duh.

Obviously not.

All I really wanna do right now is go to somewhere far, far away… Where all my troubles and worries can be left behind in Singapore.

Eh, I want to move to America and live with Rachael.

I need a getaway.

But I’m not gonna be able to get away.

O levels are in like 4 months.

You’re screwed, Jessica.

You got yourself into this mess, and it’s time you got yourself out of this seemingly endless dark pit.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you…

Cry and you cry alone.


Actually paying attention in class. From there, I’ll TRY to buck up on my studies.

But alot of things are easier said than done.

You know what’s my BIGGEST consolation right now?

I went to the doc just now and I got myself some VALIUM.

Good lord, considering all my sleepless crying nights and all the bad dreams and fits, a good night worth of sleep sounds like the exact getaway I need.

Now that James is gone, I’ve got to find a replacement for my Happy Pill.

It’s crazy how I’m trying to convince myself. But this seems to be the only way to make things make sense.

Don’t look back, keep going forward on your path, Jess. The only thing that’s left there anymore is the footprints he left behind…

I’ll be just fine.

I know I will.

..I must.


great cleo swimsuit shoot


Ah poh woke me up earlyyyyy in the morning (ok not that early, 11plus) to ask if I was going to the CLEO’s Great Swimsuit Shoot with her.

The girl was so excited about it, how can I refuse? ALMOST reluctantly, I agreed. Lazed around even though I was running late.

Reporting time: 1: 30pm

Time I left the house: 1pm

…. So yeah. Had to cab all the way down to Sentosa!!!! 20++

I hate taking cabs despite the comfort, they are such a RIP-OFF.

Ok anyways we thought we were gonna be really late cuz we ended up reaching at 2+ but girls were still registering and chilling out!

We walked a blooooody long way to Siloso Beach... They were situated at the other end -____-

Upon arrival, we saw alot of stuff going on – fake tattoo air brush spraying, tug-of-war, blahblahblah…

However, me and Jasmine are definitely NOT beach / outdoor girls. In fact, I think it’s mad people enjoy outdoor sports in Singapore.


We retreated to the nearest cafe – where we attracted a lot of stares. We weren’t even in bikinis then!

I hate being stared at. I mean, I know it’s ironic because if I don’t like people looking at me, why should I dress up in the first place?

The thing is, it’s okay when people look and smile or something, but it’s damn annoying when they give you those cold stares or when they screen you from top to toe.

Recently I’ve given random strangers the middle finger alot. I MUST LEARN TO IGNORE!




So it was at that random cafe that me and Jas met the Butt Cheeks crew.

Hahaha, although the guys were really cheesy at first, it was all in the name of fun! I LOVE CHEESINESS.

They made the day a whole lot more awesome. I love random fun people. LOL

I thought the girls were the bitchy type at first, but they turned out to be real darlings.

I made alot of new friends that day! Happy happy. This is really rare for me, since I’m usually pretty unsociable and emo. The world hates me =(





Me and my accomplice aka lover aka bitch aka ah poh, JASMINE! Check out the melting expression, people. Need I say more?




Even though I hate all that, I am always game for something new.

Like I said before, it’s always really fun to be part of something crazy, and who’s to tell me that 420 bikini girls on the beach under the sweltering weather taking a photoshoot to break national records is NOT fun and crazy?!

Jess: AH POH!!!! I am very grumpy. I am melting!!!

Jasmine: ….Then what to do? -_- Don’t so grumpy leh, act as though you are enjoying!

I think we make good actors.

My hair was covering my boobs all day. Kinda defeats the purpose of wearing a bikini =P

I’m shy shyyy w0rxzxz.ssd

Jess: Grrrr! HOT!!!!

Jasmine: ACT HAPPY, remember?!?

My little poh poh looking unusually sad =(

After some time we had to put away the camera cuz the CLEO team were busy trying to make us do lame stuff like Kallang Wave etc etc. LOL.


We were forming the letter “O” of C.L.E.O!

To the left, I see boobs…

To the right, I see more boobs…

And I saw a LOT of photographers!!! Chikopeh alert!

Bumped into familiar faces there.


Reached home and I received this photo. HAHAHAHA.



My favourite cute botak photographer. Hehehehe.


My sexy BUTTCHEEKS bitches,

Nicole, Angelline and Charmaine (“v”)


Super long queue for the goodie bag! Anyway, there were alot of random stuff inside the goodie bag la.

Cornflakes, granola bars, nail polish, hair cream, vouchers, sanitary pads?! LOL. Girl’s essentials?!?

And of course,

what’s an event without taking lots and lots of photos?


Me and darling!


I don’t even know those 2 girls on the left. LOL.

I remember posing for TONS of photos but alot of them were random photographers. Only managed to get a few from googling the event.

I bet most of them are masturbating to the photos at home.


Again, I don’t know the girl on the left.


Found this on NewUrbanMale’s website. Candid shot. HAHAHA!!! Stupid face.

EH, Jessica, why are you looking soooo glum to stand inbetween two cute guys?!


..There. Much better.





After the CLEO shoot and mingling around ended, me & crew drove to

Cafe Del Mar to have drinks..


Bikini babes going crazy at the back of the car. I swear, the boys in front almost came in their pants, HAHAHA.

I like the whole concept of beds on the beach and bar beside the pool @ Cafe Del Mar, but seriously, the whole place is so poorly-maintaned it’s not even impressive.

The bedsheets seemed as though they were only washed once a month!!! GROSS.

Do you know their water costs like,
SEVEN fucking dollars?!?!

Madness right!!!! I think like that their Coke is $14 lor.

I was like, “Must be some holy diamond water from the gods that lets you regain your beauty & youth, etc etc”

But I still enjoyed having drinks and lying down on a freaking bed on the beach while staring at the clouds in the sky…. Wonderful feeling no doubt.





Sweethearts who were there with us~


My angmoh-looking-asian heart throb.






Yummilicious man whore. LOL!

UTT! He’s a real darling ;)

I think I nearly died of a heart attack when he put his hand on my waist, hehehe.

By his flirty gestures, I would ALMOST have imagined he thought I was pretty cute…. except for the fact I was told he’s “not into girls” (rumour has it)

BAH. All hot / good men are either taken or gay! =(

Nevermind, doesn’t change the fact he’s still totally a M.I.L.F and I love him to bits. LOL

Estelleee darling!

Niraaa baby!

See what I told you about girls with long hair covering their boobs?


Ahoy maties!

I know it’s an unflattering angle, but I don’t really care.


I forgot what we did that made time pass so fast.

But before we knew it, night fell and it was time to go home!

Really enjoyed my day, I WANNA GO BACK TO SENTOSA AGAIN!


Seemingly normal.


…But actually hair-pulling bitches! LOL.

Gonna have my dinner now.

See you lovers soon!!!!


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