chinese o’ levels


It’s CHINESE O LEVELS on 26th May. 3 days away.

Repeat and chant with me:

Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead,


Sheesh. Well, at least its Chinese and not Mathematics.

When MATH o lvls come, That’s when I would REALLY freak out.

I hate how you can’t really study for chinese though! It’s either you’re good at it, or you’re not. Unless I spend 2 years in China :(










Those days are obviously long gone.

I’ve been reduced to a studies-hating fool who cowers at the thought of sitting in an examination hall facing 6 pages of paper with weird chinese alien letters written on them.

Oh well… Send me your blessings on 26 May anyway, I WILL DEFINITELY NEED IT!

Thank god we can take the chinese paper twice.

I hateeeeeeeeeeeee this. I hate growing up. Sounds childish, doesn’t it? But time is passing so freaking fast!!!





WHAT IF I GET WRINKLES? Or what if I don’t get a good job? Eeeeek.

I like being 16 years old.

I can choose to cuddle up in my super-comfortable-bed with tons of soft toys like STITCH all day and nobody can say anything about me :(

By the way, today is Sports Carnival Day and I skipped school because Sports Day is lame to me and so here I am, enjoying my relaxing day and blogging.

SEE??!?!?! Next time grow up already where got SPORTS DAY for you to pontang and skip work/school?

I am on the verge of going bonkers.

A part of me wishes that O LVLS will never ever come.

Another part of me wishes that O LVLS will just faster come so that I can get the hell over with it.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, tomorrow is my last day of school then it’s JUNE HOLIDAYS!!!!!

I predict lots and lots of shopping, movie watching, eating and sleeping. I will study once I enjoy the first half of my june hols :)

Oh and please, don’t bother disgusting me with preachy naggy “STUDY HARD!” comments on my tagboard.







He’s the only thing thats keeping me sane.

Even though recently we’ve been having tons of little fights all the time, he still makes me beam from ear to ear!

I love you, MY LITTLE CHIPMUNK!!! (“v”)


ah poh’s BBQ

Jasmine Poh’s birthday BBQ!

Yeah… I think she looks cuter with cake on her face. LOL!

Even though her birthday hasn’t reached yet ;)

But an early celebration is always better than a belated one.

It was held @ punggol park… At first, I was kinda annoyed coz it was very stuffy, very hot, and quite an ulu and small place. But then I realized the good thing about it is that it is so ulu, you can do whatever you freaking want cuz nobody really cares there!

Most of the time, this was what we were doing… Sitting around doing nothing (for the others) but for me, I was stuffing myself silly with all the food. HAHAH soooo typical me. I definitely ate the most there!!!

Tried to help out but everyone panicked and told me I should just sit there and eat instead T____T

Well, fine with me anyway!!

Me and da birthday girlllllllllllll who is looking cute with da hoodie ;)

Yes I know I look awfully awkward. But I always feel DAMN AWKWARD when I take pictures with people shorter than me (which ALWAYS happen coz other singaporeans are usually short lol) cuz I don’t know to bend down or what!!

Another reason for me to love flats =P


LOL. Went kinda crazy that day, daring people to do all sorts of silly stuff.

AND THE REIGNING QUEEN OF DARES…. Someone whom I’d never expect to be so daring!!!


( I love her T-shirt. It says DUMBO – you know, the flying elephant? Give me a reason to insult her without directly insulting her. LOL! )

Wanna know why she impressed us that night? Because…..






We dared her to climb the lamp post.

Not only did she climb the friggin pole, she REACHED THE TOP AND POSED FOR A PICTURE! LOL!

I dunno about you, but I’ll bet I can’t even hold onto that pole for more than a second (if I even get up there at all) so reaching the top is definitely not easy.









We dared her to go topless…


I thought I’m the only girl who’s wild enough to do something like that, but didn’t know you’re totally crazy as well ;)

Three cheers for sexayyyy Wynne! I love people who are game for thrills. Even if it means making a fool out of yourself once in awhile.

LOL. Funniest photo of me EVER!

You will never find another photo of Jessica’s back view while playing Scissors paper stone and having her leg stretched open so wide you could fit an elephant inbetween.

See that guy who’s playing scissors paper stone with me in the pic above? Well, I got lucky and he lost to me. Poor Jonathan.. =P Or am I just too good? HAHAH I am so full of myself nevermind.

So he had to drink up this slurpilicious mixture of green tea, satay sauce, bee hoon, chilli sauce and… god knows what?

And it was time to blow the cake!!! I told Ah Poh to wsh that I’ll be slimmer and prettier. LOL.

A perfect cake in the hands of disastrous people… What would be the outcome?





Disastrous cake lor. LOL.

Everyone just went like, “EAT!!!” and started grabbing forks and poking at the cake furiously.

No proper cutting whatsoever! It was fun though. A total refreshing change from the usual boring servings!

(Totally awesome cuz I ate so much cream… Mmmmmm)

HAHAHAHHA, I am in love with this picture of me & bernard!

He seems damn excited talking to me, check out his hand action – totally animated.

Whereas I’m just like…. “Oh god. Just take the freakin’ picture already so that I can get out of here”

LOLOL but that’s not true la, I enjoy talking to bernard, I love bernard la he’s totally cute!

OMGOMG Meet Stephen and Airil!!!

Two total strangers. Stephen in blue is chinese whereas Airil in black is Malay.

But don’t they look FREAKING ALIKE???

Jasmine mentioned something about mothers and affairs…*coughcough*

It would be pretty cool to meet somebody who looks just like me!! Although everyone keeps saying me & Joanne & Jasmine look alike.


Totally annoying at times… Yet totally cute and endearing as well. (“v”)

What better way to end the post than a chio bu’s priceless expression?!! HAH! =DDDDD

Group picture of all who were there that day!


I know I had fun…

But more importantly, hope AH POHHHHH had fun as well!!!

Anywaysss. Jasmine’s Poh birthday is on 22nd May, so happy birthday in advance, you act cute bitch! (“v”)

Lurbeexxx euu w0rzzxXxx. MUACK MUACKZ!!!!!!


SURVEY! & other random issues


This should be interesting.

I realize that I am always writing about myself, about who I am, about what I do, about how I feel…

It is always me, me, me, talking about none other than ME!

Whenever I meet people or other bloggers, they always go like, “You know I’m actually very surprised that you’re actually like *this this this*, when I read your blog I thought that you were *that that that* kind of person!”

And I’m like “REALLY?!? So thats what people think about me?”




So out of curiosity, as my blog reader, what can you say about me?

If you’re not oh-so-busy right now, spare Jessie a few moments to write whatever that comes to your mind and send a short (or long if you wish to!) write-up to entitled “SURVEY”

It doesn’t have to be totally about how you think I look. (since thats what I get from alot of people -_-)

More about, what kind of person you think I am and such and such.





Another issue is,

I’ve been getting a number of advertorial requests lately… And since I’m going to have ads posted up soon, I just thought I’d let you guys know that




I do accept advertorial requests such as:

Blogshop advertising (but advertising is STRICTLY BANNED in my tagboard!)

Any other type of review for your product

…Or any other advertorial purposes which you think you may need my help with.

I’m not the kind who likes her blog filled with advertorials, so if I’m gonna do one, I might as well include a few in one post. It’s not going to be “A FAVOUR” or FOC, cuz face it, there’s no free lunch in this world.

I don’t believe in annoying pop up advertorials / spam or the Advertlets kind. I like personal reviews, cuz thats still a form of expression anyway.

Nuffnang is fineeeee with me because it is not the least bit annoying (instead its very creative) AND I get much more than money – I GET TONS OF FUN!

If you’re wondering about my blog traffic, I get 1000+ unique visitors (on average) daily

Look out for beauty-related advertorials since many girls seem to be interested about where I get my dress / where I do my hair / what kind of make up I use etc etc etc!

Email shiberty@hotmail.con with revelant details such as what / how you want me to advertise, etc etc. Subject head “Advertorial” please!


Next issue:

I have been very very Temperamental and moody these few days :(

For a short period of time, I’m practically OVER THE MOON!





After awhile, the “happy times” subside and I turn a little…. weird.






And finally, doesn’t take long before I turn absolutely cranky and a total bitch up your ass.

GOD I HATE PERIODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am seriously considering having my ovaries removed in an operation. Random and gross, but true.

Think about all the sanitary pads I could save on. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

I could go swimming any day I want.

I could drink icy cold water without fearing dying of mentrual cramps.

And I wouldn’t need to feel that sickening monthly pain in my abdomen for the rest of my life.
Awesome, or what? No risks of getting pregnant when having sex too.

wait, did I just mention sex?

Erm, *cough cough* Jessica has only heard of sex in science textbooks. Nothing more than that.

What the hell is sex anyway? Can eat? *bats innocent eyes*

Anyways, I know that removing ovaries also mean that I can’t have children.

Which, honestly really doesn’t bother me much since I’ve also seriously considered adopting children when I grow up.

I want to make a difference in other peoples lives. And when I think about all the poor and sick and unloved unfortunate people in the world, I often get sad :(

What better way to make a difference in someones life than to treat an unwanted child like your own? Show him that someone does care for him afterall.

The thought of pregnancy disgusts me.

I am not childish la, okay?

Some women still squirm at the sight of their husbands penises. It’s just a personal “I-think-it’s-awful” thing.

I am fat enough already, and I cannot imagine my tummy swelling that huge! And something is alive inside of me.

I think that when the baby kicks around in my stomach, instead of going like, “Awwww look hes kicking!” like most mummys do…

I’d probably be like, “OMGZ WTF ITS ALIVEEEE!!!!!111111″


But then again,

I did mention that I have been feeling very very crazy these few days, and crazy words of crazy people should never really be taken too seriously.

I am constantly changing so quickly, so maybe by the age of 19 I’d be like “I WANT A BABY!” …so, who knows?

I typed out MANY MANY long posts about how I feel and stuff. But in the end, I always either press the “Delete” button or I “Save As Draft”

Happens alot these few days. Kind of a bugger when your personal blog isn’t so “personal” anymore…. Ah, the sorrows of getting commercialized.

Fear not, for I will never be a sell-out! Nyahahaha. You will still seeing me being stupid, emotional, bimbotic, funny (…I think?), and nonsensical on my personal blog.

Much love,



Am Bored and I can’t sleep because of motherfucking menstrual cramps.

So I thought I’d reply tags!

“Oh wow. You updated, and you look cute in those pictures. Ah yes, nowadays, people want to adopt instead of giving birth to babies. It’s slowly becoming a trend, I don’t know why though.”

First of all, thanks for the compliments although I think I look retarded in the pictures. HAH.

Trend started by Angelina Jolie, perhaps? =P

Well, perhaps some of these people who opt for adoption are like me. Their hearts go out to those poor kids in the homes.

Why shouldn’t these kids be loved? If you’re gonna freaking give birth to a child, you’d better be god damn sure you are capable of raising him/her well.

It’s so unfair that these children do not have loving mums and dads….

And perhaps another reason why people are more willing to accept adoption is because it’s not really such a big deal that the kid you’re raising did not come out from your womb.

Crude it sounds, but simply put.

I believe that all children are the same.

There ain’t no evil kids in this world, and thats why children are so precious.

Every kid on this earth just wants to be loved, just wants to play, just wants to eat chocolate instead of vegetables.

A child does not have a real personality of their own when they’re very young, rather, they are who you raise them to be. What they do and how they behave, etc, ultimately depends on what their environment is like at home.

Isn’t it the same for all of us? Our current personality is affected by incidents of the past.

I am strong-headed now… I stand up for what I believe in now. Why?

I’ve been bullied by others when I was younger, and after a long period of time, I finally got around to standing on my own two feet… Not without alot of suffering though.

right now I’ll show anyone who tries to bully me now that hell is not necessarily limited to the dead, only ;)

Ok, I think I am digressing too much already!





“About adoption, what if your kids found out you are not his/her biological parents,it’d cause a great impact on their erhs whatsay mental health lols.”

If I ever were to adopt a child, I’d never keep it from him that I am not his biological mother.

He deserves the right to know that.

And everything has loop-holes, so it’s stupid to try to lie your way through because lying to your kid for as long as you live sure is gonna be tough.

If you’ve noticed,

there are USUALLY two kinds of scenarios:

#1) Mum does not tell kid that he is adopted.

Kid thinks that his mother is really his biological mother all his life until one awful day, the truth is revealed.

Outcome: The kid rebels, and begins his search for his “real mother”, and will probably never look at his “mother” in the same light again. Kid would probably feel a sense of emptiness for the rest of his days. Kid may feel slightly UNFORTUNATE.

Reason: The kid never knew. He never imagined that his biological mother didn’t really want him enough. Also, he totally hates his foster mum for lying to him his whole life. He feels cheated. You can’t force a truth like that down someones throat oh-so-suddenly!


#2) Mum lets kid know from the youngest age possible that she is not his biological mother.

Mum never has to lie about “who-is-your-biological-mother” issues.

Outcome: Generally, these kids are more appreciative of their parents. They also tend to be “better people”, you know, the sort that worships world peace and “stop-abusing-animals”, more kind and compassionate, etc etc. Kid would most likely feel FORTUNATE.

Reason: The kid grows up knowing that he is loved and taken care of by someone who is more than willing to treat him as her own child. Nevermind that his own biological mother didn’t want him enough… He has a wonderful mother who is better than any biological nonsense. He embraces the truth.




So, yep,

I’d definitely choose number 2!

Eeeeek I kinda sound like I’m “definitely” gonna be adopting already. THINK O LEVELS, JESSICA, not children and adoption!!!!

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