Nokia Soul Of The Night – Post #3

* note: this post was written a while back..


Behold, my final post for Nokia’s Soul Of The Night advertorial =P

Andddd, Guess what’s the topic & destination for today?









KBOX ~~~~~

Jessica looooooves KBOX, because Jessica loves to sing (even though Jess doesn’t sing that well)

Originally, I’d wanted to post up a video of me singing but then after uploading it to youtube, I realized I sang too horribly and posting up that vid would have been Social Suicide.


So remember the other post when I went like, ” I WANT TO SING KARAOKE !!!!!! ” ??

James fulfilled my wish, and brought me to Cineleisure’s KBOX! Hehehehe.

It’s my favourite KBOX outlet cuz Cineleisure is an awesome, awesome place. It’s a favourite haunt for midnight movie and midnight KBOX for many people =D

Usually, whenever I’m at Cineleisure I’d have lunch there, play the arcade games, watch a movie, have dinner and finish the day by belting out my favourite songs at KBOX. It’s a fun enough day for me!

No clubbing for JESSICA. Absolutely not. Clubbing is shit. =)


It’s really funny to hear some peoples’ awful singing whenever I walk past their rooms, HAHA!

Whenever people go sing KBOX with me, they’re always like, “Eh, you everytime speak English one… then KBOX you sing English or Chinese ar???”

Hehehehe. I always sing those english classics and oldies, mainly oldies and songs from beatles, bee gees, carpenters, and even WESTLIFE! LOL.

Camwhoring is a wonderful entertainment-subsitute when other people are busy having their go at the microphone.


Ok. Look abit un-natural. =P

Hehehehe. James being stupid but absolutely adorable :]]]]]]]]]]

When he knew I was taking a photo of him, he said “DON’T DO IT OR ELSE!!!!”

And I was like, “OR else WHAT?…..”

“Or else…… I’ll eat the microphone so we all can’t sing anymore!!!!!”


I love KBOX coz its a wonderful activity to just chill and have fun – no matter 2 or 8 people, there are toilets nearby, I adore their yummy fingerfood, I can belt out to my favourite songs for hours and hours, I can laugh at other people whenever they go out of tune and it is conveniently located all around Singapore!

And it’s cheaper than party world, I think.

So head down to Cineleisure or other KBOX outlets to have a great time!! =DDDD

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Tired of seeing my fkn emo posts so here’s something to smile and laugh about -

a young boy’s reaction to BLOOD!

Awww the kiddo’s so concerned about his lil bro, it’s awfully sweet =)

At 0:26, check out the kid’s face!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Kiddo: Not funnny….

Daddy: Hehehe I know it’s so funny…I-mean- NOT FUNNY. Not funny.

And then he cracks up at his own kid again right after that. LOL.

The end is classic!! (“v”)



thank you for all the tags, emails, messages, and the concern shown.

i really, really appreciate it. it’s nice to know that even though i lost my favourite person in the world – i’m still not completely alone.

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