blog layout

Yo yo yo!

Any blogskin-ers here? Or anyone who does flash layouts or web design?

I am intending to change my blog layout so that it’s neater and more professional / unique, if anyone is good with HTML or graphic design, please email me at if you’re willing to help out, alright?!

If you’re professional or really good at it and require a fee, you can show me your portfolio and we’ll discuss more from there :)

I bet you guys are pretty sick of this layout.. I know I am! Been using it for way too long.

Can’t wait for a new change!! I wanna change my blog layout, change my make up, change my clothes, change my hair and change my boyfriend . LOL

Mucho love people!!




I think my extensions are like rotting! Time to remove them. I don’t know if I should cut short hair or straighten my hair or extend again?!

Totally confused. I adoooore my hairstyle in the picture above! In the past I used to love my extensions but nowadays it’s just really annoying coz it’s all over the place. Too heavy and thick.. Especially in shoots, the hair just sticks to me when I sweat and it’s super messy + gross!

Cut my hair?

Extend again?

Straighten my hair????




I don’t knooooow!!!!!

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