In my mum’s car this afternoon~

I looooove the comfort of cars.

I wanna buy my own luxury car!!!!

Especially the type with those soft, cushiony leather that feels like awesome marshmallow when you sit on it.

I used to like sitting on James’ bike because of the thrill and everything, but my preference has changed.

Luxury and comfort is now more important than thrill and danger. Ever since the bike accident the other night, I’ve disliked sitting on motorbikes!!!

I guess that’s a good thing afterall. I can finally sense the danger and the lurking consequences.

James should get a car!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mummy is very sweet, ever since she bought the Honda Jazz she’s been waking up in the early hours of 6am every weekday just to send me to school!

She doesn’t even have work, which means she won’t have much stuff to do when she gets back home. Quite inconvenient for her but she still makes the effort, yay. Love you mummy :D

Sooooo she drove me to Cineleisure… to meet James. (I tried to forget that he was being very annoying

Who, predictably, was pretty much very late AGAIN.

8 out of 10 times, he’s more than 20 mins late.

I’m going to make it a point to tell him to meet 40 mins earlier than I plan to meet him. So whenever I wanna meet him at 1pm, I’ll tell him a lie and say we should meet at 12:20.

Anyway we hung around town for awhile, before we met up with


I love Nuffnang(ers), I love Spi. (“v”)

So into nuffnang outings recently :D

Nothing less than fun, fun, fun!

So a group of bloggers gathered at Cineleisure, then we went to watch this film on AIDS. (oooooh!)

This event was organized by the health promotion board etc etc. I don’t usually choose to talk about such stuff because if my readers are horny and they choose to fuck around that’s honestly their own problem,

…………but since I was invited to the event and watched the film, I feel like I should have the courtesy to at least say something that supports this whole AIDS-awareness thing la, ok? So here goes.

There’s gonna be an exhibition at Cineleisure again, on the 29th March – Saturday.

I have a Nuffnang advertisement on it, scroll up and look at my sidebar. Click on the banner for more details :)

I will be there! So drop by and say hi if you want.

And yes, it is about AIDS.

There’s nothing wonderful about leading a promiscuous lifestyle… ( I loathe the sort )

Flirting is still somewhat acceptable, but would you really risk Death and Devastation just for the multiple orgasms?

I think it’s really _______ <(fill in the blank, ming said to be "sensitive" while blogging about this) to contract sexually transmitted diseases just because you choose to have 1 night stands, or if you visit prostitutes and such and such. It's a very good example for “you reap what you sow”

Be faithful to your partners la! If you’ve contracted the disease because your stupid partner was being unfaithful, then that’s a very sad thing. (If this happened to me, I would waste no time in happily castrating James… :)

Ok I don’t know what to blog about this thing anymore. I feel like a lor-soh auntie lor!

***end of aids-thingy. in short, don’t have casual sex, it’s not as fun as you think it is***

Oooh oohhhh back to topic.

Remember SPI?

Nuffnang is formalizing SPI!!!!

We are going to become an official club thingy under Nuffnang.

Awesome eh?!?

All our outings, events and stuff are being SPONSORED by Nuffnang!

Yeahhh I love you Ming~

He thinks that we’re one cool bunch of kiddos that will bring fun to the Nuffnang community, so SPI was formalized in hopes of bringing bloggers closer together ;D

Can’t wait for the next outing. We took lots of pictures.

Actually, THEY took lots of pictures!

They are SO typically bloggers! HAHAHAAHA.

Go until where, see until what also want to take. People also take. Food also take. Location also take?!?!

When we went to coffee club to makan, it’s like all the dishes had to go through this round of official photo-taking before we could eat la! LOL.

Bad news for gluttons like me who are always hungry.

I wanna grab the food and stuff it into my mouth but to my horror I see SPI arranging the food according to “colour” and stuff and taking photos of it.

Dunno they order food is to take pics of it or to eat lor :P

But like that very good la, love going out with them. They’re damn fun to be with! And they always take soooo many photos that I dont have to take any myself. =)

I can leave my camera at home but still have more than 10 pictures of me at the end of the day. LOL.

I don’t have any pictures yet, so unfortunately can’t post them for the moment :(

Will begin pestering bloggers for pictures soon! Wahahahaha.











Yeah, my previous post was like emo-tional but I’ve learnt to get over things quicker nowadays. (doesnt mean im still not annoyed!) Anyhoo….

Never break a girl’s heart,
…cuz she might just do something crazy.


Feeling the sudden urge to splurge to make herself feel better?












What on earth did Jessica buy to make herself feel better?!?












Welcome my new addition to my pink collectibles!

I’ve got a bloody awesome pink handphone, and now I’ve got a bloody awesome pink purse! Yipeeee.

Like it?

This lousy picture taken by my phone seriously does no justice to the real thing lor, especially for the price I paid for it!

I love it I love it I love it! And it definitely makes me feel alot better from my emo-mood from the previous blog post.

Two of my favourite colours: Pink and gold~~~

I couldn’t be happier.

It’s damn irritating to walk on the streets and see everyone else (including aunties and ah-lians) carrying imitation gucci & LV. The pollution is fucking all over the place!!! (and that’s why I adore Chanel to DEATH.)

So now I’m annoyed by the sight of the standard prints of Gucci and LV, especially the canvas Gucci but I’m soooo glad I found something unique from the latest range they have.

You should see the real shade of the pink, it’s sooo sweet. What the hell is not to love about this darling?!?? *gushes*

My next target:

A pink IPOD video!!!!

I am a big fan of Ipod.

Can’t wait to get my hands on that :D



I am like clueless what I should blog about.

What should I blog about ar?? Feel like blogging, got a few topics in mind but totally no inspiration!

By the way, someone just told me about this faker in Friendster:

Walao! Want to fake as me also use a nicer picture.

That pic is like soooo long ago. Use a photoshoot picture can?!?


Without You – Mariah Carey

I cannot find a single fault with this live performance.

I cannot stand her new music (just like how I cannot stand “new-age artistes” like Rihanna etc, but Mariah Carey was nothing less than an angel singing in this video.

It’s the perfect performance and the perfect song for her.

I definitely prefer older songs..

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