Remember the part where I talked about watching a short film called “August 29″ that promotes aids awareness among youths? Well, this youtube video above is the trailer of August 29.

I’m sure you’ve seen several other Nuffnang-ers having the same advertisement as mine on their blogs.

As quoted from Nuffnang,

It gives me great pleasure to announce, that in conjunction with the Health Promotion Board, Nuffnang Singapore is hosting its first formal blogger forum ever. The topic? AIDS.

This event will be taking place at Cineleisure, this Saturday on 29thMarch 2008, between 1500H and 1800H.

The event will entail visiting a photo exhibition, where bloggers can let their thoughts on the topic settle in, a formal forum led by HPB in the Preview Lounge (which has been booked just for all of us) where opinions can flow freely, and TEAAAA with makan to replenish all those braincells! And of course loooots of mingling after!

There are 50 places in total, but 25 bloggers have been handpicked by our team and given exclusive access, which means 25 more places available for the wider network.”

I happen to be one of the 25 “handpicked” bloggers, so I’m going. (now I feel like a strawberry!)





Join us at

Venue: Orchard Cineleisure foyer

28 March 2008, 5pm.
29 March 2008, 2pm (I’ll be there)
30 March 2008, 3pm

This community message is brought to you by Nuffnang and Jessica =P

Seeee you guys there!!!




Is anybody holding Westeal, GoJane, ASOS or other western sprees that are CLOSING SOON?

(or know of any such reliable blogshops)

Please send an email to with the links as I suddenly feel like doing serious online shopping!! (not interested in cheena preorders, thanks)

Found what I wanted!!

Thank you to all those who sent me messages and recommending different sites, muah muah! (“v”)




When I was using some wooden chopstick at a hawker centre just now, a fucking splinter went straight into my finger!


I hate cheapo wooden chopsticks lor! No matter how hard I squeeze or poke it or whatever, I just can’t seem to get the small thin piece of wood out of my finger!

It really hurts just to move my fingers :(

You know what’s the best part?

It’s NOT very near the surface of my skin, it’s actually deeper down!!





Ohhh god I’m gonna die. X____x;

I refuse to try to remove it anymore, because I almost died while trying. It hurts like hell and it’s impossible to remove unless I remove the flesh with it!

I tried my hardest to squeeze it off, even using needle and everything but NOTHING came out except scary white “hand juice”. Get what I mean? Some pus, thingy.

….I’m freaking out.

And since I’m not removing it,

it would probably be pain to move my hand forever and
it will get infected and
I would need to chop off my hands

which means I can never ever blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


*insert more drama here*

Pardon this abrupt short post as I said my finger hurts so I don’t wanna move it much :(

(Wish I could blog with my brain, then I would blog every day!)

I am officially in pain and depressed.

Goodbye world.







felt bored so i decided to upload more pictures~~

some pictures from saturday:

Woooo me and baby in the cinema waiting to watch the short film “August 29″!

This is the first (and probably the only) time I saw sooo many people taking pictures IN A CINEMA!!! Hahaha.

(oh yes I forgot to mention this but after we watched finish the AIDS awareness video, this fucker just refused to kiss me lor! went around telling everybody I’ve got AIDS!!! Grrrrr)

Group picture with da gang =)

Me & James are tiny people at the back, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Candid candid!!

Woot see how Kexin (girl in orange) looks so amused by whatever the hell I was saying, LOL.

Me and Taqinah ;)))))


these were taken at jolyn khew’s bday party:

fancy us entertaining ourselves at someone’s birthday party by camwhoring, HAHAHAHA.

I look into her eyes… And she looks back in mine.

That moment when our eyes met, we knew that we’ve already seen whatever there is to each other’s soul.

I am an annoying little bug! Weee look at me trying to be “included” in other peoples pictures LOL.

1st attempt at acting cute – half failed. (end up looking abit retarded)

Rofllll I always look SO white when there’s flash! I don’t even put loose powder or any form of powder anymore, so why the hell am I so “white”?

2nd attempt at acting cute –

A TOTAL SUCCESS!!!! (yeah, self-proclaimed)

HAHAHA we are like soooooooooooo cute in this picture plz.

Moustaches!!! =D =D

She was using my fake hair and I was using her fake hair. (Extensions, bodoh)



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