Yaayyyy. Woke up in the morning and rushed down to the salon before it closed to get my hair done!

Look at them big, lucious, soft curls! I know they can’t be seen properly in pictures, but they are soooo to-die-for! I’m extremely in love with my hair.

But I think for my next hairstyle, I’m either going to try something short or straight hair or with some funky bangs ;)

Everything is soooo bloody expensive now because it’s CNY. I trimmed my eyebrows and it costed me a whopping $22!



Thankfully, my hairdresser was UBER CUTE. His name is Tom. He’s good looking and hilarious, kept cracking jokes while he was doing my hair.

He’s from china.


How sexy is that, huh? A cute china man. That’s a first.

And he’ll turn your pathetic lump of hair into something gorgeous. Mmmmm, sexy hair stylists, ME LIKE.

And not only is Tom friendly, the ENTIRE SALON STAFF is uber freaking friendly!

Damn happening.. Music blasting with everyoneeeeee chatting.. They would walk up to you and chat with you if they see you getting bored while waiting for your hair to be done. They would ask you if you’d like a drink. They would talk to you about anything under the sun!

And not forgetting my new nickname, as chosen by them, is Mei Nu. LOLOLOL

They don’t wanna call me “Jessica” and they keep going “mei nu” here and there. w0 shii meii nu w0rzxzxx!!11

Maybe when I turn 18 and I cannot use the link,

I’ll use


I am going to make that salon my official favourite salon, hehehe. And it’s soooo near my house, talk about extreme convenience.

If anyone is needing a haircut, or a wash and blow or whateverrr,

I recommend Hair Secrets, which is at the 5th floor of Eastpoint, directly next to Simei MRT.

And if you want a cute and chatty hair stylist, look for TOM and say you’re Mei Nu (aka Jessica) friend!

Excellent service and very friendly staff.

They just made my day!!!

Okok, enough about free-advertising for some salon..




I went shopping with my mum, bro & bro’s gf yesterday!

Guess where we went to shop?

Nope, not my favourite haunt Vivo City..






…So what if they go to Paragon, you ask?


NOBODY in their right mind would even DREAM of going to Paragon to shop, unless they’re bloody loaded with cash!!

And you wonder why Paragon is not as crowded as other shopping malls like Heeren?

Everything is so fucking expensive in Paragon, I think the most cheapo and ugly shop there must be U.R.S inc.

It is the ultimate tai-tai haunt, THE ultimate place if you’re a rich bitch looking for some nice heels from Miu Miu or whatnots.

A pair of FLATS from Miu Miu costs over $1000. =(

The beautiful pair which I had my eye on.. Sigh.

I saw many sluts shopping with their rich and stinky old boyfriends!!

ENVY. I want a filthy rich boyfriend to let me indulge in super-materialistic pleasure too.

The next time someone asks me, “What kind of boyfriend do you want?”

I will no longer reply the standard, expectedand boring “One that is sweet, charming, handsome, and will love me with all his heart…”




Instead, I’ll reply them a short and sweet “One who can let me bring home 10 shopping bags from Paragon.”



My mum’s birthday is on the 26th of Feb. Which also happens to be me & James’ 1 year and 6 months anniversary!!!

It’s been so long. Gee.

And being the filial and wonderful daughter that I am, I bought my mummy a bag which she had her eye on, from Raoul:

Hahaha look how happy she is. The bag costed me $180 x__x

And if you’re an ignorant fool who is going to say something on my tagboard like, “haha u can find the same design bags at bugis for only $30″….

Then please go back to whatever faraway place of stupidity which you came from.

You can find fake gucci bags for only $8 at Pasar Malams too, can’t you? Does that mean I should stoop to a new low and start buying imitation products too?

It’s about the quality, not quantity, noobshit.

And after saying this, I suppose some people would have the idea of saying “not everybody is as rich as you to buy real gucci. why must u be so proud?”

I’m not being proud. Duhhhh.

But anyway, I think people who buy imitation products are really, really, stupid and desperate.

If I came from a low-income family, I’d much rather buy a normal bag from affordable teenage shops than to buy some fake gucci bag.

If you can’t afford the real thing, then you can’t afford it.

Why the need to fake it?

You have it, flaunt it. You don’t have it – it’s ok.

But when you’re trying to “flaunt” what you DON’T have…

Well, basically it’s like an obese girl giving you a sexy expression in a tiny bikini.



Get it?

The reason why I’m digressing so much is because I’m sick and tired of idiots who keep telling me I’m extremely stupid for buying branded stuff because they are the same as cheap stuff.

Fuck you, they are NOT THE SAME!

The only thing STUPID about buying branded stuff is if the branded stuff you buy doesn’t look all that nice and isn’t all that cheap either.

Anyway, I bought this top from Guess:

And this pink guess heels

And another kimono top from Miss Selfridge.. Won’t be posting the pic of that because I’ve always thought that anything similar to kimono is fucking ugly, and I have no idea why I bought it.

Too expensive for my liking =(

Bought them on impulse. Blah.

I don’t like going shopping with my mum!!! I end up buying stuff that aren’t worth the money. :(

Only bought the bag for my mum, the pink top and pink heels and kimono top but the damage was already $500!

I spent more than $1000 buying random stuff this week. *vomits with horror*

I am sooooo going back to my F21 where everything is simply gorgeous and affordable, damnit.

But I can only do that when I get back from Genting. All the shops are closed now anyway. I’m going to Genting in 1 day’s time! =)

The only thing that excites me about going there is the roller coaster. Weeeeee!

I’ll try to take as many pictures as possible, but I doubt I will take much because it’s troublesome and I wanna have a good time there. Wouldn’t wanna misplace my camera either.

Roller coasters make me bite my lip, roller coasters make me go silly and gaga!!





Click click!

Pictures from my christmas shoot!

Long ago stuff, but the photographer just passed me a CD filled with my pictures so I received some images I haven’t seen before =)

I loooove his photography skills. He also gave me $80 ang pao!!! HAHAHA. I love CNY.

Okok I can’t blog much right now cuz I’ve gotta go get ready & go out with James. We’re gonna have Pizza Hut for lunch later. Yummy! *is growing really fat*


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