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Been sooo lazy to update recently.. *snores* I feel like sleeping right now, but then I’d feel guilty for neglecting you guys ahaha :)

I had a terrific Valentine’s Day! We didn’t do anything that’s like “wow-omfg-that-was-so-fun!!!” but still it was really fun. I guess it just depends on who you’re with, huh?

You could be at an amusement park with a stupid person and have zero fun at all but just going out for dinner with close friends is enough to make your week.

James was particularly sweeeet to me yesterday. Hehehe.

Making me swoon just thinking about him now. He’s coming to my place in about 2 hours time!

I think it’s because it was Valentine’s Day so he made an effort to be extra loving to me.

Gee, now I wish everyday is Valentine’s Day…

When else would you get your boyfriend being extremely affectionate towards you?! And all your friends are just happy to spread some friendship love..

Of course, I’m not saying I like V’Day because I don’t get love on other days – I do. It’s just that I find V’Day is a good reminder for us to take time to appreciate our loved ones.

EVERYBODY NEEDS REMINDERS! And it’s a good day to not think about whether or not you should take leave to spend time having a candlelit dinner with your loved one. It’s NOT just a stupid day when stupid people get together buying stupid roses and little meaningless gifts.

First of all, saying that receiving roses and fererro rochers and little bears are meaningless gifts just shows how shallow you are.

As long as it is a gift, it is not meaningless. Because the person who gave it to you wanted you to know he / she is still thinking of you and hopes that this gift would somehow put a smile on your face…

taken from :

gift = something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without its being earned

So why in the world would your demented brain think that gifts must be practical stuff you can put to “good use”?

One of the little sweet gifts I’ve received on V’Day.

It’s just a piece of cookie. And that’s all it means to you.

But it means something a whole lot more to me:

even we are not extremely close, it is a really comforting thought to know our friendship bears enough significance to him that he has put in the effort of baking heart-shaped cookies for me on V’Day to express her joy of having me as a friend!

It may be a heart-shaped cookie and not a heart-shaped necklace from Tiffany & Co., but who cares? I can buy the latter myself with just money, whereas I can never get a cookie of love from a friend anywhere else in the world.

It’s unique and special in it’s very own way, and that’s why gifts never fail to make me smile.

Gifts are only meaningless when the only reason you are giving is because you are expecting to receive something in return.

That, my friend, is the most meaningless gesture of all.

Give to give, don’t give to receive.

The purpose of presenting gifts to other people is fulfilled when the gift reaches the receiving party’s hands,
because the very meaning of the gift lies in the pleasure you derive from seeing that smile on her face and a tear roll down her cheek.

I just can’t stand those losers who keep repeating that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial gimmick and everybody who is happily enjoying themselves = fool.

What’s wrong with enjoying ourselves and buying gifts for each other on a particular day?

I think my loved ones are important and special enough to me to deserve a day dedicated to them on the calender.

And if celebrating the existance of your loved ones is stupid, then other festive holidays such as Christmas must be even dumber as well, because much more people around the world are celebrating an invisible man.

It’s not that I believe in christianity or the related, but if all V’day, Xmas and all other festive holidays are also as meaningless as yo claim them to be then I guess I will end my digression here because I have no interest in speaking to a miserable soul who probably slits his wrists everyday.


While we’re on the topic of gifts, guess what I did for James? Hehehehe..









I sewed a heart-shaped satin cloth onto the back of a new underwear-cum-boxer I bought for him :)

I placed the heart smacked in the middle of the place where the butt’s supposed to be. It looks soooo cute. I swear James burst out with extremely loud laughter when he saw it. I’m glad he likes it!



And this is the front:

You cannot see the words I wrote on the front because of the satin material.

The words read, “STRICTLY JESSICA’S PROPERTY” with heart shapes.

That’s for just in case he ever cheats on me, and then when he removes his pants in front of the other girl he will feel so guilty that he will come crying and knocking on my front door so I can promptly chop his ungrateful privates off.





I spent an extremely long time sewing this! Like 5 hours? I have never sewn anything in my entire life before. I am a gu niang. =(

I HATE tying those omfgingly little knots with the threads, it bloody kills me. *smacks forehead*

And do NOT even start on how you think the heart-shape is ugly!

IT IS SO NOT UGLY. *pouts*

And it’s not as easy as you think it is, okay? It may look very simple to you, but if only you knew what I made the entire thing from….






A red-satin hairband. *shifty eyes*

So take that. YOU try to take a hairband and turn it into a heart shape sewn onto underwear before making any comments, thank you very much!




And this all seemed like an extremely adorable idea, until Eunice asked me,

“But Jessica… What if he farts very often?”


valentine’s day

Hello you people!
I skipped school again today. Eeeeek.
When my friend knew about this he said, “Tell your teacher Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days
I am so going to school tomorrow. I wonder how I’m going to pass my O’ lvls. *crosses fingers*
I believe everyone knows Valentine’s Day is on 14th feb,
which is like one and a half day away!
Love is in the air..~ I smell it already =P

What are you guys gonna do?

I was thinking really hard about what me & James should do this year Valentine’s and what I should give him, and then I realized I’ve given him sooo many things before that I am running out of ideas.

On his 20th birthday, I cooked his favourite dishes & brought them out to the poolside for a quiet & romantic candlelit dinner when the clock struck 12. I drew him a card, and got him the sexiest-smelling cologne.

On his 19th birthday, I brought him to Genting for a getaway and got him a shirt!

I’ve given him alooot of stuff. Tops. Jeans. Watch. Cologne. Keychains. You name it I’ve given it.

And I’ve made alot of handmade stuff! I was completely out of ideas, when suddenly…





I decided to have a couple photoshoot on Valentine’s Day.

I haven’t tried a couple shoot before, & I thought it would be a LOVELY thing to do on Valentine’s Day!! Perfect for getting into the mood, and the photos will be kept as beautiful memories that would last a lifetime.

At first, I thought of asking some photographer friends to shoot as a favour, but then I found a wedding photographer who happens to be available on V’Day!

What luck! Considering this is a very last minute thing (only one and a half day away), he accepted my offer. Yipeeeee. I really like his works and his shooting style, I’m convinced he’s just the photographer I need to produce the photos I want.

You may view his works here:

I figured this would be a very special experience on Valentine’s Day, and it’s quite a unique gift, isn’t it?

I am so excited!!!!!!! =D

The shoot will be after James finishes work, and after the shoot we’re gonna have a lovely dinner with another couple (double date!)

No idea what we’ll be doing after dinner. James is in charge of the plans after that. All I know is he’ll be sending me home and stay over, so I can cuddle him throughout the night! Yayyy.




I can’t wait. :)

I’ll share the pictures when I’ve gotten them in the future! Hehehe

Have a lovey dovey Valentine’s Day, everybody!


off to genting

It’s like 2+am now and I’m not asleep. Zomfg. I have to prepare to go malaysia at 5+am later. I am fucking nuts aren’t I XD

I will blog about my awesome lunar new year when I get back. I hope you guys have as much as I did! Hehe.

If you want to, you can leave a message for me at my tagboard, I’ll be reading all of them loves!

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