beauty tips?

Hello babess.

Considering the poll on which topic you guys wanted me to blog about, beauty tips got the highest votes.

Fire ALL your beauty questions at me, and I’ll answer all of them in my next post!

Ask me questions on problems that you’re having with your complexion, tips on make up, or fashion advice – whatever you may have in mind, however hard or complicated the question is, I’ll try my very best to answer it!

If you’re gonna ask, “how to maintain good complexion?”, well then, I suggest you tell me what problems you’re having instead.

I won’t answer questions that are too general – please specify details.

Of course, I’m not claiming to be a professional beauty consultant, but I know a fair lot of beauty information (cos I’m that vain) and I wanna help my readers out a little, so fire away!

Simply leave your questions at my tagboard, or email me at if the questions are long.

Looking forward to hearing questions from you people, otherwise I won’t be bothering to do the beauty post :)



a post. finally.

You guys might have noticed my lack of blogging recently…

And there are many reasons for that.

Firstly, school has reopened. I don’t have much time to blog, neither do I have interesting topics to blog about. Usually, the only interesting thing about going to school is meeting your friends. And the lame jokes they crack. But I’m not someone who can translate well, so yeah. Some things are only funny when being said in real life.

Secondly, school & relationship problems = making me very very very stressed.

Once I reach home, I spend most of my time sleeping. I feel like I have a constant headache that never wants to go away =(

I spend most of my time in school faking a smile, then I spend my time at home frowning.

Oh my god I sound like suchhhh an emo fuck.

Which is also a reason why I’m not interested to blog, by the way. I’m tired, lost, confused, stressed out, pissed off, and fulllllllllllll of angry emotions.

If you want me to blog – fine. Be prepared for mindless depressed rantings, and lots of sad sad poems. Damnit, I feel a sad poem creeping up on me already.

As much as I definitely have no problems pouring all my feelings onto my blog, I do feel like there is a need to keep certain things to a limit. I wouldn’t want my readers to check back for updates only to see sad, sad and boring entires, would I?

Then again, when I feel like I’ve got a desperate need to express myself, I will. So if you’re a sadist who likes to read about my sad feelings, well then don’t be too disheartened yet. =X

I know pictures have been pretty absent in my blog.

Which is very weird for such a vain girl like me. LOL.

But, you know, when you start going for photoshoots & you see the outcome of the photos,

….all your other camwhoring photos just seem so, boring. And horribly underexposed, with bad composition and lighting – horror of all horrors would be a 2mpgx cam!!

OHMYGOD! I’ve been hanging around photographers and photography forums too much that I’m talking-photography.

But don’t mistake me, I know shit about photography still. =P

Just picked up a few pointers here & there.

By the way, when people said that modelling is a HORRIBLE industry,

I could not have agreed more!

Obviously I’m nowhere near a professionel model, but even with the quite casual shoots that I go to, I meet alot of idiotic photographers!!!!

I cannot stand those that love to negotiate a low price for shooting you. And when they finally cannot negotiate to a price that they’d like, they complain to other photogaphers!

They will say shit like, “Have you heard of Shiberty / Jessica? She’s not even a professional model, yet her rates are so expensive. Who does she think she is man?”


If you can’t afford my rates, then fuck off, loser.

Obviously you must think that I’m pretty, or I have potential for modelling that you would approach me for a shoot.

Because if you’re not a serious photographer, you would only want to shoot pretty girls for fun. If you are a serious photographer, you would only approach models whom you think have the potential of creating the images you want.

So, by claiming, “who does she think she is?” is indirectly pointing out that you, as a photographer, made a mistake by approaching me in the first place.

Are you trying to prove the fact that you have bad judgement, or that you are a budget photographer?

So budget, do TFCD la. Or take portraits of your mother, you know?

Must you approach materialistic girls like me? If you claim that I should not charge so much for the sake of art,

well then you’re wrong. because obviously I do not think very much of your photography, which is why I’m charging you to take pictures of me. if you were so damn great, i would have approached you for a TFCD shoot myself.

(TFCD means no monetary terms, just plain exchanging of photos)

Just read a forum, this guy said this about me: “She wanted to charge me $__ per hour. I told her to take 2 fingers and go fuck herself.”

When the truth is, he ACTUALLY told me this: “I’m Sorry. Your rates are too high for me, the other model rates are much lower.”

Doesn’t sound so glamorous like the way he stated in the forum, eh?

After I confronted him, again he said “I’M SORRY, I was just joking, apologise for the language used.”

…. A joke? How old is he again? 13 or 31?


I swear, alot of photographers have an ego that is bigger than their brains.

So, model-wannabes out there, if you’re interested in FREE pictures taken by a substandard hobbyist, feel free to email him at

I’ve seen his “works”… Don’t get your hopes high, but feel free to approach him as he’s dying for TFCD, (seems like not many are interested to work with him)

He’s a useful and available source for new casual friendster photos though.


Ok I had enough of ranting :)

On to more happy stuff now : Mum just gave me $200 to buy new year clothes! Weeeee. I wanna buy cheongsams, but I’m going to Genting on Chu Er. T____T

Can’t imagine wearing a cheongsam sitting theme park rides.. But then I’d have lots of pictures and stuff to blog about when I’m back! (hopefully)

So yep, I’m gonna go now,

seeeee ya lovers. (“v”)


Polls are fun


Bye Bye Love. I’ll Miss You




Why are you reading my blog?
I don’t know…? Why DO I read your blog? *scratches head and tries to think of a truthful answer*
Because I think you’re way awesome!!~~ Me LOOOVE you & your blog to bits <3
Why do you care? I HATE YOU biaaatch! @^#$&*$
I think you look really pretty in photos so I usually pop by for a peek, that’s all…
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Well, how often do you read my blog then?
I check back everyday for updates! =D
Rarely. Not more than once a week..
Every few days, or whenever I can use the computer / miss your blog. ^^
It’s my first time here. o__o
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So, what do you think of my looks? (muahaha vain question)
I’m soooo much better-looking than you. Even my mother thinks so.
As James Blunt sings, “You’re beautiful, it’s true”
Just average-looking, I guess?
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What do like about me (as a blogger) the most?
Your ability to write & express yourself well. It’s a rare trait, especially for someone your age..
Your sense of humour. Doesn’t matter if alot of people don’t know how to appreciate it, cuz I do~
The way you never try to hide who you really are, even though you are aware that people may frown upon it.You’re sincere
All of the above =)
Nothing. Die plz.
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Which topic would get your vote for my next post?
Pictures! I want to see more picturesss of you babe.
Do another flaming post. They’re highly entertaining =P
The story of you & James. Your r/s sounds complicated yet there seems to be a really romantic story we don’t know ab
A make up tutorial! Or anything that’s related to fashion & beauty. I want to know allll your tips & secrets~
A VIDEO of you! I’ve read many of your posts, yet I have no idea what you’re like in real life. I’m really curious =o
Others (please specify in tagboard)
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Jess insists that YOU should leave a comment at her tagboard more often!!! =[
Uhmmm…. B-but, what should I tag? //to that, jess replies: tell me how much you luv me :) or get creative already!
Fine, if it really makes you happy, I promise I’ll tag more often then. >__<
NO! I will not tag you, Jessica. Naninanipoopoo. //// *jess takes out a parang from behind her back*
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How old are you?! (Now be very *truthful*)
12 and below ///jess says: ummm..ok.
I’m old enough to be your father / mother.
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Lastly, if you happen to get your hands on one of my used, nice-smelling sexayy lacy lingerie sets…. would you keep it?? =P
Hell yeah I would keep it. Wooo!
No. What the hell?
I would auction it off baby, it still has your smell!
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