bad hair day


It’s 1:30pm now, I just woke up and I have a shoot starting at 3pm. FUCKKKKKKKK I AM SO SCREWED (and late). I can’t make 10 people ait for me!!

Not forgetting my hair is being suchhhhhh a BITCH! A very ugly one too. It’s just so frizzy and out-of-shape, I’m going bonkers.

Don’t ask me why I’m blogging when I’m already so late, I have to wait for my brother to get out of the toilet! He’s taking ages.

And don’t ask me why I have so many bikini pictures of myself because I did a number of bikini shoots recently.

OK BYE NOW! I hope I won’t be TOO late..



It’s exactly 12am, I haven’t bathed, been out the entire day and I’ve loads of make up plus my contacts on.

Damn, the things I do for blogging… Here I am typing shit onto the computer just because you guys won’t get bored. MEH! I definitely won’t have time to blog tomorrow or other days, so thought I’d might as well update before I clean up and head to bed.

Thank god my group shootout at Clarke Quay area tomorrow starts at 3pm. Can’t imagine how exhausted and pissed off I would be if it starts at 7am instead…

Wait, actually. I can imagine. Most likely I won’t wake up on time and there goes my money plus angry photographers :]

I will be surrounded by ten indian/malay men tomorrow!!!!!!!!

And they are all photographers. This indian man approached me for a shoot, then before I knew it, he called his whole gang along… LOL. Works fine for me anyway, I get paid more.

Although, it is pretty freaky to imagine being surrounded by ten indian/malay photographers tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have issues against them but it’s a weird scene when you picture 10 indian men crowding around a young chinese girl taking her photos.

At Clarke Quay too.

And after the 3 hour indian shoot out, I have another studio shoot! I’d be so extremely tired.

I’ve been nothing but busy busy busy recently. I guess I kinda like it though, I won’t be able to do these things when O Levels are nearer. Besides, I don’t have the energy and time to let my thoughts wander…. *cough*James*cough*




But that aside, I went to town today.

DUH, LIKE FINALLY. I don’t know how long I haven’t been to town (reckoning 2-3weeks) but it sure as hell feels damn long!!!

Had lunch at Swensens. Yay for western restaurants.

I’m such a sucker for love stories!

Seriously. I never get bored of them, and they are just classic ;)

I enjoyed the show, it’s not your typical boy-meets-girl love story. It has a nice twist to it, alot of funny moments but as nice as I believe this show to be, somehow love stories are always kinda predictable..

So yeah. Go watch it anyway, it’s definitely more entertaining and makes you feel better than watching stupid shows like One Missed Call. (No, I haven’t watched it but I’m directly assuming it’s stupid because it has the lamest, ugliest and unscariest movie poster ever. English horror shows are usually really pathetic anyway.)

So after the show, I went shopping and I BOUGHT MY NEW YEAR CLOTHES!

2 gorgeous cheongsams.

I just lurveeeeeeeeee traditional costumes. ESPECIALLY cheongsams! They are uber sexy. They flatter your body better than lingerie. It hugs your boobs and butt, doesn’t cling ono lovehandles but accentuates your womanly curves very very nicely.

I love short cheongsams and those with keyholes and sexy slit by the side. HAHAHAHA.

I seem to have this never-ending-obession with short dresses.

Oh yes, while we’re on the topic of dresses and nice clothes….

I know you can’t see the face, but THAT’S ME!! IN SIA GIRL ATTIRE!

Woooo I never actually thought I’d ever get a chance to wear this :)

I love it, a timeless classic. And something that everyone recognizes! Remember those air flights and the nice, pretty air stewardess who made your flight so much better?

If you’re wondering why I’m donning the outfit, it’s because I’m supposed to do a photoshoot wearing that.

Jessica Loh, air stewardess. Muahahaha. I would love to be one if only I didn’t totally hate the smell and ambience of aeroplanes, & the idea of constantly flying in the air. I’m usually quite miserable during flights.

One last thing I feel like blogging about before I go…


I don’t really like it though, gonna cut it before Chinese New Year. Can’t stand the thin stray strands at the end.




And of course, my random entries wouldnt be all that random if I didn’t end them with stupid pictures of mine.

So here’s another one

…Horrible image quality with the typical dumb heart over the mouth.


Can I join the twit club now?



Ok, so I’m bored of beauty posts. I think you are too.

I have a horribly short attention span.

American Idol is on TV as I’m typing this! Wooo I love this show man, sometimes it’s really touching, other times just downright fucking funny.

Everytime I watch singing contests, it just reminds me of my childhood dream > TO BE A SINGER!!

And not just any singer, a singer as inspirational and beautiful like Christina Aguilera.


Just stop laughing already.

Yeah yeah I know, small girl big dreams. But I do love Christina, she has one of the best voices in modern culture.

I’ve always really liked singing, and I’ve alwaayyysss wanted to be a singer all until…

I kinda realized I couldn’t sing well.

I think there are still some pieces from my shattered dreams lying on the floor, because everytime I watch American Idol, I have this overwhelming desire to join them right then!!!!

I want to jump into the damn TV screen wearing my PJs and geeky spectacles and sing, then Simon would love me and off I would go to Hollywood, and and….

I know I sound really a starry-eyed teen at the moment. *____*

Oh well, childhood dreams usually never come true anyway.

It all makes sense now – all the fairytales and happily ever afters, ….

No wonder people keep saying life is unfair! We probably wouldn’t be complaining about it so much if we weren’t constantly told how “great” it would turn out to be in the first place.


I know I haven’t been very interestingla, bear with me okay? Life gets boring when your friends turn into assholes and your boyfriend is non-existent.

I just can’t wait for Chinese New Year to come.

Even though the decorations are super ugly, the music is ANNOYING TO THE CORE (think dong dong qiangs),

There are ang paos and family gatherings to look forward to!!!!

For that, any other lame aspects of it shall be ignored ;)

Oh yeah, not forgetting I’ll be going to Genting on Chu Er!!!!!

Finaalllyyyy, a getaway. *does a little happy indian dance*

Have I mentioned that already? I have no idea. I have the tendacy to repeat myself.

What bores me is that we’re going to GENTING.

WTF. I can walk around Genting with my freaking eyes closed. I’ve been there sooo many times and I’m sick of it.

Sucky holidays are still better than no holidays though. So to make it interesting this time, I’m going to do all the things I’ve never done the previous times I was there before:

  • I’m going to dress really cute and see how many guys will check me out. HAHAHA! I know I sound like such a slut, but I look like death whenever I go on holidays (I don’t put make up) but this time I will.

Maybe I will meet a hot angmoh that I can bring home!!!! Weeee.

Wait, make that a SUPER HOT, RICH AND LOVING ANGMOH. Blue eyes plz :)

The only downside of dressing really cute is I might just get gang-raped and killed in one of the handicapped toilets.

Now that’s a sad thought. If I don’t update by one week after Chu Er, you guys know the story ya?

  • Another thing I’m planning to do is sit all the scary rides I’ve never dared to sit before!

JAMES AND ME SAT ON THIS THE OTHER TIME!!! Hahaha he kept shouting like a little baby :) cuteee though.

I wish he could come with me this time =( Although I know the chance of it happening is like one in a million.

The rides I’m planning to brave are these:


the corkscrew roller coaser which I only managed to find this pathetic picture of.




Okok I’m getting bored as hell.


HUH? HUH?!?!


…..But then again, I don’t really wanna know the answer, so yeah don’t tell me.

I’m going to sleep now, because I’m so damn tired and the fact that (me and my blog is most likely turning boring) is depressing, so ya,



I’ll end this post with a funny picture of mine.

This has got to be one of the weirdest pictures of me ever.

I’m wearing a Man U jersey (not even mine) doing a shoot for a fanatic photographer, with that stupid-looking pout captured on my face.

I wasn’t even pouting intentionally!!

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