made my pink Identification Card =p


Check out that cheeky grin on my face as I hover over his sleeping silly face, bwahaha, I look like I’m going to do something very evil to him the next moment…

By the way, we’ve caught James’ sexual harasser!!

And this was what we did to the little monster..




not really. She did that to herself =X

Crazy girl

HAHAHA. Keep a distance from your computer screen cuz my tongue is about to reach out & give you a good lick.

If I lay here….

If I just lay here,

would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Apparently, James really liked what that little monster did to him afterall, because his rather-suggestive expression is well-captured in this photo….


What’s he trying to do?

He looks dead.

….Actually, this picture is totally gonna look like how I murder him if he ever lets me down, and he’s left with a cold blank (dead) stare while I grin happily into the camera. ^^


THIS GIRL!! Cannot stand her!!

Why is she lying on MY boyfriend?

The both of them look more like a couple than me and James lor. I just look like some miserable bitch about to get dumped who has half her head cut off in the photo.

Awww, this photo is sooooo cute! Love love.

And I have no idea what that big distracting thing on the top left hand corner of the photo is, but it sure looks like one gigantic penis to me.







Joanne, Eunice, Jessica, Jasmine, Jonathan~ (Why can’t her name be Junice or something?)


They came over to my place to swim after school. Hehehe.

They brighten my day like no other. I can talk to them forever about anything and everything.

They are none other than my best friends! (come to think of it, they’re my only close friends as well, I am suchhhh a loner)

The following pictures are horribly pixelated but that doesn’t matter, the people in them are awesome enough to still make it interesting to look at ;)

And Jonathan, being the only male, got to swim with 4 bikini babes that have gone wild! LOL

Lucky Jonathan with silly Joanne~

Lucky Jonathan with..

Gee, I don’t know, who can that super fat super ugly bitch in the blue bikini be? *shrugs*

Lucky Jonathan with bitchy Jasmine~

And Lucky Jonathan with adorable Eunice!

Yeah yeah I know all of you guys wish you were Jonathan just for that 1 day. =X

And I bet that day was Jon’s happiest day of his life, HAHAHA.

We’re planning another bikini party @ my house for SINGLE PEOPLE on Valentine’s Day. WHO WANTS TO COME?!?

For all you know, you could come single and leave attached.. ~

The thought of Valentine’s Day nearing is absolutely depressing for me.




Anyway, I’ve finally made my IC!!!!!

Wooo, I feel so grown up now, lololol.

I’m finally going to get that ugly pink card that everyone else has, that pink card which defines an adult Singaporean.

Yayayaya. No more freaking gay kiddo EZ LINK CARD HAHAHAHA.

On the bus, going to Lavender.. Pink card, here I come!

My darling mummy accompanied me there~~ (“v”)

Went into the photo booth, this was what I got – my IC photo! When I looked into the camera and the person asked me to tilt my head to the left, it reminded me of being in a photoshoot..

AND I COMPLETELY MISS THE FEELING OF SHOOTS! My last shoot was like 11 days ago, and it feels super super long.

I’m going to get myself a few shoots before I go to Malaysia, I don’t care. I think I’m addicted to shoots, they’re just so fun and pay well and having nice pictures of yourself is way too awesomeee.

Speaking of which,

I have a casting to go to tomorrow – pay is $300 for 3 hours. Do nothing but walk around wearing their uniform and smiling to people…

And I can’t make it cuz I’ve got school!!! GRRRRRRRRRR…

Damn angry. *sulks for a very long time*

I can’t skip school either cuz my teacher would complain to my mother, and she’d killlll meh.

On a random note, when I looked at my report book for my overall attendance last year – there were 60+ days when I didn’t attend school!!!


That’s a whole damn lot of “Pontaning” man. Imagine all those days I went for manicures, facials, shopping and lazy sleep-ins, hehehe.

Actually spent 2 whole months doing those things when I shoulda been in school. *jaw drops*

LOL. My weird photo stuck onto my Chanel bag. =P







That’s the end of my post dearies.

Suddenly feeling emotional =(

I hate being in relationships….

KK I don’t feel like elaborating right now.

Seeeeee ya.


jessica & esther @ oohtique #2

I wear my jeans wayyyy too hipster-ish, look at how the bottom droops onto my heels!

By the way, I’m standing at 1.8m with those heels.. (“v”)

Hehehe got this from Esther’s blog =)

Another video for your amusement!

*ps – my “mean comments” about Esther = joke.


photos of love

Seems like people love creating images for me recently!

***click on the pictures to enlarge them***


Surprised to see your the image you did for me here? Hehehe..

I remember telling you some time ago I’d post it up on my blog, so fret not, I have forgotten about it =)

I really really love it, it’s very sweet of you – the thought & the effort makes my heart melt.

And the editing is just purely mesmerizing, thank you so much sweets!! (“v”)

Another Princess Jessica from Jon:

Love love!

What a wonderful world indeed it would be if Jessica were Princess. *giggles to herself*

The thing on my head kinda makes me look like some little red indian though. LOL.

I get such a kick out of being called “Princess Jessica“, HAHAHAHAHA!!




Followed by a not-so-impressive image by Eunice.


Uhm, I don’t really know what this photo is supposed to show,

all I know is I’m giving a super-gorgeous-du-lan-face and I’m in a glass of red wine.

…….But I promised her it’ll be up on my blog anyway, so here it is. I know you’re jumping in joy as you read this, Eunice. LOL.


A really really nice image/header/whatever-it-is drawn by Shannonnnnnn =)

He drew it by hand and scanned it into the computer!

It’s really unique and sweet and just ooooozing with creaitivity, I adore it Shannon dear ty~~

I’m considering to do some slight photoshop changes to it, then use it as my blogskin design. What do you guys think??

I have quite a few more images that people have adoringly done for me, but I won’t be posting them all up because some of them I’d rather keep private. ;D

Alot of things have been happening in my life recently!

Absolutely way too many to keep on blogging about all the events.. =(

Coming to think of it, I actually don’t talk about my daily happenings very often. Somehow or another, my posts always seem to be just a wild train of thoughts hastily chained together, rather than a properly-planned-everyday-journal.

I find the latter boring anyway, so I guess whatever I’m doing right now works for me, cuz my readership is growing (oddly enough. why are you guys here anyway?!)

For some time now, I’ve gotten the feeling that my blog is like some kind of a publicity thing, some show that people come to everyday for entertainment.

That thought alone sucks out all joy in blogging about my personal life, knowing that I can’t pour out everything here when there’s gonna be so many people reading it.

Although my blog is not omfgingly popular, but hey, there are still a good number of idiots wasting their time reading rubbish that I type onto my blog ok!! Impressive enough or not?

(HAH, twas a joke, you guys ain’t idiots I heartttt you all)

Can’t remember when, but my blog turned from Personal Thing —–> Public Thing.

So yeah, that’s the reason for the difference between my posts in the past & the current. Many people have been pointing out that change.. *shrugs*

…How personal can you get on your when it’s just not so personal anymore?




Ok ok,

moving on to some “personal” stuff that are seemingly harmless to share. =P

Sooo, to mark the 1 year and 5 months since the day we’ve given our hearts to each other,

me and James went to Escape on the 26th of February!

26-08-06 will forever be etched deep down in our hearts (“v”)

Is my baby James damn cute, or damn cute or just damn damn cute?!?

All smiles when I’m with him!

When you’re in love with someone, you see their shortcoming not as flaws, but as imperfections that just make them that significant-perfect-other-half in your eyes.

…And that means always thinking that whatever stupid move he does is amazingly adorable. LOL.

First time driving a Go-Kart in my life. Yes, call me Miss Sua Ku Queen plz.

Techinically, they said STRICTLY 18 AND ABOVE FOR DRIVERS ONLY but I’m only 15. *cackles*

It was very very bumpy, I felt that my insides were just jumping all over and I was pretty sure my brain was about to get rattled out of my head :(

Nevertheless, driving is still damn easy and very very fun!

Damn, I’m so easily amused.

I cannot wait to go to Genting because it’s the nearest fairly fun theme park I can think of!!!! *squeals excitedly like a little kid*

I have a few other pictures of him playing those carnival games! (not on the same day)

I swear he’s a guy that just loves trying his luck at EVERYTHING..


So after getting SUPER DISGUSTINGL SWEATY because of Singapore’s shitty scorching weather, we went back to my place where he attended my family’s reunion dinner together with me! =)

Don’t ask me why my reunion dinner is like so early, I don’t know either.

Bahhhh.. Jessie is hungry but still the food is not on the table yet. ={

Silly late relatives!




And finally they arrive!

Me & my favourite cousin, Caris.

She’s damn hardworking & smart, she’s taking some weird high level of math in University currently and she studies all day long!

Where the hell does she get her good genes from? =(

& WHY DIDN’T I GET SOME?!? *sniff*

Caris’ brother on the left (Ruiwen) and MY kuku brother on the right! (Jeremy)

When I was younger I was damn fat, and everyone kept teasing me at family reunions, calling me little fatty – ESPECIALLY MY BROTHER!!

This year, when everyone saw me, the first thing they would say is “Wa, Jessica, become so sooo pretty le! Slim down and mature so much!!”

:D :D :D

BUT when they saw my brother, their first reaction was “OMG YOU SO FAT NOW!”


This is what I call retribution, korkor!

Or should I call you Pui Kor?

HAHA ok just kidding. I know how it feels like to be teased when people say you’re fat, it’s very hurtful. It used to bother me alot when I was younger (but not anymore, so you spammers can ignite that sudden flame of inspiration you had 7 seconds ago)


I. Am. The. Ultimate. Glutton~

People often say that I don’t look the type of girl who’d eat alot, but after they’ve known me for some time, they’d change their mind and say that I’m the girl who eats the most. HAHAHAHA.

Can you imagine my grandmother cooked so much food that even with over 10 people around, we still have leftovers that cannot be finished until today! Even with me around. It’s a miracle.(but the leftovers are thrown away just now already la, we’re not so gross)

Interestingly enough, me and James saw this bag right in front of us while we were having dessert.

DAMN RIGHT I DO!!! (“v”)



Bored while relatives were talking non-stop in the living…

*feels odd with light make up*


Pffttt.. then eat my SO?!??” face!


Alright people,

light-hearted news aside.

I have something to share with you all, and even though it’s very personal, I still decided to go ahead and post it out here cuz I believe you guys may be able to help me.

James has been, seemingly, sexually harrassed by a female when he was caught unaware. The whole event took place too sudden for James to have any immediate reaction, and before he knew it, the whole “event” was over as quick as it began.

James was very.. shocked, and has been extremely bewildered ever since, so he could not give us a proper recount.

But here was what the images that my CCTV-candid-camera has managed to capture (thankfully without the female’s knowledge),









…..Yes, the images are very disturbing indeed.

The only thing James can put together about this little monster is that she was rather aggresive and kept making weird high pitched squeals and giggles as she went about doing her naughty deed.

We really need your help identifying this girl and get some justice done!!

However, that proves to be a major problem, as the suspect is believed to have a very clever disguise..







….Cold, hard menacing stare which pierces through that truly unrecognizable disguise.

With that,

I end my sad story and I hope you guys will be able to relate to our situation and offer some comfort to my darling James, who has been outraged by that little monster!

Who who who can this lady be?!

….We shall never know.

The images don’t even show the slightest glimpse of her face.


Although, coming to think of it,

her pink outfit DOES seem a tad bit familiar-ish.

But then again,

I believe my imagination is running wild. I mean, how could it be? *suspicion slowly grows…..

then dies*

Just look at her cute pink qipao, and oh wait look- look at that adorable innocent face!

It couldn’t be, no way, nu-uh.



Thank you for reading.

Should you believe you can be of any assistance, please call us at 1800-I-think-it’s-your-lil-cousin & we will appreciate all efforts tremendously.



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