diamantes photoshoot


Lionel picked me up this morning at 10:30am.

Working with him is realllly fun man. He takes face shots, and he does my hair + make up. So basically, all I needed to do was brush my teeth and wash my face, and off I could go!

SOOOOOOOOO. This was an interesting shoot, because the studio was in his room.

Yeah, his room as in his house bedroom…

Weird, I know. He’s a professional make up artist and hairstylist and he also has suitable backdrops and lighting equipment, so the entire was done in his fairly-small-bedroom.


Ok, so getting diamantes on your face kinda take awhile to do.. And while I did that I had to be lying down, so while I was lying on Lionel’s bed, James suddenly called.

He was like, “Hey, where are you?…”

And I find myself at a loss of words.

“Hi baby, I’m in some guy’s house.”

“Hello dear, I’m in the photographer’s bed…”

“Hey sweetie, I’m in the err… photographer’s…bedroom.”


All of the answers sound terribly wrong.

So I just said, “I’m doing a shoot in a studio baby.”

Which is NOT a lie right?! White lies never hurt… sometimes.

Who’s the lucky bitch who gets to have uber pretty & sparkly diamantes on her face today?


I believe I’ve mentioned before how completely fascinated I get by pretty, shiny things =)

Seeeeeeeeeeeee how happy I am! HEHEHEHEHE.

The reason why the diamantes are only done on one side of my face is because we’re doing mostly side profile.

Looking so mature & fierce..

I love my make-up and hair, it compliments my facial structure and skin tone so, so well.

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One of the studio shots =D

I know, fierce right.. The others are less-fierce la.

But haven’t received them yet.

** Update **

I’ve received the pictures already! Here are a few to share, feel free to give comments and constructive criticsm on the tagboard, I’d be more than glad to hear about them =)

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I just loooooooooooooooooooove this shot..

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I knoooooow you love the diamantes.

I do too. They’re still on my face as I type this, I DON’T WANNA REMOVE THEM! Awwwww.



after the shoot, me & Lionel went for some lunch (freaking hungry) and I told him to bring me to some place where there wasn’t alot of people.

So he brought me to this McDonalds which was located in the middle of nowhere.

When a starving girl thinks of McDonalds, she thinks of McSpicy and the yummy fattening fries..

But what the heck do I see plastered on their front door?



Oh sureeee, that wouldn’t make a big difference. Afterall, McDonalds serves really healthy food all the time, so like, no biggie man.

Who the fuck needs fried products?

Nu-uh, definitely not McDonalds.

Move over cheeseburger, steamed chicken burger is coming to town.

So when we ordered, we were like, “So if you don’t have fried products, what else do you serve besides drinks?”




Guess what I ended up having?

(without the fries. burgers without fries is like lasagne without cheese, it’s like jessica without the bitchyness)



fish fillets from McDonalds isn’t fried..



The guy who created the movie Super Sized Me (go look it up on google) obviously didn’t eat their fish fillets.

This Fantastic outlet of McDonalds needs a medal, man.

Where else can you order nothing except grilled chicken & steamed fish except this particular one?

I like to end my blog posts in a dramatic way.

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So here’s typical Jessica for you. Elmo just loves humping my hair!



I spent $500 today.. T____T


And I bought lame stuffs lor. I bought this SUPER THICK, SUPER FURRY, SUPER BIG grey jacket from La Senza for fun (i know what you’re thinking, “Wtf JACKET from a lingerie shop?”),

and I bought this ugly purple dress from F21 because I THOUGHT it was nice. And another purple top (I hate purple) from Topshop, plus some ugly bangles. And some weird Topshop shoes.

Bought a Topman jeans for my baby, and that was how my $500 was spent. Please don’t ask where the remaining $$ went to, because I HAVE NO IDEA MYSELF. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

My purse is like the bermuda triangle’s little sister or something.

I wanted to mention all the brand names because the brands are nice, but I feel like I ended up buying shit actually.. So I think I’m trying to comfort myself by telling myself I bought stuff from F21 and Topshop. Not working, actually.

I should find a good shopping partner, someone who will give me good opinions instead of James’ usual “ok lor” =[

I soooo wasted my money today!!! Ugh. My heart aches, I just earned that money last week.

Nevermind. I swear, the next time I go shopping I’ll only buy GORGEOUS STUFF!

-am real irritated at myself-

Shopping and wasting money aside,

I am so blissfully in love :)

Today’s the 26th Nov, which marks Me and James 1 year and 2 months anniversary.


I’m so grateful that we’re able to work things out and try to understand each other. Like, finally right? I’m happier than I have ever been, because I feel a sense of security I’ve never ever felt before. We’ve been through a fair amount of hardship in this relationship, but now we’re stronger than ever.. He used to be my pillar of support, but now my baby’s my skyscraper :)


We went to East Coast on Saturday – funnnnn. But too many people on the bicycle path though.

Remember how I said I had a shoot today? I had my period so I had to cancel the swimwear part. Photographer was very pissed =(

I WANT MY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok I won’t elaborate much, I have another shoot tomorrow morning at 10:30am. The photographer is coming all the way from Jurong to Simei (my place) to fetch me to the studio which is also at jurong. SO NICE OF HIM RIGHT?

Then he’ll do my hair and make up and take my pictures. He’s professional at all three. Damn, the guy’s multi-talented.


I asked him to do it.

Dude, I am sooooooooooo psyched. =D

Weeeewoooo diamantes on your face is freaking awesome plz.

And guess what?
It’s like 2:30am now, I’M GONNA GO.

Random post, I know.

James starts his attachment tomorrow =’(

It’s all the way at Boon Lay.. (2 separate sides of Singapore)

WHAT IF I DON’T GET TO SEE HIM SO OFTEN ANYMORE? *chokes at the very thought of it*


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I am so annoyed because my phone can’t receive messages, can’t receive calls sometimes and it practically cannot do anything!!

I WANT A NEW PHONE!! But I don’t know what phone to get.. any recommendations?

I also can’t blog because I need the pictures, and the pictures are in James’ phone. My phone can’t receive bluetooth stuff anymore.

Shucks. I need a digital camera so bad. I will get one for myself before Christmas arrives!

Just a random update..

I have to go now, running late for a shoot. I’m really irritated by this modelling thing at the moment, I suddenly find it’s a waste of time after trying it out -____-;;

OK BYE! I’m going vivo,
maybe you might just catch me there ;DDDDD

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