dun dun dun x_x


I’m feeling whiny.

I’ve got math paper 1 tomorrow.

I am so tired.


I need a hug =(

Perhaps I should smile,

because tuesday is gonna be worse.

Chemistry and Math paper 2 combined in 1 day?



Nevermind, I shall look on the bright side.

I bought an uber cute pink dress from Topshop and an uber cute pink bag from Coco!! (talk about pink! i smell a new obsession coming on) Costed me about 300 for two pink items =(

I forgot to take pictures of it to show y’all but I will, soon enough! =D

I think I’d desperately need a job during Dec holidays. Lobangs?!

Also bought other stuff from Forever 21! I can never walk into F21 and walk out of it without buying anything :( It’s an addictionnnnn.

Shopping is the only thing that’s keeping me sane!

Hmmm. Other positive thoughts?

What do exams mean? Exams mean the holidays are coming!! (That’s my ONLY source of comfort recently.)

Which means I can go get my hair EXTENSIONS done very soon~ FWEEEEEEEEE. I can’t tell you how much I’d like waves/curls right now. I’m getting bored of straight hair, it’s so b o r i n g

I am in no state of mind to blog right now, because my mind is just going la la la la la sleep ~


I’m quite sure the attempt to revise will be to no avail,

for the endless lines of words in the book will just turn into swirly wirly thingies as I drift off to dreamland….









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HELLO!!! =D :D xD

say hi to my bigass photo!! heeheehe.
i have no idea why i’d put such a big picture up here all of a sudden. *giggles and topples over* did i mention that it was past midnight while i posted this?

did i also mention that i’m not in a right state of mind?


i did?

(notice my bigass fat cheeks.. zz i am getting way too chubby!! but they’re tempting to pinch aren’t they xD)

my tee owns your face

like my necklace? (“v”)

omgomg i can’t wait to go onto that thing!

HEHEHE isn’t it soooooo cute. =D
i hug fluffy whenever i’m in my mums car, cos she’s really soft and cute and, well, huggable.

AHAHAH. i like silly expressions.

KKKKKK gotta run now, literature-textbook calls,



love is like a promise,

but you never keep your promises.

Dear diary,
when will I finally see,

that it was never really love.. and it never will be?

Dear diary,
why is it that I see,

a blinded fool as my reflection, staring right back at me..

I won’t go back on my decision this time,

been trying too hard, been crying too much.

Been alone waiting for you for far too long

So goodbye my lover,

goodbye my friend..

You have been the one,
you have been the one for me.


oooh… shiny.


I have like English Paper 1 and Social Studies papers tomorrow.

Gee I hate social studies. They fail you JUST BECAUSE you don’t follow their “structure” for essay questions. Like pfft, so what if we don’t follow structures, you still get our point don’t you?

I am really peeved that I get low marks just because of that. AND I better write a good compo tomorrow!

Anyways, love the exams man. Just love it, I can finally have a breath of fresh air~ And exams end in just a WEEK, then I can do everyyyything and anything I want! Oh gosh, the things I wanna buy, the stuff I wanna do..

Anyway, I went to buy some nail polish and eyeliners just now, and when I reached home,
It was then I saw how *shiny* all of them are..

Which suddenly made me realise,
how absolutely attracted I am to metallics & shiny stuff!

I thought about it for awhile and also discovered that almost all of stuff that I have been eyeing on recently are either metallic, sequined or just plain shiny. For example: Been wanting to get 4 inch metallic ubershiny gold heels, 4 inch metallic ubershiny silver croc-skin heels, sequined metallic shimmery halter, … … …

SEE WHAT I MEAN?! I am like obsessed. Then I took a look at my cosmetics, and almost got blinded, LOL.

Look at my gliiiiiiiiiiiiittery cosmetics!
And these are not even all the glittery/shimmery ones I have =D


When my mother saw me taking pics of these, she was like, “SIAO AR, when you buy all these one?! You want to be how shiny leh?”

Actually, I have no idea myself, the collection just started building up by itself. That’s scary.

Another make-up obsession..


I’m sure everrryyy girl can relate to this - Don’t you just love how pretty make up always is?! In their cute little packaging lies secret formulas that turn fuglies into beauties.. What’s there not to love.

There’s nothing better than beautiful glittery make up thats also in beautiful metallic casings….. *nods*

In fact, I am so obsessed that I bought these:


If you have EVER seen a more shiny, more metallic, more glittery or more sequined dress,

shoot me. =D

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.
Sequin dresses are so in right now! ~~

I’m also getting this darling!!!!

Once I decide which colour I want.

Every girl needs her own pair of sexy, killer-4inch-stilettos.

Urghhh I cant decide if I should get silver or gold, they’re both awfully gorgeous, SOME HELP PLEEEEEEASE?


Just because I’m obsessed with shopping and shiny things does not mean that I am a bimbo, okay?

Bimbos are vain girls without brains who do not care about anything else except their superficial bimbotic stuff, unlike me, and—

*spots a glittery object in the distance*

OoOooooOoh, shiny….



*follows shiny thing*

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


shopping has always been my best friend,

but recently even shopping can’t cheer me up. It’s become to be only a mere distraction, one that doesn’t last very long.

I’m still feeling really troubled, upset, lost, lonely, confused, *insert more emo sayings here*

I just can’t shake this feeling off. :(


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

You’re like a drug babe,

I never knew how dangerous you were, I never knew how vulnerable I could be to you.

And when I got a taste of having you in my life, the unbelievable rush and the happiness I felt was so relieving, so overwhelming, so wonderful.

But then just like ecstacy, those feelings didn’t last forever, and just like a drug addict, I need you more than ever.

I’m nothing without you,

I’m addicted to you.

I’m just still dangerously in love with you…

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