accidentally in love



I feel like the biiigggeessstt sucker alive.

I can’t believe it’s happening ALL OVER AGAIN!


and the only thing that’s able to build me so quickly and tear me down so viciously,

is love.









I mean, come on,

what’s there not to love?! =) *gushes*

“There are moments when I don’t know if it’s real,
or if anybody feels the way I feel..”


roll out the red carpet plz

I’m so boreeeeeeed.

Wanted to blog (as in something with good material) but realised that I have no inspiration at all.

And I’m going bugis + far east later, then my next targeted destination shall be town and vivo city. I have a feeling today won’t be a good shopping day though :(

I just wanna take my mind off some things..

I told them to meet me at 12.30, but it’s 1:30 and I’m still at home!! And it’s NOT my fault cos I’m still waiting for them at home, they are so damn slow.

Thus, boredom took over and it just so happens that..

Camwhoring is my speciality.


Because technically,

boredom + camera = camwhore.

look! i’m not wearing any clothes.








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lalalala just kidding, as if i’d really do that. XD

just happened that my tube dress couldn’t be seen.

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I’m hungry.

(that wasn’t a caption for the photo, i really am fucking hungry.)

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lousy camera =(

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i kinda suck at acting cute.

i think it’s about time you* should carefully think things over..




I’m back homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And I’m so tired. Didn’t buy ANYTHING today. *it’s a miracle*

At first I thought that the holidays would make me happier,

because of the freedom from stress & everything else.

But I suddenly realised that the holidays would mean that I’d have more time to feel lonely :(

More time to think about depressing stuff, more time to wallow in self pity and wondering why this, why that.

Thanks to Eunice Jasmine & Bernard I enjoyed myself today :)

At least I know these wacky friends can put a smile on my face sometimes. (“v”)

I think I’m going to blog soooo much more often now that I have all the time in the world.

I keep thinking about the past, & how much things have changed.

I need a time & money machine to make me happy =’(

I really, really thought that I could get over you with a bit of time..

But now I know what they mean by,

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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EXAMS are fking OVER!



WHICH WAS PURE GEOGRAPHY (supposed to be my strongest subject but i didn’t revise at all so i pretty much screwed it up)



This is the period of time that I look forward to from the beginning of each year =D

Holiday or no holiday doesn’t make as much difference to me as it does for other students, cause they actually study (at least a lil) during school period but I don’t study at all. I don’t feel relieved :(

Just feel happy I’m not being forced to wake up at 6fuckingA.M every morning to waste 6 more fucking hours of my life in school being bored outta my mind.

Okay la, actually my holidays haven’t started yet…. =X

but now that the exams are over, it’s pretty much the same isn’t it? I don’t think I have much use for school. Except the remedial classes for the O’levels next year.


I’m going to try to enjoy myself to the fullest,


Meh. Heard that O’lvl is one of the most stressful exam you’d ever take in your life, and I’d have to agree =(

Where oh where will I find the motivation and determinatino to study? Not looking forward to 2008…

But I’ve got so many things I wanna do for the time being!!

I want to watch movies. HELL LOADS OF MOVIES! Man, I miss the old times when I used to watch 3-4 movies a week. Who’s up for a movie marathon? :)

I also want to go shoppingggg. (duh.) By the end of this week I shall come up with my MUST-GET shopping list, bwahahaha. I’m pretty sure it’d burn a hugehuge hole in my pockets.

Perhaps I’d want to work? I dunnno. =/ Hmmmmm.

I WANT TO GO TO EAST COAST PARK! I wanna ride bicycle and sit by the beach and talk cock and I wanna BBQ I wanna stay over at chalets.

The list goes on & on & onnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Anyway, random thought:

Ever wondered how I look like IN SCHOOL? Ha. (Not a pretty sight at all)

Because all the pictures you’ve seen of me are of me in make up & outing clothes.

Nyahahaha. Yes, yes, you feel a sudden flame of curiosity ignite in your veins, don’t you?

You’re trying to imagine me now without clothes make up, I can almost feel it from here.

(But if you’ve seen me in person already, that’s a whole different story…)

One thing’s for sure, the difference is tremendous, and you’d probably be wayyyy shocked.

So do you want to see the super ugly side of me? huhuhuhuhuh?



You know you want to see a fugly picture of me, so that you can point at me and laugh your ass off, spamming my tagboard with “KEKEKE EUUU SH0 err xin wif0ut makee-ups wor EEYERX


Too bad though, you won’t be able to enjoy doing that just yet :D

Better luck next time!

However, I’ll be kind enough to show you how a part of me looks like in school.

Presenting to you…

my schoolbag!

Yes, I know it’s not a pretty bag, and I’m aware that it looks extremely awkward.

Oh well, what can I say? LOL.

I bought it last year, and my taste has changed alot since, so yeah. I thought the bag was really cool back then.

But obviously, I can’t be arsed to spend money to buy another bag just for attending school because THAT’s wasting money. Who the hell bothers to look good in secondary school anyway?

All of my friends who’ve seen this bag always go, “Wa, why you choose a bag with a girl having such an awful expression on her face? Why like that one?”

Actually, they don’t know the true story behind this poor mistaken bag



The girl in the picture on my bag was originally a sweet & pretty girl,
just like any other pretty girl you see on magazines. (the bag’s graphic is a magazine cover)

Except that, I decided to use her as my schoolbag, and as time went by, she mysteriously turned uglier and uglier..

I was very much puzzled at why the girl in my bag had turned so ugly,

until one fine day, I looked into the mirror examining myself before leaving for school, then

Lo & Behold!… I found my answer.

Wanna know how a sweet looking girl on a magazine cover that’s printed on a schoolbag could mysteriously turn so u.g.l.y?









because, her face kena squashed by me every single day when i carry my bag,

and she’s been smelling my armpit for 1 year already.

perhaps that’s why she doesnt look too happy?


I am sooo good at entertaining myself.

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