mixed feelings

Bahhhhhhhhh. I feel happy, yet I feel sad.

Such mixed feelings =/


I just remembered that I have to go back to school for O lvls preparation.


Gone are my holidays. WASTED T________T


But the good news is,

My mum’s back from Pertthhhhhh! And she’s bought me some really nice stuff (“v”)

Might post up pics soon.

And, since I’m feeling so inspired by my previous post,

I will not waste my energy to feel irritated, upset, angry, or hurt over any lame taggers anymore.

Afterall, spammers are exactly the same as pests : You don’t know where the hell they came from and how they got here, but even if you got rid of one, you can never get rid of them ALL.

So unless I’m too free, I won’t reply them : I shall simply delete the tags, or ignore them. It’s not quite worth my time.

I realised that I don’t need to answer to any single one of you out there for anything that’s got to do with my life, simply because that it’s none of your business :)

How wonderful is that? I suddenly feel so relieved, cuz I don’t have to feel irritated anymore.

Seems kind of silly that I used to bother about it so much…

Like what others have told me,

“Those who mind don’t matter..
And those who matter won’t mind”

I’m happy just knowing that there’s just so much more people loving me than hating me ;)

And right now, I have something very important to attend to:


Hahaha he’s reaching my place already :)

Finally I can cuddle him to deatthhhh again! I do miss him terribly.

Just a random post, I’ll be back with pictures soon!

Byeeeeee lovers.


hairy horror



I spent $150 bucks on my hair,

which looked gorgeousss on the first day,

but by the second day the curls have already died to become waves,

so out of utter desperation along with NOBODY’S HELP, (I did mention I suck at hair right?)

I did this to my hair….:






I didn’t use curling irons simply because I didn’t have one.

And I was soooo scared that my hair would become straight by the 3rd day.. (Because that’s VERY likely to happen, when you have omfgingly-stubborn-straight hair like MINE.)

And you know what? The hair rollers that I used, was from some old, run-down shop by the back of a forgotten alley.

Which, by the way, costed me a whopping amount of SGD $2.00.


I mean, it’s only logical that a classic idiot like me would go ruin her $150 newly-done hair with cheapo hair rollers that cost $2 right?..

And guess what happened to my (previously)-beautiful soft curls? :(

R.I.P nice wavy hair:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket






And hello, shithead.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

…………………………… T___T



Just because I have super weird hair now doesn’t mean you can snigger and point at me behind the computer screen. =’(

& there’s this super annoying curl that keeps sticking out of the side of my head like some bloody horn! Look at the above pic & you’ll see.

Best of all, I walked around Cineleisure on a Friday evening looking like a HOOCHIE-MAMA, attracting all sorts of weird stares.

Goodbye, social-life.

I totally looked like one of those young mistresses that rich business men kept in the 1960s.
(You should have seen my outfit that day and you’d know what I mean)

In fact, I thought I looked so 1960s (with the big curly hair) that I couldn’t resist doing this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Say hello to RETRO MAMA!

….Now you know why I listen to The Eagles & The Beatles & whatnots, eh?

P.S – I’m going to get my hair done all over again this week for free, (thank god) so not that much harm done afterall :)

Just one day of Hairy Horror.

love like wavy hair.


Today shall be another one of those I-don’t-know-what-to-blog-about-so-I’ll-just-blog-anything-that-comes-to-my-mind-day.

Simply because I don’t have anyone to scold, or not much to complain about. (otherwise I would, because my blog is like my ultimate ranting ground!)

Anyway. I have picccccctures as I promised!

But I’m quite annoyed with the pics, cuz they don’t look nice. =(

I’m even more annoyed WITH MY HAIR!

I permed it YESTERDAY ONLY, and already the curls are alotalot less curly.. It’s only like wavy-ish now.

I used to love my naturally-fucking-straight hair, but now I wish it would go away because curls & waves are my new love.

I can’t believeeeeeee perming always costs about 100+ la. Like this I everytime perm sure broke liao :(

I might go for extensions next time. Shall ignore the horror stories about extensions, because like they say, “NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW.”

I am soooo hopeless with styling my hair ok. Probably that’s why I’ve never had cool hair. I look at hair wax, spray, mousse and I have no idea what to do with it. (I think it’s smelly and gross also actually)

I think hairstylists are so hot because they can do wonders on peoples’ head with their bare hands! (and some scissors / products la…)


Then I would have omfgingly beautiful hair every single day.



But having a hairstylist for a BF wouldn’t be all that awesome either, because imagine the amount of hairs and heads he’d have to touch. =o

Then you wouldn’t want him touching you. Cuz he’d be touching..

Old women, dandruffy hair, oily scalps.. GROSS!

Just like facialists, man. I mean, can you imagine squeezing peoples’ zits for a living? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ok ok moving on.

The hair pictures as I promised!





Fucking ugly, funny, unglamorous picture of me doing my hair.

Eunice took the picture~

I LOVE EUNICE! She accompanied me home straight after school, changed into my clothes and accompanied me again all the way to bukit timah to do my hair and BACK!

While I did my hair for like 3 hours, she sat there doing nothing =o

I’m soooo sorry kuku bitch, but ILU ILU ILU! So nice of her~


dun dun dun..














Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


^_________^ ;;

..So so so?
What do you think?

Okay, so my fringe didn’t change at all, I just added some body + curls. But I think I look alot better because with STRAIGHT HAIR, I look really b-o-r-i-n-g.

But curls add so much liveliness to my image! And I’m sooo happy hehhehehe.

I apologise if I’m being a little over-exicted here,

…I’m a perm-virgin. =P

(however non-virgin since like 1 day ago lalala)

I’ve had damn damn straight hair ALL my life and suddenly I see waves and curls on my head, it’s such a nice change you know =’)))

Some other new pictures taken today:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I wonder why my hair looks so weird in pictures. Maybe cuz my hair is too little and too fine, so my camera can’t capture the details on pics.. Awww =(

*kicks lousy camera and tugs lousy hair*

It definitely looks wavier and thicker real life, though. If you’re wondering why the curls are small and not big, it’s because my hair is soooooooo shorttttt! *emo sob*

Therefore I can only afford to do small waves.
Extensions, I’m coming for you soon, nyahahahaa.

Well, these pics should still give you a rough idea of how it looks like =D

I was going more for the wavy look than the uber-curly look because of hair’s length.

Still, I like the way it looks soft and natural, unlike some girls who perm their hair and the whole thing looks really fake/frizzy/weird.

But I have damnnnn little hair man -_-

I want it to be thick & long! Then I can have big waves also.

Wahaha I am such a greedy little bitch, everything also want.

God, what’s up with all my singlish today? I bet you never knew I could be like any other singaporean. HAHAHA. Talking like this: so damn bored sia. wan die liao. zzz

Random note: My eyes hurt! cuz my contacts have been on the whole damn day.

Btw I love my dueba contact lenses – they’re sooo pretty. Not very comfortable though X_X

So that’s ittt for the day. I’ll blog again soon, because I have plenty of time, I don’t plan to go to school anymore until next year. MUAHAHAHAHA!


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