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My 1 week holiday ends tomorrow.

Sigh, sigh. My EOY exam is coming REAL soon too.

I’m totally screwed.


I’ve added this uberduper cool playlist at the side *points to the right* which consists of songs I like.

Music is my official boyfriend now.

Some are just easy-listening notes which don’t make much sense, like “Right Thurr”, some are so catchy that I can’t stop singing it all day like “Beautiful Girl”, and some are really beautiful slow songs like “Angel” (personal favourite song)

Yep, many different genres for you different people out there!

And you can adjust the volume, change songs, stop the music etc etc whenever you like, so yep, it suits whatever your need.

I’ll keep updating with plenty of awesome songs, so keep a lookout alright!

You can request for songs at the tagboard too if you’d like =)

So I found out one of my new favourite places in SG:

It’s the new TPE road =)

It’s one of the only places in SG where you can drive along a long road with beautiful surroundings..

Somehow, the sky seems much bigger and more beautiful there, because the magnificent view isn’t being obstructed by an uncessary overload of nearby trees and buildings.

It feels really nice driving along an open road, because I can appreciate the beauty of the sky.

Now I what I want is to sit a bike across that road!!

If you ever happen to travel along the new TPE road, take a moment to look up into the sky and admire it’s beauty. (especially at sunset!)

The sky always seems like one big beautiful painting across the earth, being painted anew every single day.



*pictures are clickable to view larger version in case you can’t see the words in them*


I went to Sentosa to stayover on Friday, at Rasa Sentosa Resort x)

I had free vouchers from my Dad, so it’s a complimentary stay! Don’t you wish your parents were hot like mineeee?

taken just before i left my house.

i don’t look like im going to sentosa, i look like i’m going town or something, HAHA.

My mum thinks that I’m sooo horribly vain, because even when I go to sentosa I wore make up, and even my “polo tee” had studded “diamonds” on it. LOLL.

Anyway, I brought James, Jasmine & Guoxiang along. It was really fun, even though when I think about it now – we didn’t do anything much. We didn’t go to Underwater World, or Fort Siloso – heck, we didn’t even spend more than 30 mins on the beach.

“Then you go Sentosa do what?”

Good question. I have no idea. LOL. We only stayed at the hotel~

Still, it was a total blast!

It doesn’t matter where you are and what you’re doing, it’s all about who you’re with. Lock me up in an empty room with my besties and I’ll still have a good time.

James stayed over on Friday night and on Saturday we rode over to Vivo City on his bike. It’s funnnn. I love the thrill of bikes, I have the need for speed – can’t stand sitting in a slow-moving vehicle. I would TOTALLY get a bike, if I were a guy.

I can’t wait till I get to drive :) But it’s yearrrrrrrrrrs and years away.

My Dad says he’s gonna hand me down his Jaguar when I can drive. (If it’s still WORKING..)

It’s sooo fucking vintage! Coooool.

Anyway while we were waiting for Jasmine & Guoxiang to reach, we had lunch at a restaurant called White Dog Cafe.

Yeah, I think that’s what its called. I think. Why does it sound so funny?

At first I thought it would be some lame cafe because of the name, but when we walked in the view was soooo pretty!

There’s just something surreal about having your meal with a waterfront view.

I miss that feeling!

The weather was quite perfect that day! Except for little drizzles now and then.

I had PASTA (heart pasta. cheese is cool)

But by the time I finished my entire plate of pasta, Poor James’ steak wasn’t even served yet -.-

When the waiter took our orders, he asked James for the doneness of his steak.

“Medium-rare”, James replied. So the waiter nodded and went back to the kitchen. And when the waiter came back out again, he served James his steak..

With rice.

Erm. Who the hell eats steak with rice at a western cafe?! So James was like, “Errrr.. Rice?” then the waiter was like, “Yes?”

“How come it’s with rice?”

“You didn’t request for fries.”

“I’m supposed to REQUEST for fries for my STEAK? It’s not even stated in the menu.”

Lol. I swear the waiter looked as James as if James was quite mad. (but obviously the waiter’s the one oblivious to his stupidity)

The second time the waiter came out, he brought James’ steak.. with fries. Hurray, right?

Wrong. The doneness of the steak was Medium-Well instead of Medium-Rare.

This time James was pretty pissed off. What’s the point of asking the customer how he’d like the doneness of the steak if you don’t even cook it to his preference?

So he got it changed the SECOND time. By then, I’d finished my pasta already. Poor hungry James.

A hungry man is a cranky man..

So next time when you visit White Dog Cafe at Vivo beware, yea~

Entertainment while we waited for his (lousy) steak – camwhoringgg (:

you can hardly see him because of the blazing sunlight

i loooove this picture

this kukunaden dunno how to take photo one leh, always looking somewhere else..

YOU SEE!!! I KNEW he was gonna look in another direction, that’s why i purposely looked away to see if he would really be looking in that direction. soooo stupid.

seems like we’re both looking at something very interesting (but we’re not, he just has A.D.D)

people say sentosa changed alot.. Umm, changed alot meh? Don’t see much difference. Why would people want to go to the beach in Singapore anyway?

You won’t get suntanned, you’ll get SUNBURNT. It’s so bloody hot, and dirty. Not enjoyable at all..

Unlike the BEAUTIFUL beaches elsewhere, such as Australia!

The sky there is rainbow-coloured, the water there is so much clearer, the sand there is cleaner and finer, and what the hell, even the PLANTS on their beaches are so much prettier!

have you ever seen such pretty plants at the beach?

I can’t believe it’s like pink-ish. zomg, most awesome plant ever.

Jessica (“v”) James

I took all these pictures when I was in Perth. I miss that place!! I miss the people, the weather, the beautiful scenery..

It was so cool when I was sitting in our car and when I looked out of the window I saw horses and cows and beautiful scenery. But in Singapore, all I see whenever I look out of the car is… more cars. And the same old fucking plants. And some buildings – that’s pretty much it.

OK. so I went totally off-topic..

back to sentosa day..

Jasmine & GX finally reached! (ya ABOUT TIME.. like 4 hours late?!)

presenting to you the 4 bestest buddies! i looove them so much.

in sentosa it’s always bus-here, bus-there. swear i’d get lost if i were alone

i was trying to tell him “Come, take photo! =) ”

and the pic ended up like “Come or die, noob. =[ “

ahh, much better..

so we reached underwater world. and we slacked outside the entrace for awhile, saw many peacocks – but there was this particular one that caught our eyes.

this female peacock kept strutting around and opened up her feathers whenever a male one was near! and she kept walking towards the males with her ass showing. HAHA. funny peacock

i eat horny peacocks for breakfast

then finally, we reached Rasa Sentosa Resort! Woopee.

pretty resort view!

just one more thing to do: wait for my daddyyy to reach, to help us check-in.

and so the waiting started out with some camwhoring:

he has the BIGGEST pair of eyes i’ve ever seen on a guy!

doesn’t his expression ever change?~~ such a bad camwhoring partner

we look weird in this one

people say,
that happiness can only be found in oneself,
but i realise i find the most happiness whenever i’m with you..

poor boy got into a bike accident. look at his hand! i kept accidentally touching his wound, i’ve done it like at least 50 times, and i feel soooo bad.. looks like it hurts alot.

HA. this picture is soooo cute.

his body is like missing, and his head looks like it’s sticking out from nowhere. like some ghost head appearing beside my neck when i take a photo – his expression says it all. LOL.

it’s a beautiful day

And to think I’m 1.68m! =x

and then when even camwhoring started to get boring (my daddy was late =x)

classic facial expressions!

obviously we’re not just going to sit down at one corner and wait restlessly! we’re definitely not that kind of boring people


monkey james, tigress jessica, octopus jasmine and shark guoxiang respectively =DD

IT’S SO CUTE!! heheheeh.
he puts the biggest, brightest genuine smile on my face.

you, me, & our gorilla child. LOL.
look what he’s doing with his hand and the gorilla!..

i swear he’s the funniest & cutest guy i’ve come across (“v”)

strangers who became best of friends.

im Jessica Loh Ye Ting, shes Jasmine Poh Xue Ting.

our names are SO alike! and we look quite alike too, don’t you think so? =D

you’ll always be my annoying little AH POH! gagaga.

See what I mean when I said annoying little ah poh?

trying to poke a peacock’s ass from behind. geez!

anyway, when we were at the souvenier shop at the resort, we saw this:


cuteness!! (btw we werent the ones who placed the dolls like that la ok, LOL)

as i was uploading the picture to blogger, i noticed something about the pic: it’s two dolls doing some hanky panky business, right? and if you click on the image to enlarge it, you will see a dad with his 2 kids in the background (real tiny), and they look as though they’re staring at the two dolls doing kinky stuff. LOL! there’s even the little girl who is in her dad’s arms POINTING at the dolls direction, going like “zomg daddy LOOK!”

SOOOO FUCKING FUNNY. coincidental much. XD

soooo after that my dad finally arrived, but we still had to wait for him to check us into the hotel.

WAIT, WAIT AND WAIT!! arghhhh~

look at me and james’ sian faces. LOL. candiddd

and then FINALLY. after 20483959245 years of waiting for this and that, we GOT OUR HOTEL KEYS!! WOOOOHOOO

we were sooo high ~

a warm welcome: the sunset that greeted us at our hotel room’s doorstep

TA-DAH!! our room. sorry for the very lousy pic, but the room was really nice. it wasn’t like ritz-carlton-glamorous, but it was cosy : two beds (for two couples) and a nice bathroom with a bathtub and a tv with lots of local channels anddddd a really gorgeous bedroom view!

it’s the second time i’ve stayed over at a hotel with james – the first time was when we went to Genting together, and the second time’s Sentosaaaa :D

after unpacking we went for dinner – buffet! mmmm. poor daddy had to pay for my 3 friends too, guess the bill must have came up to like $200.

but guoxiang made my dad’s money spent worthwhile. i thought i could eat alot, UNTIL I MET HIM! after we all gave up trying to stuff food down our throat, guoxiang came back to the table with 12 fresh prawns to eat. *applause*

my dad kept going, “don’t waste your food! finish that up. eat your veggies! don’t drink sweet drinks” throughout my meal. that’s no surprise, because he’s a dentist.

so when i went to take my “after-main-course-food” from the buffet spread, i bet he was expecting me to come back with lots of fruits, salads and etc.

i think he was quite horrified when he saw M&M chocolates, marshallow, chocolates cakes and gummies on my plate which was supposed to be filled with apples and watermelons instead. LOL

after a very filling dinner, we went to “Explore” the hotel – because we are very kaypo people.


JAjaja! Either I haven’t played ping-pong in damn-freaking-long, or I’ve never even played it before. LOL. I was pretty hopeless at it at the beginning, but I picked it up pretty fast.


jessica: sooomeeeday~ my prince will come.. ~~~

jasmine: nabeiii. wait so long liao stupid prince still haven’t come. want come de anot? i wan slp liao. zzzz

so act can!

look at me in the last picture, i totally can’t be bothered with them~ LOL.

and after lots more of fooling around, it was past midnight so we went up to the hotel.

looking awfully tired (not to mention sweaty, messy) while sitting on the hotel bed

before showering! jasmine & guoxiang’s taking too long. HAHA~~

and then we watched movies on TV together and got up to our usual silly stuff :]

we also peeped over the balcony and tried to look into someone elses’ balcony window into their bedroom, it was all a very interesting show until we got caught – but i don’t think i should go into details, LOL. it was so freaking funny!

HAHAHA, look at them sleep. SO ugly, SO cute and so funny + sweet


so yea, won’t be posting about the next day because it’s a bloody long post already, tons more pics and stuff to post up but i think i should end here.

i totally enjoyed myself that day,

and it’s times like these when i wish my life was recorded on tape, so that i could play back the memories when i grow old – i never want to forget these wonderful moments of my youth and life.

if anything, i know that my life is nothing like ordinary.

things havent been the same since the day you left babe…

- – - – - – - – -

P.S – I left my bikini at the resort!! OMG. It costs 80+ and it was my first time wearing it :( Thankfully I’ll be going back to sentosa this saturday to get it, and doing a photoshoot there at the same time. Who wants to come? =D

P.P.S – two more weeks to my birthday!! it’s on 20th september.

Oh god, what should I do on that day?..




I am SOOOOOOOOO obsessed with shopping nowadays!

wait, nowadays? wrong. more like, i’ve always been obsessed. ever since i can remember.

i soooooooo want to shop more – been so long since i’ve been on a good shopping spree =)

anyway, these are some of the stuff i got recently: (click on the images for a larger picture)

front side of tee

back side of tee

HAH, damn right i do!

bought the wrong size, shit. i want a size 6 one :(

white and flowyyy

halters are love

I looove everything I bought! Hehehe.

I bought this gorgeous topshop dress on impulse, and it’s sooo pretty, the material’s luxurious but it doesn’t suit me at all! T_T

So I’m selling it off - it’s topshop size 8, brand new with tag.

But do take note mine is in green – love the colour!! I’m not a fan of green – but I fell in love with the colour immediately, it’s very unique.

I don’t think it’s retailing anymore, and the last time I checked size 8 was out of stock. I got it for $90 bucks, as stated on the attached price tag.

So yeah, interested parties do email me at shiberty@hotmai.com K! =D

- – - – - – - –


omfgomfg it’s too cute! LOL. too bad it doesn’t come in my size. why do their sizes have to be sooo big? i have this thing for cute slogan tops now :)

AHHH it’s soooooooooo cute! I walked into Topshop yesterday and I kept jumping around when i saw it, like some kind of mentally challenged freak.

LIKE, ISN’T IT CUTE? it’s love at first sight for me!

I would DEFINITELY get it, but guess the price?


sigh. and that wouldnt be too bad if i REALLY loved it, but i don’t want it to end up like the topshop dress. no way, not a $160 impulse buy!

but im quite sureeeeeeeeeee i love it. arghhh i can’t decide. shoot me. why does it have to be so freaking expensive anyway? stupid shoe.

i’m going gaga all over again. the colour is SO, SO GORGEOUS. i love metallics. but i tried the silver one in topshop and it’s fucking 4 inches or something. i can’t even walk in it.

it’s also $160.

something tells me i’m going to have a bitch fit and go out of my mind and buy both heels on impulse, then totally regret and slap myself ten times.

what is with me and my obsessions? sigh.

okay, end of bimboticness.

i’ll update again soon with loads of pictures, but the bitch jasmine is taking FOREVER to send me the damn pics we took.

i look so tired from all the shopping, but it’s oh-so-enjoyable.

p.s – any sugardaddies? LOLOLL.

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