most awesome person on earth’s birthday



Woooooots, 20th of september here I come!!!!

My mother is so lucky, she has 2 children with the same birthdate even though we’re born in different years, so it’s one big family celebration =)))

I’ve always told you I’m awesome, I told myself to be born on the same day as my brother. I know, I’m so coooolllll. (It’s my birthday so let me say whatever I want OK!)

You know how people call their sixteenth birthday their Sweet Sixteenth?

Well, what do you call your 15th birthday?

I’m going to call it my Freaking Fifteenth!!!

Because my life has been nothing less than a wild roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs that make me SCREAMMMMMM.

Mmm.. wouldn’t mind that as a birthday present XD

Talking about presents, I’ve received a few already =D

Handbag and dress, dinner treats, necklaces etc and even a video! Awww

Make sure you stop the song playing on the sidebar before playing this video

Awww. Isn’t it so very sweet?

Thanks stephen!!!

I’m like, finally freaking 15. =P lololol.

Can you believe I’m thiisss younggg?

I don’t even feel that young anymore! Pshhhhhhhh. People keep telling me EVERYDAY that I look mature, blahblahblah.

I’m going to have to go now cuz I’m kinda busy at the moment (James says it’s a surprise, hmmm I wonder what’s in store) but I just HAD to come on and blog! Hehe.

Won’t be posting tommorow on my actual birthday either,





Mum’s shop a.k.a Keturah


EHEHEHEHE. Maybe it’s because my birthday’s on 20th september which is like one and a half more days!

When was the last time you heard me say I’m in a good mood anyway? I don’t even remember myself. Pffft. I must be a very miserable person.

I have more shopping stuff to post up!!

But I’ll stop for the time being because I’ve blogged about shopping wayyy too much recently. And I don’t want to seem OVERLY-bimbotic.

I shall post about shopping next time, when I fail to resist the strong urgeee.


if you’re not a spammer, and your mum does buy you imitation goods from Thailand or you buy all your stuff from bugis street,….



Have a cookie.

Recently alot of people have been asking me how I keep myself looking good,

and you guys have also asked about my mum’s shop -

Well, she owns a humble face & body spa shop at Bugis which offers facials, massages and everything you need to keep yourself feeling like a true diva ;)

I use her shop’s facial products, and they’re really effective. I also go there to indulge in all sorts of heavenly treatments for free, hehehe. I know, I’m horribly spoilt and pampered. Pshhhtt.

Prices are really reasonable, and I swear you’ll love the place and service!

It’s nothing high-profile-fancy though, just beauty therapy my mum enjoys doing. (I think I got my vain genes from her)

And of course, my mum is UBER FRIENDLY. So don’t be scared to try it out! And you might catch me around too, hehe.

For more information on her shop like prices are services etc, do read up at:

Review written by Peggy darling :)
She’s a gorgeous model, and she loves my mum’s shop so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t too!

Having skin problems? Need good beauty treatments to indulge in? Or do you just want to pamper yourself by getting a relaxing facial and massage?

Have no fear,
Keturah Face & Body Boutique Spa is here!! xD

Ok ok. Been watching too much cartoons already.

P.S – Remember to mention that you’re Jessica’s blog reader, to receive an exclusive 15% off!

That’s how much I love you. =P

So make a trip down today, and catch me doing my facial right beside you. Muahaha!

(Jokes, beds are separated of course.)

Keturah is located at: 390 Victoria Street, #01-12 Golden Landmark Singapore 188061[At Golden Landmark Hotel], Beside Raffles Hospital.

Tel: 6291 1679 [Call to book for appointment, for directions and other enquiries]

Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT station, a few minutes walk away!



My birthday’s in 4 days!

(edited: Hey I forgot to mention this- me and my biological brother have the exact same birth date! It is on 20th of september, just that it’s 8 years difference (he’s older). So every year, we get to celebrate our birthday together! (but we really don’t)

And when I was born, I had my birthmark the same place he did. Freaky huh! =D

And yes, you are really talking to the daughter of Wonderwoman. I’ll tell her you said hi)

I was totally excited about my birthday a few months ago,

But now I just feel like sleeping throughout the 20th of september.

Time seems to pass so quickly, yet time seems to have stopped too..

So yeah, I went to cine today to watch a movie.

I haven’t been to cine in more than a month, when I used to be there at least twice a week.

Basically, I’m scared to go anywhere that will remind me of him.

I’m beginning to dislike cine more and more, because alot of people who often just stick around cine whole day doing nothing except trying to attract attention – they kinda sicken me. It’s awfully crowded too, you have to line up to take the lift, wth?

Anyway, I caught No Reservations!

It’s extremely cute and sweeeet. I really liked it, and it made me sad cause they were so sweeeeet in the movie.. Any show that’s gotta do with cooking usually bores me, but this one is really different. The ending’s predictable, but still, you should totally go watch it :)

All love stories are predictable anywayy.

I want to watch RATATOUILLE!


Hah. I have no idea, wait let me go check..





YES I spelled it right. I’m a genius.

what’s better than a show featuring a cartoon rat that would do anything to fulfill his passion for food anyway? he sounds just like me.

- – - – - – - – - -

so let’s move on to a random fact:

Recently, random people have been saying that, I look like ah lian.

if I’m lianzxzzxz, then you’re totally Britney Spears.

I don’t even know how to read Chinese, and don’t know how to speak Dialect, so I could hardly qualify. Or is my English not fluent enough?

It gets me really irritated when people nonchalantly claim that I look like a typical AH LIAN,

I don’t wear crowns and purple and red stripes cardigans and babydoll spags with horribly thin hairstyles with horrifying-lousy-make-up-skills,

so why are they calling me an ah lian? :’(

I’m annoyed, because well,

I’m like the vainest person in the world, I’m feeling whiny and cranky, and I don’t like people with bad judgement.


And to my horror, just now my friend received an sms from his friend saying something like, “Hey you at cine? with an ahlian watching movie right?”

Therefore, I shall come up with a whole bimbo post to dedicate to such people.

this what was I was wearing just now (that supposedly made me look like an ah lian.)

could it be because of my white offshoulder top that people are calling me an ah lian..?

or.. my black skinny jeans?

or perhaps my gold bangle and belt?!

hmmm wait…

maybe it was my cute heels from everbest?

Better still, why don’t we all call the chanel bag an ah lian’s bag?


I know already.

It’s the damn face, isn’t it?!










yes, that must be it baby.

that girl’s a 100% ah lian, cuz i know a chao ah lian when i see one. see, SHE KEEP DIAO ME LEHZ. Like want tuuu fiiighttxx.

DAMN HER, one look at her ah lian face in this picture and i can hear her screaming “Nabei! KNNBPCB KUA SIMI~!!!!!”

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