I haven’t been posting for such a long time! school’s reopened and i’m busy as hell.

so busy that i fell sick.

congratulations jessica! only the first week of school and you’re down with fever already.

my temperature was 38.5 degrees last night. i looked at the thermometer, and started to cry. i hate being sick!! yeah i know nobody likes being sick, but i just felt like making my point.

anyway there was one thing that made me feel better, and that was james!

i went out with him in the afternoon, and then i felt kinda sick-ish so he sent me home and stayed over and took care of me :) awwwwwww.

so sweet. it’s nice to have someone hug you when you’re sick. (especially if he’s your boyfriend =p)

what’s really annoying though, is when i reached home, i told james and my mum and my aunt “i feel feverish.” and all of them toucd my forehead and neck and told me that i’m dreaming, but when they saw the 38.5 degrees thermometer all of them insisted that they bring me to a doctor =.=

but i HATE seeing doctors! i hate medicine too. yea yea i hate lots of things.

but i’m just a normal person who hates what normal people hate.

so i decided to be a stubborn bitch and stayed home without seeing the doctor. last night while i was sleeping beside james, i was like almost dying because i felt sooo sick and i kept making those sick noises like slight coughs and such. and then i felt him stroke my forehead and cheek and kiss it lightly while hugging me, so i decided to fake some more of that noises but pretended to be sleeping so i can enjoy feeling doted on by him! HAHA.


i wish i were just PRETENDING to be sick though, but the fact is that i’m honestly sick. even though my fever is slowly subsiding (i think + hope), and i have cough, and sore throat, and migraine is killing me. i feel as though someone is like using a hammer to push a nail into my head. thats how much it hurts.

There’s no school tomorrow! i wannnna go out. so please get well jessica. i wanna watch transformers!

i watched die hard yesterday, and it was better than what i expected :) go watch it!

i hate it when i have school, i have sooo much stuff to do and im like soso busy and its killing me (i have a fever as proof!)

it’s crazy trying to catch up with my school work, because im like sooo far behind. i think im gonna end up being a roadsweeper next time.

but even if im a roadsweeper, i wanna be a HOT roadsweeper! woot.

ok i feel really awful and i don’t feel like typing my usual long posts, so here are some pics from yesterday and some from other random times.

(am i actually making sense? my head is fucking splitting so i dont think im actually making sense here)

Who do you think looks more retarded? Hmmmmm…

i had a haircut on friday! and theres not much difference, just that i look uglier now because my hair sucks. my fringe is sooo short & ugly, but nvm, i’m convinced my hair will look better in 1-2 weeks time :D

i cant wait for dec hols to come cuz then i can get my prettyful extensions.

P.S my tee says “I know what boys want.”


kay im gonna go now.


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