i just got out of the shower, im at home.

well, not exactly my home, but whatever.

im in PERTH of course! hahaha. im at uncle johns house. its sooooo big.

and im alone. in a house that is not mine. in perth.

scary :(

im like FREEZING! haha i loooove the weather here, it’s absolutely awesome.

i am such a typical singaporean, that i can’t even understand the aussie’s ACCENT.

EVERYONES in my face going “hey hows it goin” like every 10 seconds. it’s kinda disturbing. i can’t even walk into a shop without having to smile or reply “im great thanks”

im not a polite person. and i dont like to smile at like every stranger i meet! *shrugs*

i shopped like sooo much today! ahaha. well i spent alot of time looking around, but i think me and my mum bought over 10 items.

which doesnt sound like alot, but it IS alot of shopping for a day, okay? since im soo picky. i think i spent like 400+

i bought like umm.. a blue dress, a red dress, a grey dress, a brown coat, grey and black tights, a formal top, a black dress,

and i don’t remember what else.

but they are all fucking hotstuff okay? i cant wait to wear them. ahahahaha

my hair is so UGLY! godddd. i want hair extensions, oh pleaseee :(

oh yea, i did EYELASH extensions. right before my flight on 10th may. LOOL.

its sooo stupid. my mum was like “hey im gonna do my hair wanna come along” and im like YEA OK.

then when we reached there, she started doing a freaking manicure, then her hair, then her eyelashes. i was considering whether i should get extensions there and then, but we didnt have enough time.

besides, it’s 400$ for 100 strands. which is like


yea i know hair extensions are costly, but STILL, some things just make you got dot dot dot.

at first i thought my eyelash extensions are realy pretty and stuff, but now i think it’s fucking stupid. to anyone who is even THINKING of getting them, don’t bother okay?

just use fake eyelashes. much cheaper (it was 90$), and you can choose to take them off or put them on anytime you want. not to mention it’s much easier to mantain, and you can choose all sorts of lashes!

my mum was like “tryyyyyyyyy eyelash extensions.”

me: “nah, it’s ok. maybe some other time”

mum: “why not? we have time. i still gotta do my hair.”

me: “why are u doing your hair right before a flight anyway? it makes no sense. ur just going to press it flat on the 5 hour flight, and mess it up. so much for hairdo.”

mum tells the lady doing eyelash extentions: “my daughter wants eyelash extensions”

me: “what?! -_- fine whatever”

so it began. its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

PAINFUL. i dont even know why my mum said it doesnt hurt, but it fucking hurt alot, okay?

i felt like i was going blind. the glue kept going into my eye, and i was seriously very concerned whether i was going to be blind for the rest of my life.

i was even crying at the end of it. and its soo troublesome and goddamn uncomfortable. it feels so heavy, i cant even rub my eyes anymore. shit.

i just cant wait for the bloody fake lashes to drop off. but the glue is sooo stubborn. i spent like 45 minutes in the toilet just now trying to yank off the fake lashes.

i successfully yanked of SOME of the fake lashes,

along with my OWN lashes. it HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really cannot stand it. whenever i blink, the bloody long lashes will brush along my spectacle lens. its soo irritating. i think im going to cry.

you have no idea how sucky i feel right now.

dear lord, please let these damn lashes fall off A.S.A.P – thanks.

anyway, moral of this long-winded story: eyelash extensions are a big no-no, fake eyelashes are the way to go.

it rhymes! i’m a natural born poet.

anyway its soo great that uncle john’s house has internet connection :)

i mean DUH, everyone’s house has an internet connection but it feels so good to wake up and go out have fun the whole day at some place overseas during ur holidays, and instead of going back to a b o r i ng hotel, you go back to a cosy home that u can actually use the internet and blog about your day.

OMG, MY MUM IS FEEDING ME TO OBESITY! i swear. today i had this HUGEASS breakfast which is really oily and stuff. oh gosh, the servings here are huge. (so are the people) i had hot chocolate with bacon and eggs with bread that was 2 times the size of my palm.


and for lunch i had a chocolate MUFFIN and hot WHITE chocolate!

THEN for dessert after a filling dinner, i hate two waffles with two ice creams.

i’m officially fat and disgusting. i swear im going to stop eating so much, it’s practically making me sick, feeling so bloated all the time. my mum should really stop forcing me to eat T_T

my mum is sooooo

weird. or a better word, she’s COOL.

why is she cool? because she has a cool sense of style, and she doesnt dress herself like an ah-ma. i am so proud of her :)

in fact, her clothes are so nice that i share clothes with her.

my mum’s make up and hair is sooo nice. i love her big hair, i’ve always wondered how people have big hair? my hair is absolutely thin and friggin limp. it’s frustrating.

my mum accepts james as my boyfriend (ummmmmm.. ex boyfriend) and she is soo nice to him. when we were shopping today, she was like “you should get this for james!”

my mum’s the kinda mum that will force me to get eyelash extensions!

and my mum’s probably the only mum that will go, “hey, ur exam ends on the 10th right? lets go on a holiday leh!”

me: “no need to go school meh?”

mum: “skip lor”


so here i am right now, typing to you, in perth. ;)

anyway, this place is beautiful! but its kinda quiet. i mean, the streets certainly cant be compared to singapore’s.

and the clothes here all look the same – ankle boots, tights, tunics.. it’s BORING. bah. they’re not cheap either.

tomorrow im going to margeret’s river! (i think thats what its called)

i have no idea what it’ll be like, but i hope there are lots of cute guys.

anyway my outfit today was TOTALLY cute, i should have saved it for tomorrow, because i heard that there are lots of hot surfer guys there. LOL.

FOUR girls said they liked my top today! hahaha. i love it too (: but its a turtleneck, and it makes my neck so irritatingly itchy.

too bad i didnt bring my cable, if not i could transfer my pictures into this computer. sorry, you guys only get pictures when i get back, probably on the 18th or when-i-can-be-bothered =P

anyway, i wore like shorts and a short-sleeved turtleneck today. when everyone else was like wearing jeans and long sleeved or something. LOL. i love the weather.

and the people here are sooo tall! i know its a matter of fact that angmohs are naturally big sized and tall, but in singapore, i’m considered TALL for a girl already.

im 15 and 168cm, if im not tall, then what am i? alot of people around me are shorter than me. im used to being like tall,

but then i come here and everyone are like giants. most of them are taller than me.

IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

it feels sooo good to feel short for once. you know why? cuz it makes me feel PETITE! HA-HA!


i feel soooooooooooooooooooooo empty without you.. only 5 days more till i can see your handsome face again, only 5 days more till i will be in your arms again.

wait, what am i talking about?


i dunno. why do things have to be so complicated?

anyway its like 1am so im gonna go to bed. (im STILL alone in the house! bah)



goodbye my lover


the rain just stopped. it was raining really big just now. its like SOFUCKINGHOT these few days, i feel like im melting. i cannot stand singapore’s weather!

one minute you’re burning, the next minute you’re running for shelter because a bigass storm just came on.



anyway im leaving for perth tomorrow. after school i’ll go home and then to the airport straight. god i hate afternoon flights. the light and heat just makes you so goddamn uncomfortable.

and im taking a damn budget airline. tiger airways.

i wonder whats the diff between budget airlines and normal ones like singapore airline?

besides the food and the seats and stuff like that. i wonder if the plane is faulty. HAHA. i hope i dont like die there or something. well keep checking back for updates after 17th may, so you know i didnt die ;)

im soooo scared of the plane ride, because it just makes me wanna die and throw up. even though its only like five hours.

i dont wanna throw up.


anyway. i’ll be back on 17th may 3am. i wonder if he’ll come to the airport to pick me up =/


but 3 fucking A.M. is such an unearthly hour.

im so confused, but i just hope perth can make me take my mind off you.

i try not to think of the past, us, and the deep hurt inside, and i pray that the pain will go away soon..

soooooooooo. i’ve been trying to keep myself busy!

busy means you dont have time to think alot about stupid things. right?

i’ve been soo into online shopping recently. probably not a very cheap hobby, but whatever!

im planning to start my own online sop too. YAY (:

but then i’d be selling all the stuff that i dont want.

and the stuffs i dont want are usually ugly. so who would wanna buy them anyway?

i don’t know. but since the hols are comin up and i’ll be extremely free now that im fuckingSINGLE, i guess i’ll just be online like MUCH more often. thats sooo dumb.

i’ve noticed a bigbig problem recently.


it’s soooo weird. whats wrong with me? in the past, like maybe ten months ago, if a cute guy flirted with me i’d probably flirted back.

flirt and flirt and flirt till i get bored. i used to think flirting was like really fun

but i DONT like to flirt anymore! wth. its like im not even attracted to guys anymore. maybe i havent seen a really good looking one in real life for a long time.
like if a cute girl and a cute guy were standing right in front of me, i’d most likely check the girl out instead of the guy

and i’ve also noticed that i TOTALLY check out almost every girl i see! it’s just so weird. i’d go and notice if her shoes match her outfit, and if her hair is nice and stuff like that.

i’d also see if her boobs are small or big, or if her thights are slim or fat.


no, i’m not turning lesbian. sigh. i wish i was a lesbian though. girls are less of a heartbreaker.

i soooo want to get hair extensions during the holidays (: like those really long and thick ones.

my mum said ok and i cant wait! weeeee. but they’re gonna cost at least 200$ i think. POOOO.

so like, i havent even packed my stuff yet. i don’t have enough bottoms to wear in perth! OMG. it’s kinda cold there so i have to wear like jeans or something,

but i don’t have fucking jeans.

i look FAT in jeans, so why the hell would i wear them?

i dont know whaaat to do. i only wear skirts and shorts and dresses alot.

i think i’d proably like freeze and die there because im gonna wear shorts, cause i only have TWO pair of jeans.

im gonna go now. you’re soo going to miss me right?


it’s frustrating! i get people from my msn telling me they read my blog and blahblah,

but darlings,


not talk to me in msn about it. because im usually afk and stuff.



pray for a safe trip for me ;)

anyway i heard that angmohs like asian chicks.

so if some gangster angmohs decide to rape and kill me there,

tell james i still love him for me okay?

p.s – i think i talked about dying too much in this post.

maybe i might just curse myself and REALLY die, like for real.

omg i need to stop it.


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